Woman of Valor (3)

Woman of Valor (3)

Brown struggled, flapping his hands and legs trying to stay alive, but he couldn’t over power the well built guard.

April 1st 2:00AM (3 hours earlier)

       Brown and his four children laid close to each other on separate beds, undergoing treatment in an hospital. Brown had recovered fast from the injection effect. He was picked alongside with his children earlier from his house by the men in white under whom they had been recovering. When the doctor saw he was fit to know everything, she made him sit and started

“Sir some two hours ago, your wife called us in great agitation. She instructed us to help save her family by visiting your apartment to evacuate your almost lifeless body. She made us understand you were injected. The injection contained adenosine and lignococaine”

       The heart can be frozen using these substances. Adenosine opens some of the channels that transport potassium ions in and out of the cell, and lignococaine blocks sodium ion channels. It’s like letting the heart cells run out of gas or not even turn it on. Another way is the Inderal injection which contains propranolol, a beta blocker. It blocks beta receptors in various parts of the body. Blocking these receptors prevent the actions of two chemicals called epinephrine and nor epinephrine. These are often referred to as fight or flight Chemicals. Beta receptors are found in the heart. When they are blocked, the heart is made to beat more slowly and with less force.

“According to her, the injection was given to make you pass for dead; her reason for doing this was not disclosed. She made it clear to us not to evacuate you until several minutes after 12am for a reason she didn’t tell again. Finally, we were told to destroy everything in the room and set the room on fire. These instructions were too hard and insane for us, but we trusted her, coupled with her solid reputation”

       Dr brown got more confused than ever before, starting to sense what must have happened he asked “so where on earth is my wife now” Reluctantly the physician answered ” the party house”

“What! You mean freedom party?” He asked


      Without hesitation, Brown ran out. He headed for the states house. “Even if my wife must die, I should do the killing, not the state…”

APRIL 1ST, 5:20AM.

“Brown, you will never give up” Mark the president of Nigeria and a member of the freedom party said to the almost lifeless body.

“I am serving my final tenure, I’ll leave very soon, in fact in some months time and instead of you to grab the golden and rare opportunity given to you by this party to become the next president of this rich country, you decided to play the good citizen ….I mean you were given all you wanted!……you deemed it fit to pull us down and exclude yourself!  Well, am quite amazed you are not dead by now, you should have been by 12:00 today, but it’s not too late, you just walked into your death”

Facing the wife, the president said “it’s a pity you have to die with your husband! Ruth!”

He then marched out with the others, and his last words were “kill them both!”

      With a wicked grin a guard said “I think I will start with you” pointing at Brown. Retrieving his 9mm magnum, he pointed it at Brown and bang! A bullet was unleashed bang! bang! bang!  Several others followed. With his mouth wide opened, the guard went on his kneels clutching his waist and ribs. He had been shot from behind by a revolver from Jennis’s hands.

      Still weak, all Brown could do was just to explode in surprise as he found out the bullets penetrated not his own body. No wonder he heard the sound.

       The other guard ran and went directly for the 9mm magnum that now laid on the ground but it was quickly kicked away by the now standing Jennis. He then turned towards her. Jennis pulled the trigger once again and click… click was all she heard. The gun had become devoid of bullets. Immediately the strong and wide arm of the second guard engulfed her tender neck. She started chocking to death.

God! is this how it’s going to end….my children…my husband…

Her husband still remained on the floor weak as ever.

       She was then dragged outside in the dark with her neck still under the strong arms. Suddenly in the dark, she felt something familiar, long and thin on the floor as she got dragged along. It was a touch. The one that fell from her hands some hours ago. Picking it and using the last ounce of her chakra, she maneuvered her flexible athletic body, positioned herself behind the guard and centered the torch on his larynx. She kept pulling from behind until he made his last forceful breathe. The breathe of life was taken from him.

APRIL 1ST, 8:00AM.

FTV: “This is a live coverage of the burnt residence of a prominent member of the society. Dr Brown. An aspirant of the presidential position. We have reasons to believe this unfortunate incident occurred around 1am this morning.”

ZaTV: “We believe the whole family got caught in fire….destroyed beyond recognition… nobody has been able to gain access into the building…we are patiently waiting for the forensics and police”

Some minutes later, the whole atmosphere changed as it got saturated with the sound of the presidential siren. The president of federal republic of Nigeria, Mark, entered the scene.

CITV: “as you can see and hear, his Excellency and others just arrived…..what a sad one for him! The death of a friend and potential successor…”

Everyone was thrown into a greater confusion at the arrival of a black Volvo car. The Browns emerged from it. All the six.

Immediately, without delay Jennis walked to the FTV stand, the most reputable, private owned international media cooperation in the country to narrate her story to the universe.  She was quickly given a chance to talk despite the plenty confusion seen on the reporters whose faces kept on begging for answers.

“Don’t be alarmed, we are not dead. Yesterday at 11:55pm, I listened to a recorded audio file unconsciously made by my son on how my husband would be killed if he refused to accept the ways of the president and the other murderers that call themselves the freedom party. I was in so much shock that the phone fell from my hands and landed in a fire place. That was the only evidence and it was destroyed. 5 minutes was all I had left to save my family from doom, because according to the message, they would strike at exactly 12 am.

So many thoughts raced through my mind, I decided to wake my husband but I quickly stopped knowing well that he would never believe such a story, especially without any evidence. Moreover, if I succeeded convincing him, he might opt for police intervention which is a worse option. The corrupt government controls them too. They might even arrive late, we are all aware of this. Just five minutes.

Finally, I decided to take the bull by his horn. I made my family receive an injection that slowed their heart beats, all of them; so the killers won’t suspect anything. Fortunately, the government sent assassins got there and took them for dead.

Then, they left. Before hand I already made arrangements with my colleagues to evacuate my family and burn down the house only to create this present scene that will enable me reach the world”

“Later, around 3:00 I sneaked into the party’s house where another meeting was held to celebrate their latest achievement against my husband. I went there to collect another proof. Unfortunately the audio recorder I took along was destroyed when I got caught but before then I already retrieved the memory card that contained their discussions”

She then brought out a Micro S.D card and made a request for it to be played to the world. Each present member mentioned his name as that was the protocol of the meeting. Everybody separated their jaws as they listened

“I am Mark Emodi, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. I am pleased to announce the death of our stupid presidential candidate”

Husky laughs followed from the mouths of the pot bellied politicians.

“those boys executed their jobs well” and an applaud followed

“Mr. Brown knew too much, he knew our deep, dead and sad secrets; how we murdered the former senate president…the way we framed the former Vice President, how we attempted to assassinate the House Speaker!….and so on….he can’t be allowed to leave and live with these things.

Jennis then continued after she motioned to the media for a pause.

“Stop that for some time…..now, we all have an idea of the kind of government that rules us. We are alive. I am so happy and will be happier if the other arms of the government can do justice…..”The world knows about this and it cannot be hidden”

                                                                           *   *  *  *  *  *

       Three months later, President Brown and the First Lady of Nigeria, Jennis were seen as Brown addressed the public

“On behalf of the first family, we really appreciate you all for standing firm, for your faithfulness, for witnessing the truth and pursuing it. I hail the judiciary and the legislative for standing with the truth and justice.

Nigerian, all your votes counted, your votes alone made me the president and I promise to serve you with all my strength”

Finally, he faced his wife and said

“And to the strongest and greatest woman in the universe, I say thank you…you just proved to the world the power that lies in a woman…that what a man can do, a woman can do better. Women are not inferior, they are valuable, and mine saved my family… 

…. Henceforth, I dedicate every first of April to all women in the country. They shall be celebrated…”

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  1. Ruth or jennis, which one? Be consistent.
    But that is the least of all that is wrong with this…

    This story line looks like the portrayals of heroes for preschoolers, unrealistic.

    Adenosine and lignocaine to freeze the heart? Nah. They are class 1 antiarrhythmic agents and in overdose cause life threatening arrhythmias that causes death, so i wonder how she could give that to her family and more surprised how they survived.

    Because of her reputation, she called a team of doctors to evacuate her almost dying family and burn her house? Are they physicians or special squad? What exactly her reputation is, we have no idea.

    And then all that lecture about beta blockers, were they necessary? And it was largely not true…

    So after a suicide mission, they showed up at the scene right in front the president and his convoy and accused him publicly…hmm, she brave gaan o…

    I think you didn’t think your plot through and you didn’t do enough research…

    Keep writing, keep getting better.

    Well done

  2. Doc.@topazo…I jes knew u gonna have a lot about this….dont even know wher to start….i guess u know the cmon saying about Ruth in the bible….. trust me sir, those subs freezes the heart…good or bad….recent stuff…they are also antiarrhythmic subs. there is no way she could av overdosed them……

    forgive me for not adding enough details…i jes wanted to finsh the story…

    thanks so much for pointing these thing out….will make better researches….things can only get better

    thanks once again sir

  3. Guess I have to point out that the drug that would actually produce that pseudo-death thingy in combo with lignocaine, is Adrenaline not adenosine. Adrenaline and lido are used as they produce longer lasting anaesthesia. Guess that’s what you wanted.

    Now, @topazo has said all that felt off. This 3rd part didn’t do justice to expectations, but then, I don’t know what I expected.
    The story is okay, flush out the errors and one may overlook this convenient turn of events.
    What I feel, is that for you, the story was more about the medical parts and the politics angle was just a way to get the story out.

    Well done, Soogun. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte…thanks plenty for reading and commenting from 1 to 3….u so much appreciated..and accept my request on fb before I… lol…not a threat..

  4. 1st of April huh? lol. Never finish off a work jus for the sake of ‘finishing off the story’. better late than wet. keep writing

    1. yeah….Ist of April….u r so rite with dat…was jes getting tired of typing..thnks for reading and commenting!!!

  5. My main grouse is the arrangement of paragraphs. I mean the action in a paragraph, my ideal paragraph, goes in a downward spiral. It makes readers keep digging and digging for more.

    You made me wanna scan. Made me yawn. But then I guess you are still finding your feet with this *Mimicks @mimiadebayo* err…series.

    The plot s intriguing enough. Think Better Delivery.

    Or make I call the DHL dudes?

    1. thanks so much @Hymar…..u r plentily appreciated…

  6. @Hymar u don start? Wetin concern Agbero with motor park?
    Ahem…mind yaself oo.

    Dear Soogun heed the above comments and keep writing.

    1. haha….thnks @Mimiadebayo…u r so gracious..

  7. @mimiadebayo, hmm, so it is now forbidden to quote you ba? So tomorrow if I say ‘like betrayal and funerals’, I should expect a lawsuit sharp sharp? Hian.

    1. ema ja ooo..lols

  8. leroyA (@LEROY)

    @omoniyi, You just rush am shaaaaaaaaa!!!
    The details & the devil, remember?!!! Not well researched, my brother. Typo.tenses, all the works,dey small.
    There is no 9mm Magnum!! Never been. More like a 9mm Browning or Barreta.
    You must chill when you are writing and don’t be very quick to go to press/post on any forum, get people to proof-read and give comments that are helpful.Bounce them off people. You will be the better for it.
    Keep moving bro!!!!!

  9. hahahah@LEROY…uv finished me oooo….google must be wrong then concerning the 9mm magnum…..yeah…devil in details…you must forgive me pls…a lil. mre patience wil jes be ok 4 me…. sincerely, thanks for reading and graciously commenting…u r so appreciated….I can only get better….

    1. leroyA (@LEROY)

      Hi.@Omoniyi, you are right about the 9mm Magnum bit, This is a first for me despite having read so much and having a knowledge akin to a keen amateur’s when it comes to guns. Thanks for educating me.
      You will only get better, I kind of like your spirit: ”Keep your chin up!”. Keep at it bro.

      1. …what can I say?….@LEROY….thnks plenty bruh..

  10. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Soogun,this third one wasnt as thelike the previous ones, I gotten confused about Mrs Brown’s name Ruth or Jennis. All the same, you did a good job, please proofread well next time; you can probably ask trusted friends or family to help in proofreading .

  11. …..@Blackgold…m sorry for the confusion ma….I’ll kip all u said…..thnks for reading and commenting…

  12. @Omoniyi, upon all the things said above, which you keep taking down like a blood tablet, don’t get discouraged. Most good writers don’t get it right all the time.
    And please work on coherence, especially when Y☺̣̣̥̇u̶̲̥̅̊ are revisiting this particular one, bcos to me, it’s simply a great work of art that lacks all that were said above.
    Well done.

  13. @Omoniyi, upon all the things said above, which you kept taking down like a blood tablet, don’t get discouraged. Most good writers don’t get it all right all the time.
    And please work on coherence, especially when Y☺̣̣̥̇u̶̲̥̅̊ are revisiting this particular one. Don’t discard or discredit it, bcos to me, it’s simply a great work of art that lacks all that were said above.
    Well done.

    1. ….. thanks so much for the gracious words@chime221…I really really appreciate..

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