Betrayals and Funerals – 17

As I stepped into the house, the memories came rushing back. I deliberately pushed them out of my mind. I was here to fix things, not make them worse.
This time she was clothed in a bum short and a white strapless top.
“I was about to take a swim. Care to join me?” She asked a mischievous glint in her eyes.
“I’m here to talk, Ruby. I think it’s time we have a chat.” I said in a serious voice.
“Play now, talk later.” She held out a hand to me. “C’mon, I’m sure you’d love what I’ve got in mind.”
“You’re not listening, Ruby. This ends now. This…flirting…and all, it ends today. I’m married and I want to stay that way. So, I’m begging you…stay out of my life.”
She paused, peering up at me.
“You have a fever, honey?” She asked, eventually.
“I’m perfectly fine.” I said, anger creeping in. “I’m warning you to stay away from me and my family. Whatever game it is you’re playing, stop it this instant.”
“Wait a minute you sanctimonious prick…when did you suddenly grow a conscience?” She stood, arms akimbo.
I shrugged. “Are we into name calling now?”
“You forget that what happened between us was mutual. You wanted it as much as I did. Hell, you still want it!…and you seemed to conveniently forget that you were married.”
I lowered my eyes. She was right there.
“It was a mistake. And it won’t happen again.”

I didn’t see what happened next coming. She grabbed me and planted one on me, right there on my lips.
What did I do? Well, she didn’t even give me a chance to react…the kiss stopped as abruptly as it started.
“Was that a mistake?” She asked, panting. “Is that a mistake?”
The second question was directed at my third leg. I had a serious hard-on. How that happened, I have no idea, because…I swear I wasn’t thinking about doing her ever.
“This conversation is over. Our contract is over. I don’t wanna see you near me or my family ever…or else, I will take out a restraining order.”
Without waiting for her reply, I walked out with all the dignity I could muster; thanking God that I’d survived the encounter.


“My name is Natasha Price and I lost my sister six months ago…”
“My name is Kennedy Wymouth and I lost my wife eight months ago…”
“ My name is Karen Sky and I’m mourning the death of my dog…”

I regretted coming to this place. I mean what good was it hanging around with people who were no better than you?
Share our stories of how we lost loved ones? That was more depressing than sitting at home all day feeling sorry for myself.
I wonder why I’d let Sarah talk me into attending this support group. Bad bad idea.
Sarah was one of the few mothers I spent time with when Shirley was alive. We carpooled together.
She was one person I could say had experienced loss. She’d lost two children to still birth and had issues dealing with it; so I figured she had a point if she asked me to attend the support group.

I’d decided to attend because when I woke up after our mind-blowing sex…
Wait…how could I talk about sex being mind-blowing when I was supposed to be mourning my daughter?
Why was I even enjoying sex? I mused.
Weren’t Mo and I supposed to starve ourselves of sex out of respect for Shirley’s memory?
I found myself chuckling as I thought about how passionate and sweet the sex Mo and I had been having these days had been. The best in a long time actually.
Stop it. I willed myself. Stop thinking about mind-blowing sex at this chaste gathering.
Respect the memories of these people’s loved ones. I chastised myself.
Forget the fact that sadness and loss makes you horny. Forget the feel of Mo’s hand on your body this instant. Forget it.
Sympathise with these people.
Why had I come again?
Ooh yes…because I’d woken up depressed when I realised I was going to be alone at home for the better part of the day.
Being in that house would drive me crazy sooner than being with these…people.

“Ma’am. You’re up next.” Someone nudged me.
I looked around, embarrassed. I’d drifted.

Then I stood…”My name is Mrs Kemi Pepple and I…uh…I just lost my daughter ten weeks ago.”
There were sympathetic sounds of oohs and aahs.
“You wanna tell us about her, Kemi?”
The question came from the woman who I’d reckoned to be the leader of the group.
“Actually, no. I wanted to say.
Instead I opened my mouth and began to speak. “She was seven. The most beautiful and adorable kid ever. She…she loved pizza. I mean, she could eat pizza for three days straight without complaining.”
There were sounds all around, shuffling of feet, a little laughter.
“She had a temper too. She threw tantrums…I guess she…was used to having her own way. But when…when…” I hesitated. The tears were bubbling up somewhere inside me. “When she wasn’t angry; she was an angel. I loved her with every fibre of my being.”
The tears had begun dropping but I was oblivious of them. I just wanted to keep talking…
“Sometimes I wake up in the morning…and the first thing I do is go to her room…I forget that she’s no longer there. I go there; hoping that somehow…somehow God had had mercy on me…and brought her back. I just want to hold her one last time…I want to see her fingerprint everywhere in our home…she used to mess with my make-up kit when she was…alive. I want that back. I want to capture every single moment with her again, knowing that today might be her last. I miss her so much it hurts. Sometimes I just…I want the pain to go away; then I remember I’ve got my husband who loves me…I thought the hardest thing was losing someone close to you…but, you don’t know what it’s like to sit and watch someone that came out of you die in your arms! You don’t!”
I was screaming now. I’d no idea why. Suddenly I was angry with everything and everyone.

“You talk about losing friends and wives and…dogs…I lost a child. Damnit! She was just seven years old! She had her whole life ahead of her…she was supposed to bury me, not the other way round!”
By this time someone was trying to calm me down as I screamed, but I was beyond calming; they asked for it. They wanted to know how I felt, well this was it.
Raw and simple.
The wounds I’d tried to cover up inside me were opened again. The memories were back again, and it was as though I’d lost my daughter just yesterday.

“I can’t take it anymore…I just want to die.” I sobbed.

22 thoughts on “Betrayals and Funerals – 17” by Mimiadebayo (@Mimiadebayo)

  1. Sweet. Sour. Surprising.

    Kemi’s Group kinda reminds me of Alcoholics Anonymous. Poor woman. Sometimes talking about it just peels off the healing tissue from the wounds. You bleed afresh.

  2. Very true @Hymar So in the end what is the best healing process? Time?


    Thanks for reading and commenting dear.

  3. First time am readin B n F. I must say, it makes a good read.
    I suspect it’s not set in a third world country tho.
    Well done.

  4. Welcome aboard @lordkel
    Your input is well appreciated and valued.

    Do keep reading. Thank you.

  5. I loved the idea of a support group for Kemi…. That was totally unexpected.

    As for her husband, it also makes sense that it’ll require more than a little fronting to wean him off a woman that obviously lusts after him badly… Especially as that lust isn’t one-sided.

    Still reading… Really good job, Mimi :)

  6. Thanks a lot @Olaedo I like your deep explanation of the issues here.

    Shows you’re following the story on a very deep level.

  7. Kemi my dear may God heal you…as for Mo no comment…anuofia

  8. Lol @schatzilein you no like Mo at all oo. But he’s amending his ways na.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. If he wanted to mend his ways..he should start by tellling his wife that he cheated…

  10. I just want Mo to clear his mess up by telling her. What’s the point of trying to ‘forget’ Shirley and be a little bit happier when Mo’s confession would send her reeling again?
    I am hoping she does the unexpected when he confesses.
    Well done, Mimi. $ß.

  11. Wow. Deep. I felt the emotions. Well done.

  12. @sibbylwhyte You’re right… What’s the point? Let’s see what happens.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. @Mimiadebayo, welldone. I like that, we are able to feel her pain.
    Please let their be happier times ahead. She has suffered the worst type of loss, she needs to be happy.

  14. Thanks my favorite poet @topazo

  15. Sometimes, Jumoke… it’s not usually the happy times that follow the bad times.Life could be that cruel.

    It could decide to dish out one tragedy after another.

    Well let’s hope for better times ahead for Kemi.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. I agree @Mimiadebayo, life can be so cruel at times.
      Fairy tale endings belong in fairy land.
      But sometimes, we can hope and pray for the best. Getting it, as another topic entirely.
      Let’s hope things get better for her at some point.

  16. @olajumoke the above comment is for you.

  17. Mein Gott!!! @Mimiadebayo, did you lance Kemi’s boil here. Hope somebody put’s a arm round her shoulder there and doesn’t start to sermonize or try to get into her head?
    ”Forget that sadness and loss makes you horny”, Remember say I tell you say you be badt girl oooooo.
    Just playing around,well done. Some meaty stuff here; did she vent?!! Well done.

  18. There’s something I just learnt; ”Logic never undresses in front of pain”,
    One needs to admit the pain when in pain or cry for help when in need of help, the normal man will always hide the pain / man up under the crazy circumstances but things will take a different turn when we :Cry for help.
    So long, Badt Christian Girl. LOL!!!

  19. @LEROY Eeya na. I said am good oo. I am, truly.

    Thanks for your very insightful comments.
    Well appreciated.

  20. Poor Kemi, I thought she was progressing in her stages of grief. You better don’t allow Mo to go to that Ruby’s house again cos it’s like trouble is brewing. WELL DONE

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