Fused Thoughts – Tales From Two Women I

Stifling a yawn, I got up from the bed and peeked at the time. It was nearly 5.30am, time for me to get up anyway. Sighing, I got up and shuffled to the bathroom to relieve myself before opening the door to go out of the bedroom to the kitchen.

I was careful not to wake my husband of 8 years by not putting on the light. He usually woke by 6.20am and from then conducted morning devotions. So I had an hour and fifteen minutes to make sure breakfast was ready and that the kids got up and got ready for school. It didn’t matter if I was bone-tired or sick, the routine never changed.

Opening the kitchen door, I sighed as I switched on the rechargeable lamp that I usually left on a close counter for sudden outages. The electricity went out just before I got to the kitchen door and so my task just got harder since I would have to do everything in semi-darkness. The freezer has been bad for a while now which meant I had to warm last night’s stew and white rice and the soup I cooked two days back as well.

Picking a broom, I swept the kitchen floor. The garbage truck was not going to come till the next day and my trash was already filled. Putting the soup on the cooker, I quickly washed our dirty plates that were stacked in the sink. I needed help around the house but my husband wouldn’t hear of it. His argument was that having help – paid for or live-in –  made a woman lazy and the children insolent; wonder where in the world he got that from not that he lent a helping hand to relieve me a bit.

The soup was beginning to boil slightly so I opened the pot, peered into it and turned it. We would have to manage the soup later this evening especially now the meat in it had finished. Everything was so expensive these days.

“Na wa for this country self. A single woman cannot purchase food items with N5,000; how much more a married woman with children?” I grumbled out loud

“Why are you talking to yourself in the dark?” My husband asked startling me. I didn’t expect him up yet.

“Good morning, is it time for devotion?”

“No, Lily is crying.”

Was it not obvious that I was busy?

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Carry her if she is crying now.” I replied barely keeping my anger in check.

“How do you want me to do that? I am preparing for devotion.”

“And I am busy in the kitchen except you want to take over from me while I go and pick her up.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Is it not too early for insults?”

Careful to keep my voice neutral, I replied “How have I insulted you? I am warming the soup and washing the plates…”

“So it would kill you to drop the plates and put off the fire?”

Slowly, I dropped the plates, rinsed my hands; put off the fire and walked out slightly brushing him.

Picking up the crying Lily, I shook her brothers awake. My husband didn’t want Lily sleeping in our bedroom.

“Ssh…mummy is here. Lily…my…lily…the most beautiful girl…” I sang-talk to her as her brothers sluggishly got up.

“Good morning mummy,” Jeremiah, my first son greeted me.

“Morning dear, both you and Emmanuel should lay your beds while I get your sister quiet.”

“Good morning mummy,” Emmanuel piped out.

“Morning Emmanuel, please, no quarrels with your elder brother this morning. Lay the bed and then both of you should get into the bathroom; let me get back to the kitchen. Lily say hello to your brothers.”

The boys came and tickled Lily and got her to smile.

“Mummy leave her with us,” Jeremiah pleaded while extending his hands towards Lily. Lily, already quiet though refused the proffered hands preferring to cling to my hip.

Going back to the kitchen, I tried completing my task with one hand. The plates would be dealt with maybe after I got back from work. The kitchen was still dark I didn’t want to drop Lily so she wouldn’t bump into anything and yet I was behind schedule already, the morning was already turning out to be frustrating than it was. And then it happened, the fire sputtered out. I was out of gas at 6.00 in the morning and I didn’t have a back-up stove.

Well, the stew wouldn’t get spoilt anyways. Thank God I had warmed the soup earlier; the rice was okay a bit. We would have to take the rice cold perhaps with cold tea too.



“We are grateful ohhhhhh loooordddddd….” The worship song from my neighbours downstairs woke me from my deep sleep. Their devotion time was an alarm for me.

Yawning, I got up and stretched. Gosh, I hated having to go to work. Wish I could just lie all day and make money while on my back. Now, that sounds corny.

I didn’t even know what I wanted for breakfast. Oh my goodness, I feel so sleepy. Perhaps I should…

The knock on the door woke me. It was nearly 7am, no more breakfast for me. I had dozed off while sitting upright on the bed, that’s how lazy I felt today.

The knock became a bit intensified.

The only person that did that was the Landlord’s son when it was time to pay the monthly light bill. It wasn’t even close to the end of the month yet. The knock was becoming a bit annoying. For heaven’s sake, it was a working day! Nobody goes around knocking on people’s door as if they had come to collect a debt.

Getting up angrily, I stomped to the door and flung it open

“Yes?” I angrily blurted out. It came out before I saw who it was.

“Good morning Aunty Shola, I am sorry for bothering you so early this morning.”

It was the woman from downstairs; she was dressed for work and was the last person I wanted to be rude to. I admired and liked her albeit from a distance.

“Good morning Ma Lily, sorry for shouting like that, I thought it was someone else.”

“No problem but please I need a favour. Do you have a stove I can borrow at least to warm my children’s meal this morning…my gas just finished.”

“No sorry, I don’t have a stove…” I replied shaking my head. I suddenly felt like kicking myself, why on earth didn’t I have a stove; could have saved the poor woman from the embarrassment of climbing the stairs to ask me. Our other neighbours were not people to be approached. I watched her walk away.


How embarrassing can things get? Shola was the only neighbour I could approach. I wish the children had not rejected the cold breakfast. My husband had looked at me long and hard and said something about the proverbs 31 woman. It was hardly my fault the gas finished when it did. I mentioned it to him two days back. God knows I have tried my best this morning, I was nearly running late and…

“Ma Lily?” I looked up. It was Shola. I had nearly reached the bottom of the stairs. She walked down towards me. “Sorry, why not bring your pot up and use my gas? You would at least be done before I finish from the bathroom…”

“Are you okay with that?” I asked my eyes were getting misty.

“No problem, I will leave the door open.”

“Thank you and God bless you.” My voice nearly cracked from the emotions that were already welling inside.

Hurrying inside, I bumped into my husband and a crying Lily.

“Where have you been?”

“Upstairs…” I replied heading towards the kitchen.

“Lily is crying.”

“I can hear her but I need to get hot water from our neighbour upstairs and warm the rice for the children.”

“So, what will happen to Lily?”

I turned with the pot and water flask and faced him. “What kind of a question is that?”

“And what kind of a reply is that? Are you starting to take me for granted, first it was this morning in the kitchen and now this?” His voice was dangerously rising.

“What would you have me do, what! Do I clone myself into three so that one would take care of the children, the other one you and the last the household? What sort of man doesn’t help his wife out or allow others to?”

“What are you raising your voice at me for, do you want to be beaten this morning?”

I walked calmly to him, still with the pot and flask in my hands and then spoke quietly “Hold Lily, if you cannot put her down on the floor.”

Turning, I walked and was nearly out when I felt the pull on my shirt. I was spun around too quickly and before I could drop the pot and protect my head the first blow landed.










47 thoughts on “Fused Thoughts – Tales From Two Women I” by enoquin (@enoquin)

  1. Sad. So sad. The story of some of ‘us’. Why can’t some husbands help with house chores? Especially when the wife is a working mother?. Lovely tale. Some of my best lines: ‘It didn’t matter if I was bone-tired or sick, the routine never changed’, ‘I wish I could just lie all day and make money while on my back’

    1. Well, some men think that chores are beneath them and that certain tasks belong to women. You must not blame those men especially if you know the kind of background they had. Glad you had two best lines. Thanks for reading.

  2. Ah!

    I thought she was a house-wife initially. I sure was surprised when it becomes obvious she was not.

    Oga, Iyawo is working too oh!

    1. No, she isn’t a house-wife. Yes, tell Oga oh…thanks for reading

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    A good wife makes the home .. not a hardworking husband …

    1. @josephoguche, pla could you kindly expantiate on that statement? Thanks.

      1. Jo (@josephoguche)

        I mean to say that regardless of how much a man has or owns from his hard work, if he doesn’t have a good wife, there can never be a good home. Worse still if he has nothing. Hence, the wife deserves more respect, more attention, more help .. you can list the rest @chymdiinma

  4. Nice one, I will agree with the house-help thingy but there are disadvantages too O. If it blows up, be patient to let the storm died down. And to that Man didn’t he know that was abuse? I hate men that beat there wives. So cruel.


    1. One cannot work with that mindset as there are advantages and disadvantages to every choice and decision. Thanks for reading

  5. Sad.
    Great write. Noticed some tense switches though. Maybe it was deliberate.
    Kudos Eno!

    1. Thanks. Please indicate where the tense switches are @Mimiadebayo

  6. Too bad stuoid and cruel men like this exist…how is she going to do everything alone..why cant he hold the crying child???arschloch

    1. I guess some men don’t think that way…Thanks for reading

  7. Oh my word! WHAT! I am very sad.

    1. Don’t be. thanks for reading

  8. This is a first part that makes me want to read the second part. I found it very engaging.
    I am passionate about your theme, so I will be reading the next parts. Keep working on your craft.
    Well done Enoquin.

    1. Thanks a lot Jummy. I hope you will like the second installment

  9. This is a story that will make me regular on NS..
    Great read, great theme…well done.

    1. Yipee! thanks a lot

  10. Oghene… you def told it like it is. Some men just make me mad but what do I know? Ain’t even 18 lol

    1. Hahahahaha….hehehehehehe…thanks for reading though

  11. Interesting piece. The husband is a bastard, plain and simple…
    Waiting for the next to come.
    Well done, Eno. $ß.

    1. Oh, thank you dear sibbyl

  12. Poor woman. All that hard work and yet no respect. Slave marriage.

    Men who treat their wives that wey need to be castrated. Good work Eno.

    1. Thank you Hymar…Is castration not a bit extreme?

      1. Lol, I guess.

        Okay, branding then…*winks*

        1. Hahahaha….reminds me of branded cattle

  13. @Enoquin for you I have to switch to the long unused Spanish. Buenos visto, good story, good telling. All things being equal, I must read it to the end. Gracias

    1. @clemency: Gracias por leer. Aprecio el interruptor en español. Uno de mis favoritos langauages​​.
      jajajaja gracias a google sha, ahora puedo hablar español

      1. You just forced the truth out, abeg Na only three Spanish phrases I sabi o.

        1. Hehehehehehe…then don’t try intimidating people with foreign languages senor…lol

  14. Nice story. A lot of women face abuse every other day in their marriage. The annoying part is his refusal to help with chores and why can’t he hold Lily, didn’t they make the baby together.
    Looking forward to the next episode

    1. Thanks for reading. It’s much appreciated. Well, in his view point he might not see anything bad in not holding Lily

  15. Nice read but very sad.
    Well done.

    1. Thank you for reading Chime. Some people lead sad lives.

  16. I don’t get some men. I felt like shooting this husband. Bloody bastard.

    Eno, a Good story you get going. Very enjoyable. Although it could use some editing. Keep working hard.

    1. @layrite: You shoot the man and end up facing a firing squad. Thank you reading and commenting after much *****ing. Editing? Kindly indicate the areas….

  17. JEez! I thought he just finished the mornin Devotion. God, sowi mummy lily…

    1. @wendy: Thanks on behalf of Mummy Lily…but you should know that most christians are more theoretical in nature. Thank you for reading

  18. Nice story for the ladies with an almost broken home.

    1. Is it nice for ladies with an almost broken homw?@Fadehan? I think not. Thanks for reading

  19. Appalling.
    Proverbs 31 woman my foot! Did he forget the parts about husbands supporting their wives?
    Woman, grow a spine!

    Your stories are always engaging…

    Well done

    1. @topazo: Thanks a lot. The woman cannot grow a spine because she is not only going through physical abuse but emotional as well.

  20. Hmm, touching. I’m getting ideas already. How and why do things get this bad? At least there was a honey moon sometime. Well done.

  21. @enoquin
    fell on the second episode, going to the third now, hoping to connect the lines and idea together………..

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