Betrayals and Funerals-16

I followed her, lugging my instruments with me.
As she glided up the stairs, my eyes kept straying to her backside. I couldn’t help noticing her legs which were slim and shiny. Exactly what the camera loved.
As I reflect now, I wonder whether it was with my professional eyes I admired her or…
She led me to a room which turned out to be her bedroom. I figured that out after just five minutes in there.
“Is this okay? You think the camera would capture the right angles with this light?” She asked, gesturing to the venetian blinds.
The light looked alright to me; it was the location I wasn’t comfortable with and maybe I should have told her , but I didn’t.
I just nodded.
“Let me set up here. You get ready.” I said.
“You need help?”
“No. I’ll be fine.”
“Okay then. I’ll be back soon.”
I didn’t bother looking to see where she’d gone; I began arranging my instruments.
I was done in ten minutes and decided to wait on the sofa.
Maybe I should have listened to my head and left the room at that moment; but I stubbornly sat there, justifying my actions.
A few minutes later she walked out of somewhere I later recognized as the bathroom.
She was dripping wet; her body was wrapped in a flimsy white towel. I gulped and found myself staring at her.
There was something erotic about the way she stood there, her hand holding on to the towel and her body dripping wet.
“Are you done?” She asked softly.
I remember wondering whether she meant if I was done staring at her or if I was done with my camera.
I nodded. Whichever it was…I was done. I dragged my eyes away from her.
“Good. Then we can start.”
“What?” I blinked.
“I’m ready.” She said. “Let’s start shooting the pictures.”
“Like…like that?” I faltered.
She threw back her head and laughed. “Of course. There’s a certain quality I’m going for that I can’t get with my clothes on.”
“Wha…What?” I stammered as the towel fell from her body.
“Come on. Don’t tell me you haven’t taken pictures of a nude girl before.”
I couldn’t speak. I’d been married eight years and in that period had never seen the nakedness of another woman except my wife.
Now, here was this woman with a gloriously sexy body putting it all out for me to see. It was strange for me but also exciting.
“We should start now, Mo.”
The use of my name jolted me and I mumbled something incoherent and hurried to stand behind my camera.
At first I did my job in a catatonic state, giving directions and taking the photos. But as we progressed I found myself enjoying it, I let my eyes savour every inch of her body and soon the thoughts started seeping in. Imaginations that I’d never nursed before now appeared out of nowhere in my head.

“I’d like to try something else.” She said after a dozen or more shots.
“Yes?” I averted my eyes from her.
“Do me a favour and reach into that drawer. There’s a jar of peanut butter inside.”
I obeyed, wondering what she had in mind.
“Okay…” She smiled at me, unabashed. “Now, help me.”
“What?” I seemed to be short of words that day.
Without replying, she climbed into the bed and lay on her back.
I found myself sweating profusely as I watched her. It was as though she’d cast a spell over me…I couldn’t stop looking. Her every movement stirred something in me.
“Come over here, Mister Photographer.” She beckoned to me.
“What are you doing?” I asked albeit weakly.
“I need you to smear my body with peanut butter and…take a picture of me.” The words rolled off her tongue.
“That’s insane.” I blurted.
“How do you know? You haven’t tried it.”
“You can do it yourself.” I said.
“I’d love to but I can’t reach my back. Besides, remember we signed contract. You have a job to do.”
“The contract wasn’t…this.” I protested weakly.
I should have walked out then, screw our contract. But I didn’t.
“You’re not doing anything else except what I asked you to, Mo. Stop being a baby and come over here.”
I swear, my feet grew a mind of their own and propelled me forward.
My head told me to stay back, my heart beat rapidly but my little man was the most alive of all my senses.
And as though bewitched I began to apply the peanut butter to her body commencing with her feet.
I rubbed gently, caressing even. I loved the feel of her skin underneath my hand.
As my hands moved over her body; I realised I was deeply aroused.
“I can’t do this.” I said as I got to her well-shaped breasts.
Without warning, she took my hand and placed it on her right breast.
“Rub gently.” She whispered. “Like this.”
My hands began to rub…
She moaned.
I rubbed gently, softly.
And without thinking, I lowered my lips to her breasts and began kissing.
She was sweet, the peanut butter effect.
She moaned as my lips travelled to her abdomen. Then, she pulled me to her and kissed me passionately.
“I want you.” She said hoarsely. “I’ve wanted you since I set my eyes on you.”
I was far beyond thinking now. Something in me knew this was wrong…but the urge to continue was stronger.
“God! You’re gorgeous.” I matched her kiss for kiss.
Her hands were working on my zipper.

And then somewhere nearby, I heard a phone ring.
My phone.
I Ignored it.
It rang again and again.
“Forget it.” She nibbled my ears, her hands struggling with my zipper.

Little did I know that my daughter lay in a hospital about to breathe her last while her precious daddy was getting laid.

The thoughts of that day always managed to stir up regret in me. I’d made the mistake of my life and it was time I stood up to it.
I kept thinking that if I’d been where I was supposed to be that day; my daughter might still be alive.
Maybe this was God’s way of punishing me.

And maybe it was time I made things right.
I pulled up in front of the mansion and got out. Then I marched up the driveway to the front door and braced myself before ringing the doorbell.

“Hello Mo. I’ve been expecting you.” Ruby smiled at me as she opened the door.

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  1. Hey, young christian lady, your imagination really is wild…
    Waiting for the next to come.
    Well done, mimi. $ß.

  2. *covers face *
    What can I do? I’m a writer after all.
    Lol.Thanks a bunch @sibbylwhyte for reading and commenting.
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    1. I do not hold it against you, Mimi.. Keep the story wet, so hymar can find it ‘quite…er…arousing’.

      @hymar. I should know that. I write about death and murders, I have not died, and I am no murderer.

  3. Lol,@Sibbylwhyte, I don’t think it changes much sha. A writer isn’t restricted in imaginative depth by whatever.

    And hey, @mimiadebayo, you pulled quite a surprise here. Nice use of flashback to fool. Waiting for the next phase. Quite…er…arousing.

  4. Lol @Hymar Glad you understand. Quite arousing? Well, guess am upping the stakes.Hehehehe.
    Next installment coming up.
    I think @sibbylwhyte does understand too. Like she says… she ain’t no murderer,although… ahem. *lips sealed *

  5. @mimiadebayo, now I see why you don’t use your real name. Only joking.
    You were realistic and at the end of the day, that is what makes fiction work.
    Welldone Mimi. Good job.

    1. Madam where desola enter??

      1. Sorry @schatzilein, I have submitted two parts. Waiting for them to be published.
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  6. Very funny @olajumoke Lol. Well, realism sometimes comes with a price. Still,am mighty glad i captured this well.
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    1. I checked this morning. Not scheduled yet. When I submitted last week, I submitted after the dream stories writer uploaded around ten episodes.
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  7. Mimi welldone…
    Keep them coming

    Mo u eat once you will surely eat again…idiot

  8. I see somebody’s upped the ante ;)
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  9. Hehehehe@schatzilein you’re quite funny.
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  11. Ruby words, “Hello Mo, I’ve been expecting you.” Then with a seductive smile, he reached out for his tie, drawing him inside, to hell….!
    Welldone Mimi, you are a creative writer.

  12. Ruby words, “Hello Mo, I’ve been expecting you.” Then with a seductive smile, she reached out for his tie, drawing him inside, to hell….!
    Welldone Mimi, you are a creative writer.

  13. Bows*. Thank you @praize you’re a wonderful reader.

  14. Mimi talk true…shei u love peanut butter?!

  15. This has to be another Mimiadebayo?
    The erotic scene reminded me of Jenny in Hustler.

    I didn’t say anything ooh.

    Good job!

  16. You are doing well

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  23. Very captivating! @Mimiadebayo this christian girl! Ur imagination over wild o

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