Behind Closed Doors 3

Behind Closed Doors 3

Doors And Handles

As she drove home, fear gripped her, she did always have a weak point for Abigail, which was one of the reasons she stayed on despite all indication to leave years ago. She remembered six years ago when she walked out, her life had been full of total darkness and regrets; despite moving far away from Abigail, no day passes without thinking about her, all her effort to move on and live a good life was to no avail. Then, she realised there was no point running especially when the one you are running away from is the only person that can save you.She had to go back to God, she has to crawl back into his presence and ask for mercy.

At first, the shame tried to drive her away but she remembered that God is merciful and his mercy is what she needed now, his forgiveness was paramount to her survival. For days, she stayed in her house crying to God for mercy, she wept and groaned in pain before him.

As each day passes, she saw more of herself in darkness, the saw the way she did lived herself in the most despicable way. She cried to God not to receive her prayers as abomination to Him. She needed him to set her free and receive her back into his presence. She wept and cried at His feet for mercy. For seven days, she continued in this prayer for mercy, there was no turning back. The more she read the bible, she felt more conviction of His words, she continued to pray until she received his peace and knew without doubt that God had forgiven her but that wasn’t enough, she had to get delivered from every spirit working against her life. So, she searched for a bible believing church, confessed her sins to the pastors and asked if they can conduct a deliverance section for her. With the grace and mercy of God, she was finally delivered and free at last.

Her joy was unending, she had peace beyond every other but this didn’t last long when she realized something was wrong with her. She visited the hospital and after several test and examinations, she discovered she had cervical cancer. That tore her heart into pieces, she lost heart of everything. She felt that was God’s punishment to her for all she did in her past.

She started off her chemotherapy treatment which was difficult especially when you have no one by your side. Her mother had relocated to another country and she didn’t want to scare her and the only friend she did ever have, she had walked away from her. But in all these, she held on to her new faith; what shall separate her from the love of Christ, no sickness, nothing would again take her away from God.

During her treatment, she would take a cab down to the hospital but on a particular day, a day that changed the rest of her life. She was in the cab when the driver started to make conversation.

“Ma’am.” the driver called again.
But Bridget was far off in her thought.
“Ma’am.” he called again.
“Oh sorry…” She said.
“I’m sorry to bother you but is anything the matter?” He asked.
“Oh, nothing, thanks for asking.” She said.
“You took my cab two days ago and this was the exact face I saw, are you ok ma’am?” He asked.
“What!” She said, unsure of what he meant.
“I’m sorry if I’m intruding but I would like you to know God is able.” He said, smiling.
“God is able!” Bridget repeated, unsure of what to make of it
“Yes, He is able to help us through every challenges we have in life, he can see us through.” the driver said.

Bridget was quiet looking straight at the stranger. The driver looked through his interior mirror and saw the he got her attention.

“Are you a Christian ma’am?” He asked.
“Yes.” She answered.
“Then, I’m sure you know God is all powerful and he loves you. He loves you so much ma’am and He would never leave you.” He said.

At that word, Bridget busted into tears, that was the word; she had felt for days now if indeed God loves her enough to let all these into her life but for a total stranger to tell her God loves her pierced into her heart.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He apologized.
“No, you didn’t upset me.” She said, embarrassed, trying to wipe the tears away from her eyes. “You said, God loves me.”
“Yes ma’am, he does.” the driver said.
“You know, I am going through some tough times now and I needed to be reminded that God loves me and you just said the right word.” she said.
“Hmm, God always speak the right words to us.” he said.
“Are you an angel?” She asked. “I have heard stories of people’s encounters with angels, maybe you are one.” She said staring at him.

“Oh no.” he laughed. “I am no angel, I am just a humble driver.” He said, amused.
“Hmm, ok.” She smiled. “And you made me smile; I haven’t done that in a while.”
The driver smiled back. Then, he drove into parking lot of the hospital.
“Here we are.” he said

Bridget sat down looking through the window, as sadness filled her.

“Is everything ok?” the driver asked again.
“I wish I didn’t have to go in.” She said.
“Do you want me to go in with you?” he asked.
“Oh no!” She smiled again. “You are such a nice man, thank you.” She paid her fare and opened the door.

Bridget walked a few steps and turned back to the cab which was still waiting.

“I’m sorry to ask this but I need a cab tomorrow at 8:45 am at the same place where you picked me up, would that be okay?” She asked.
“Yes, no problem ma’am, 8:45 is it.” He said smiling.
“Thank you.” She smiled and moved away from the window, just then she came forward again.
“Sorry to bother you again.” She said and found the driver smiling, all he did was smile.
“You must think I’m weird.” She said.
“Oh no ma’am, do you need anything?” he asked.
“I was wondering if you could come pick me after my treatment today, around 5:00 in the evening if it’s no trouble, I will pay you for all the services.” She said.
“That’s ok ma, I will be here by 5:00.” he said.
“Thank you.” She smiled and started to walk away.
“By the way.” the driver said which brought her back.
“My name is Mark.” He said smiling.
“Bridget.” She said back.
“See you at 5:00.” He said and drove away.

Bridget stood there staring at the cab man, there was something about the driver, something she couldn’t place her fingers on but she was happy to have met him, a cab driver but the most pleasant one she did met.

As he promised, Mark was there to pick her up in the evening and the next day and every other appointment she had at the hospital. He became a friend to her, in fact, he called himself her personal limo driver and she in return called him, his angel. Their friendship went beyond being her cab driver, times when she was so weak from the treatment; days when all she does was lay in bed with pain all over her, Days when she was weak and throw up due to the effect of the treatment, he was there with her, he helped her through all her struggles.

Bridget was grateful for a friend in him, when she needed someone to talk to, someone to help, he was there. There were times when she was admitted in the hospital, he was there by her side, he read the bible to her, prayed with her, in fact, sometimes, during the night, he would stay overnight and some times Bridget found him praying endlessly for her recovery.

Finally, months after that, she was cleared of all cancer, everything was clear. Mark had been great, and during that time, he fell in love with the total stranger he had picked one day in his cab. After her recovery, he told her who he was. He wasn’t just a cab driver, he was a son of one of the richest men in the country, he had businesses that he did run and head; but that was not enough for him, he felt he was running his father’s business but his heavenly father’s business was left unattended to. He knew he didn’t need to work, he could employ people who could do the job for him and still, he couldn’t stay at home and do nothing.

He felt the call of God upon his life, so he devise a plan; he registered at a cab company and started to freelance, he would driver all sort of people and use that opportunity to preach the gospel to them. He did drove rich people, the poor, people who had everything but had no God in their lives, people who were depressed and needed God in their lives, sick people who were already given days to live, he was there to share the word of God with them, those who had God but were confused about life, he even had to drive a teenager who was pregnant and had to deliver in his cab.

But in all this, he was fulfilling the purpose of God in his life. His parents however were so angry at his decision; it took them a while to accept his faith and decision to drive a cab. They tried to convince him, even to build a church for him to be able to preach his faith rather than driving a taxi but Mark wouldn’t have any of it, he wanted to have a solid foundation in his ministry, he didn’t just want to build a big massive church to preach the gospel, yes, he had the money to do it but that wasn’t God’s plan for him yet.

In all these, he found the love of her life, the one person he was ready to spend the rest of his life with, and who would support and help him in the ministry. At first, when he told Bridget about his love for her, she had immediately withdrawn herself; she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship especially if that someone was Mark. He was prefect, he had everything in his life, he wasn’t a sinner like she was, and he was holy and acceptable before God. Yes, she knew God had forgiven her but that was not an excuse to desire something great like him from God, she felt she didn’t deserve that kind of man in her life.

It took months for Mark to convince her about his love, their relationship wasn’t about who was perfect, who wasn’t a sinner but a love that overrides every sin and their past. He told her that we are all sinners when God died for us, and only God can make us perfect and holy in his sight. Bridget wasn’t sure what he would do when he hears about her past homosexual life but her fear didn’t last as Mark was ready to move on with her irrespective of her past life, he told her God forgives every sin and gives us a new life, he cleans the slate and renew us in him, he remembers our sins no more.

After the meeting with Bridget, Abigail had been so angry, she felt every emotion in her, she loved her with all her life but she couldn’t understand why Bridget would give up on her love. She was angry at all the holiness she was preaching at her. Who was she to tell her all those? But in all these, she saw a peace in Bridget; a kind of feeling she had been longing for but never had. In all these, she had tried to always block God from her life, her passion overrides every thought that the way she lived her life was wrong. All she wanted was to love and couldn’t understand why that was a sin and why she couldn’t just be acceptable in this world.

She got into her car and decided to go over to Peter’s. Even though she does not have any love for him, she still like him; she was grateful that in all her life, since Bridget, he was the only one who took time to care for her, she had tried to love him but nothing worked.
She got to his house and was grateful he was in since his car was parked outside; she had never for once had any intention of telling Peter anything about her past, she needed him to complete her life, and she thought that sooner or later, Bridget might come back to her now that she was not far away from her. Soon, they would be in-laws and thought what better way to live their lives than to be close to each other. Peter was a great man to her, he loves her and would do anything for her and for now, that was enough for her until she eventually get the one she truly loves back into her life, she was ready to accept Peter’s love and live a day at a time.
She opened the door to his living room but was taken back to see a female jacket and a hand bag on the table. She couldn’t find Peter anywhere and no sign of any guest so she walked upstairs to check him in his room. Towards getting to his room, she heard giggling and laughter, her heart sunk. She opened the door and found Peter with another woman, naked in bed, clinging into each other. She was dazed, so was Peter. He wasn’t expecting her; he immediately pulled away from the woman. Abigail couldn’t believe her eyes, she stood there for several minutes staring at the way Peter was fidgeting around to get into his clothes, she heard him talking to her but she couldn’t make out the words, her ears seems blocked from reality.
Then, she turned back and ran back down stair, got out of the house, into her car. Her heart was racing; she couldn’t understand why a man would say he loves you and yet, sleep with another woman. All she wanted was to be loved and not cheated upon, she needed someone to take her as she is and not deceive her. Every emotion was driving through her head, she kept driving and racing; she wanted to run away from all this and before she knew it, she lost control. She left the car somersaulting over and over again, she closed her eyes and felt nothing, no pain, no joy, nothing, she was blank, and then, she blacked out.

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  1. Hmmmmm Circles…this was good but there was a lot of telling in this installment.The narrative kept shifting tenses…the piece is riddled with typos. Also noticed grammar errors.

    Please please please re-read and edit.Take your time…you have a beautiful story here but your delivery needs more work.

    You can do better Circles, I know it.
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  2. hmmmm…so much typos, tense mixups and grammatical errors in this and that is clouding the lustre of the story
    you did more telling than showing and hence used more words than necessary.

    well done

  3. Mimi said it all…beautiful story…emotional too..

  4. Edit, edit and edit.

  5. Am with @topazo here. Re-read and edit.

  6. Good story, sadly it’s messed up by errors. EDIT, so your story can breathe freely.
    Well done.

  7. Storyline is captivating, but the above comments say the rest.
    You can do better.

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