When Fate Smiles At You

When Fate Smiles At You



When fate smiles at you,

Be Kind enough to return it,


Not all,

Equality is equity.

Just tell her you appreciate.


When her sweet tears splash at you,

Do well to say thank you,

And please remember to bother less for the splits,

They are not necessary.

Leave it for brother Brethren.


When fate laughs at you,

Ask her why,


Not rudely.

And please do not tell your friends,

They might gossip with it.


When fate falls for you,

To treasure and tread,

If you must,

Pretend you did not notice,

Discuss the day’s news,

Please do not declare your intention for the polity,

It is for good luck.


When fate smiles at you,

Do not take it all,

Please don’t

So not to experience a fateful fall.

6 thoughts on “When Fate Smiles At You” by simplisilv (@simplisilv)

  1. I like this.
    ‘do not declare your intentions for the polity, it is for good luck.’ looks to me like allusion to a certain goodluck. Made me laugh.
    When fate gives you lemons, make lemonades.
    We may not fall, but if we do, let’s remember to dust ourselves up and try again.
    Well done, Silv. $ß.

    1. yes you are right…and thank you very much for having time to read my piece.@Bubbllinna

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    When fate smiles at you … beautiful .. what if faith smiles at you?

  3. I like.
    Well done

  4. Good piece.
    One Word: Sensational.

  5. Good enough for this level.

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