The long silence was starting to feel uncomfortable, even in my semi conscious state, I felt something was wrong but I was just too tired to wake up……

Ah!!! I felt a sharp pain on my head  only to look up at the face from which the knock had come from, his face beaten up by age could be likened to  an english bulldog, red eyes probably from his years of seeing scantily clad university girls. As I looked round my class, all eyes were on me and my professor asks “young man,what is wrong with you?” Luckily for me, I had grown accustomed to lying so I told him I had been reading all night, like he was going to believe that. I felt he was asking because I had dozed off in his class.
   As I sat there my thoughts drifted to the events of last night, I had gone to a  party where willing guys outnumbered girls three to one but am a fresh dude and my moves on the dance floor keep the chicks coming, alcohol, everything that made a party a party was available, the dj was giving us some Terry G and Timaya club banger when the girl I was dancing with gave me a pill to take, see groove, thought it was an aphrodisiac and I was getting some that night but it turned out to be ecstasy.
The last I remember, I was dancing with my course mate Tracy, the speakers were blazing Dprinces’ song ‘give it to me’ and I was Screaming  “Give It to Me Baby” give it to me baby, give it to me Tracy, make me sweat Tracy make me,”
“So you’re disturbing my class and you feel that flimsy excuse would get you off the hook, Course rep!!! Give me his matriculation number,” says the professor. I didn’t understand how I had been disturbing so I take a look around and Tracy is looking at me with disgust.
Everyone’s been looking at me like I’m  crazy since the end of the class. I just discovered that I was talking in my sleep, I was saying “give it to me baby, give it to me Tracy, make me sweat Tracy ,touch me Tracy, touch me….”

9 thoughts on “Sleep” by Michael (@Shabaz)

  1. Hehehe. Was wondering when the ‘funny’ would come in. It did in the punchline. I hope Tracy gives you a slap.

  2. Tuche` Nice work though it didn’t end the way I thought, but that’s why it’s a make believe, right? @Shabaz

  3. Haha…very funny.

  4. Jo (@josephoguche)

    :) hidden n subtle …

  5. Hahaha, this is really good.

    “Give it to me tracy! Give it to me!”

  6. I found this a simple, mildly amusing story, @shabaz.

    Pay attention to tense confusion.

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