I Believe

I Believe

I believe in Reading and Writing Stories, Novels books, it takes our minds to actual events in the Text. It makes our fantasies come true. I have been to different places and seen people engulf in what they are Reading or Writing. It calms people down, makes us less busy, it helps us in our vocabulary.

There are stories and novels that either makes us cry, laugh, sad or happy; some stories tend to surprise us at the ending of the book. This also shows or tells us that everything doesn’t end in a fairytale but in Reality. Writing stories brings out the fantasies we have thought about. Fantasies that we can’t explore but, have written down in form of text so people can read and see what our Fantasies and thoughts are.

My favorite story is called “Kept”, it’s a story about a rich Billionaire called Taylor Donovan who was on a business trip. He decided to book a hotel when he was finished with his meeting, while he was relaxing, he met a woman; Katelyn Smith, she was abandoned by her ex- boyfriend and is in desperate need of help. Her ex -boyfriend left her with little money and she was going to be evicted from the hotel the next day and end up on the street. While Taylor was in desperate need of an assistant, he thought he was doing a good deed but when Katelyn started depending on him he ended up falling in love with her, and she fell in love with him. They both didn’t realize it until they couldn’t be in a place together. Despite Taylor being an arrogant, demanding and used to get whatever he wants, Katelyn was in love with him, Taylor tried to fight his love for her but eventually they fell for each other, and she stopped being his assistant and he stopped being her boss. They got married and had a beautiful family.

The Author of that book believes in the writing of her story and she included people in her fantasies to join, read and explore the meaning of her story. I believe in reading up on what others have to say about this difficult book, and making up my mind. Some might dislike these stories but some enjoy it for the pleasure.


PS: For those who read my other stories, sorry for disappointing you, am trying my best so bear with me

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  1. So, what’s the point you are trying to make here?

  2. Hehe, just noticed who wrote this. Yinka, this one better pass your former one o. This is a huge improvement. Well done.

  3. @ Yinkus101
    You started the article well, in fact it was the first few words that drew me. But somewhere in the middle you lost me.

    I get the gist sha, of the different reasons why people write and read, and of us writers wanting the world to partake in our fantasies and enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy creating them. The world usually does, when we write cleanly, and when we write well.

  4. all rated accuracy 27

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  6. @Yinkus101, good market sells itself!
    Your message is well received.
    Well done

  7. I think the whole point of the narrative was the “P.S”

    @yinkus101 we believe in you…we are not disappointed, we know you have it in you and your talent will shine with polishing.

    I believe too..

    P.s don’t capitalize words in the middle of a sentence..keep getting better

    Well done

  8. @yinkus101, I agree with you.

    Please keep on reading, writing and seeking and listening to feedback on your writing.

    You’ll get better and better, I promise you.

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