The Matter of Blood

The Matter of Blood

When does blood matter?

Is there a difference between my blood and yours?

Yes! they say.

Yet I can’t fathom why and when this became more important

than all the other things that bind us together.

Modern day science teaches that there are blood groups and genotypes,

but when two souls meet and entwine should blood be the first conversation?

His first conversation to her was, “please can I know your name?”

Knowing her name means having something to call her by:

knowing her blood means categorizing her as possible friend or out of my list.

When did saying “Hello” become so complex

as to need syringes to confirm her response to the question of blood?

4 thoughts on “The Matter of Blood” by jofiak (@jofiak)

  1. “Hi, my genotype is AA, can I know yours?” no be small thing.

    I’m not sure this qualifies as poetry… it would have worked more as a narrative non fiction. Oh well, that’s just me.

    Even as a poem, you could have written this better.

    Well done

  2. I agree with @topazo, this could have made a good essay. Well done anyway.

  3. thanks Topazo and newreign. in response to ur comments i have decided to do a rewrite as prose. This was one of those nights that i finally got myself to write something down. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Jo (@josephoguche)

    nice .. message even more nice …

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