A Review Of Obemata’s ”Triptych of identity,exile and for the homeland.”

A Review Of Obemata’s ”Triptych of identity,exile and for the homeland.”

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The book was first published in July 2013 by SPM publications in Great Britain. Obemata is a Nigerian Lawyer, a poet and an activist. He belonged to the people exiled  from Nigerian.

Triptych is an embodiment of the love of a Nigerian for his Country. It is a poetry collection about love, joy and sacrifice.

The book was written in the duration of three months. It is reminiscence of the style of the poet e.e Cummings. It is free verse with no obvious rhyming scheme. The poems are untitled except one called ‘’no original poem’’. The poet used simile, personification, allusion and paradox to paint a vivid image.

The book was written in a time where the Country is facing challenges due to security, corruption and unemployment.

The poet said

‘’ i am sad, my Country too is sad

Like a dog without a bone.

In Identity ‘’i’’ is a strong presence used about 63 times and helps to draw you in to the writers world.

‘’i, poet, thread words the way the seamstress thread fabric’’

The poet is talking to you and invites you in to the world he weaves.

The poet struggled with the love of his country; he kept on loving even though at times she refused to love him back.

‘’can you find my voice

Between the tears i shed for the woman

i loved, i love?

The woman here is Nigeria and she is fickle because she sent a young Obemata away.

Where in his words

‘’the letters of my name


In the dark streets

Of another country


The second part of the poetry collection titled ‘’exile’’ is about abandonment and yearning. The poet speaks to his country and tells her that exile is a form of death.

‘’there is no death greater than deaths

We die, when we pack

the dusks and dawn we have lived.’’

In ‘’for the homeland’’ The poet speaks to Nigeria with hope and joy seeping through.

‘’dawn is breaking:

My heart, the flagstaff of day,

The poet used a long pause as if he held his breath hoping for a bright future for the love of his country.

The poet say

i ask:

What do you take?

From my poems?

I say love, the joy of being alive, the pricelessness of freedom and hope for a better Nigeria.

This poetry collection touched my soul with it’s simple words and profound meanings.I really enjoyed reading and I recommend it for everybody.



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  1. Hmmm. I like the little you showed via your review. I think I would ask my book-scouting friends for this one.
    Thanks Khadijah for the review.
    Well done.

  2. @sibbylwhyte thank you for reading.The book is a treasure.

  3. This is great … any link to the full content? @khadijahmuhammad

  4. @josephoguche I obtained the book at a guest writer session.

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