A Bevy Of Words

A Bevy Of Words

These are four micro stories, written by me in an attempt to try out the fait diver format recently popularized by Teju Cole’s ‘Small fates’
Dorothy had imagined growing old and having children; children with high intellects and cute feet. She hated ugly feet. When the time came to choose though, it was either intellect or feet. Today she had bright kids with terrible toe-sizes.
He loved this high school belle, Agatha. He was going to marry her when he had made a fortune, and written this love poem. He just needed to get this poem ready and then he would read it to her. Now he hears she is married, with two kids, and he is still writing his poem.
He was a stickler for rules, no matter where they came from, for as long as they bound him. He was also a Christian and as such, a Bible boy. All this was till yesterday at the bus stop when the conductor gave him a slap. He didn’t turn the other cheek, he slapped back.
Theresa had been beautiful. For this reason, the mirror was her constant companion for it showed her this her vain self. Two weeks later, though, after the accident that mangled her face, the mirror now had become her sworn enemy.

6 thoughts on “A Bevy Of Words” by adebayo caleb (@lordkel)

  1. Nice really… and they had a touch of humor in them. Good.
    Well done, Caleb.

    1. Thankyou @sibbylwhyte
      Just something I wanted to try out
      I appreciate u dropping by

  2. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    Like it. Actually thought I wouldn’t. I like the humour especially the 2nd paragraph

    1. Thanks for enjoyin @aadetoyin
      The humour wasn’t intentional, but I’m glad u like it

  3. Good job bro. Wouldn’t mind trying mind hands on this. Let’s see what I get. :d

    1. Thanks @daireenonline
      And yeah, you should try it out. Would make an exciting experiment, trust me.

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