Tell of the sighs and tears
Tell about the constant fear
that grips the chest like the hug of the Anaconda
Loosening the anus
in tune to the report of guns big and small.

Tell it Baga, tell it Yoyo
Tell of the beatings, the burnings,
the despair
Tell to all ears, tell it to the uncaring, the cowardly, at ease nearer the oceans
Once part of you, not now kin to you

Tell it all
That conscience and future
May unite to grip their chests
like the hug of the Anaconda

6 thoughts on “Tell” by jollyone (@jollyone)

  1. Nice…
    Tell it all with ink or words,
    that they may begin to pause
    and listen to the truth you voice.

    Well done, Jolly.

    1. I like this poem a lot but i like your comment even more.

      Well done- both of you.

  2. I like the first verse a lot…

    Well done

  3. Tell it, oh tell it
    That posterity may hear
    And probably be wise not to repeat,
    But learn their thinking cap to wear.

    Nice read @jollyone

  4. simple and lovely…thanks for making my morning lovely

    Tell a tale
    not about the holy grail
    but how you redrew a face so pale
    to seem so well

  5. Thanks everyone, though this is coming one year late. :)

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