Dream Stories…America Is No Man

Dream Stories…America Is No Man

America Is No Man 01-25-2013
I was in the office of Muhammad and Aliyu when Ndume, Muhammad’s relative came in to take a message from Muhammad who was asleep on a mat while I sat on his desk, before me a memo-pad on which was written some poetic stanzas. “It does seem that the rules end here,” Aliyu said and tore off the note in front of me. Muhammad awoke from his sleep. He sat and intently listened to me as I orate thus: “I now understand America and its way of life. America is not about right or wrong. Right and wrong is just a basic reality that people may learn and form basis for their journey through time. America is known to have championed causes that are clearly geared towards right and wrong. Its present state of advancement is the product of such standard for which it gains applause and scorns from the rest of the world. America is everywhere – in the G-8, the UN and in every nation on the face of the earth and probably beyond. It directly or indirectly supports causes that are good and at times bad, in what is known as double-standard. Those nations and peoples being intimidated by America’s double-standard do not seem to know the stuff that our collective existence is made up of or have invariably lost touch with the history of our collective existence. The history of Mankind is a mixture of good and bad – tyranny prevails at a point and then Justice comes to cushion its effect. Those that fear that America has come to take over their lives and plunder their resources should know that America is no Man. Look behind you. Before you could see one American government official, you find thousands, if not millions of your kits and kin behind every of your happy and sordid trends.” I had slightly counted out Muhammad’s acquiescence to this remark, but surprisingly, he said: “You remind me of the Queen of Sheba.” Thereafter, he leaned on my right arm and continued with his sleep. I awoke.

Demonic General Omerie
Joseph came to me with a burden of the spirits. I took him out to meet a prophetess at an isolated suburb near Gombe State Government House. Two of the prophetess’s younger sisters met us at the door, by their side the prophetess’s young and only son. There was no speech. They directed us to where she was in her shrine and went back. At the door she stood her gaze ahead of us. She was in trance. I telepathically communicated to her my friend’s case. She went back in and came back with a luminous spell on her right palm. She cast the spell between where I and my friend stood. The spell melted on the ground and we began to feel a tingling sensation. She looked directly at me and said: “Ahmad! Whatever is inside of your friend is trying to possess you. You are its target – beware!” I looked back at Joseph. His gaze dropped. He turned away and began pacing restlessly back and forth. “She is crazy. Let’s clear out!”He said. The scenario skipped and before us was the silhouette of the prophetess chained in flames of hell. She turned into an iron leopard with burning eyes and a ghoulish mouth that monotonously flapped and gnashed. “Run!” She barked, as if to break from the chains and come after me. It was a warning I understood. It was a grand conspiracy at work. I turned to where Joseph stood and my mind jolted, beside him General Omerie, the hard core demon. I awoke

Lucifer (Iblis) & Satan
I came upon Lucifer and his Shadow seated by a road side. I had some peculiar pennies in my palm. “Come here,” Lucifer commanded as I made to pass. I came back and sat by his side. “What’s up Big Brother?” I said. He grasped my hand unclasped my fingers and collected the few coins in it – the bully that he is. I was not pained. We went further to share with his Shadow with a mischievous smile, still no pain. “Big Brother, I am the richer. Experience had taught me obedience and the fact that you are one hell of a brother I can not fight,” I said to him. He glowed with his shadow in merriment and I awoke.

Judgment Day
I was in need. I went westward to a friend who gave me some pieces of crispy notes. I thanked him and wandered in the familiar terrain and it was suddenly time for Friday Prayer. I found a Mosque that shared a large compound with a Church. I prayed amidst a large crowd of people. Muslims and Christians poured into the compound after the Friday Payer. They were in anticipation of the emergence of something important to their faith. I passed by Joseph. He was stuck with a book in his hand. I met a group of Monks with an ancient Love Book. The custodian of the Book dusted it and said: “This Book has everything about Love. He opened a page and there rolled a mummy out onto the floor. I reached out to see. It was the mummy of an African of average height. People’s anticipation in the compound had heightened. Their eyes were focused eastward when appeared by the west, from the roof of the Church, first, a giant hand with a sword and afterwards the head and body of Jesus who had in his other hand the scale of Justice. People jolted into a renewed kind of excitement that turned into frenzy. When Jesus set his feet on ground, he addressed the gathering thus: “Judgment Day is now!” He set to a nearby house followed by the crowd and commanded its occupant out. A youth that looked like Jesus came forth in white robe and bowed before his feet. Jesus raised his mighty sword and Clang! Clang! Clang! We heard and watched him strike the neck of the youth without impact. Jesus raised his scale and we saw that it was balanced. “Rise up your head fellow. Your Truth has saved your neck,” Jesus said and went further into town followed by the crowd. I awoke.

The Rebel Leader
A handsome and elderly man cornered a distorted human like creature. There was a fierce torrent of communication between the two. It looked like the elder was to arrest the alien creature with its splinter of bandits with forms like horses and camels with human faces. The rebel leader was belligerent. The elder resorted to force. He crossed his two arms across the face of the rebel and pinned him. The rebel painfully began panting and grappling for breath. When the rebel’s energy volume had drained, the elder unlocked his arms and dealt three straight blows into the youth’s face to finally daze him. The rebel pretended to be out and when the elder relaxed he shouted to his compatriots across the plain: “Run! Run! Run for your lives!” When the elder turned to him, the rebel poked his forefinger into the elder’s forehead and behold a giant finger appeared on all the backs and humps of his fleeing army. I awoke a moment and was back. The strange landscape had changed into a familiar terrain. I was massaging my wife with a close friend. He was working on her fat ass while I was on her shoulders and neck. When I peered at the passionate way my friend was working, I became jealous and lost control. “Enough!” I said and stood up. My friend quickly withdrew. I awoke again for a moment and was back with him by his doorway. He had a large silver tray with a special meal which he placed on a large mat. We sat to eat and I awoke again for a brief moment and was into a pedestal where the handsome elder was king and the rebel his son. There was a truce. The Son had sought to be obedient and be united with his Father. The Wise Counsel of the Kingdom had accepted his plea and arranged for his return with all of his armies. Everyone was gathered for the reception. The King was reluctant to accept his son. His generals said: “let it go King. Your son is now turned into a man!” The crowd roared in praise at the two men standing face-to-face. The King embraced his son, stepped back in joy and watched his son from head to toe. “My son, you were forced to learn the consequence of disobedience in a most austere and bitter war. It is my honor and privilege to welcome you back,” He said. I awoke.

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