The city has gone to bed
The grey moon is dozing
in the midst of the little stars
The noises of yesterday are dead.
but not for the voices in my head

They neither sleep nor rest
whispering to my mind
words of worthlessness;
“You’re far from the best”
“Oh, you think you can be the first”

Now my eyes are shut
chasing sleep like a prey
These voices are still awake
roaring nuts
deep down my jungle of thought

Mama’s snoring
enjoying the cool night’s blessing
My head is banging
filled with particles of nothing
steaming and colliding

The night’s still young
full of dreams
These voices have already begun
Ready to recite my wrongs
Another night to walk through this fog
And yet, I shall overcome!

12 thoughts on “3:51am” by Daniel Nwachukwu (@Godson)

  1. Hehe. Stop thinking too much, the voices will reduce.

    Well written.

    1. Daireen, i wish o. thanks for reading.

  2. I could totally relate to this.
    Good poem

  3. sylvia, welcome to the club. Thanks for reading and relating.

  4. Writers and the curse of restlessness!


    1. hymar, this restlessness is rather funny, a good friend of mine has turned into a prayer warrior for my nights’ funny battles..
      Thanks for reading. I appreciate.

  5. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Sure you shall overcome .. push those voices outta your head .. nice poem.

    1. oguche, I will chase them out with a hammer, you know hammer sees everything as nails. I would rather not try it. Thanks for reading. God bless.

  6. And it’s usually in the quiet that those crazy thoughts come out to wreak havoc.

    It’s a good poem. Well done, Godson. $ß.

  7. Bubbllinna, you are right. Thank you. I am about reading a poem dedicated to you. Thats a good thing. Well done bubbles. lolz

  8. I can totally relate with this… Like you wrote the poem for me. It’s perfectly written

    1. inkheart, you are my distant relative. Thanks for reading.

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