What Was My Crime?

What Was My Crime?

* Just this week, I read in horror about the gruesome murder of a final year student in Badagry, Lagos- very close to where I live. It’s still fresh on our minds, the incident that occurred last year involving the ALUU four, just like the ALUU boys, the student who was brutally murdered with his friend had done nothing wrong. At least that was what I understood from the facts. What is wrong? What is our crime? Why are we students murdered at will, at the slightest provocation? I wrote this poem in a very emotional state, my heart bleeds for them still.


My Crime?

They hit me in hate

They stone me with envy

They stab me with rage

No iota of pity



I’m a youth, so a criminal

To mete out the jungle on

Condemned to die without trial

Don’t even know what I’ve done



A crowd would gather

To watch my murder

My pleas for mercy go unheard

After all, I’m nobody’s child



They say they’re angry

with the government’s attitude

To fight the lassitude

They vent on me their fury



They trample under feet,

The flower they should nurture

Maybe my crime simply is

I have a future



The Masterpiece







12 thoughts on “What Was My Crime?” by igbor clemency (@clemency)

  1. It’s the last line that says it all. Maybe they hate and hit on the youths cos they’ve got a future.
    With this theme you chose to write on, there’s so much more you could do with it. Keep writing.
    Well done, clemency. $ß.

    1. Of course, I’ll keep writing. I agree, Still a lot of work to be done on this poem. Wrote this draft in bitterness. Thanx for your insight and invaluable advice.

  2. It’s simply hatred and nothing more! Those that killed, and still kills… Had and still have choices not to! Human beings will always have a choice, either you are angry or not! Our prayer is for God not to make us victim of dis circumstances…and he shld cleanse d evil’s heart frm d hatred our ‘youthful future’….God help is all!

    Nice one, @clemency….Pen up!

    1. You are right, hatred. Seconded, humans always have a choice, even the good book says so. God keep and bless us all. Hope your pen comes down soonest. Gracias.

  3. Straightforward, easily understood poem, @clemency.

    “A crowd would gather” > better as “A crowd gathers”

    Not sure about: “To fight the lassitude”.

    I liked the last stanza.

    Well done.

  4. I love the poem, the way it runs from one stanza to the other. It’s simple but I will love it, if it is more emotional.

  5. @TolaO, noted, thanks for pointing it out. Thank you for enjoying it, despite it’s simplicity, I’d try harder next time

  6. @Wendy, thank you, please do check out my other posts as well.

  7. @clemency, I feel your angst. It is really terrible that people will watch a lynching and do nothing about it. About the mechanics of your poem, I call on @chemokopi to read, comment and advise appropriately. @chemokopi!

    1. Thanks for inviting me to read this nice poem @febidel.

      @clemency, this is cool. ‘Justice’ served by the mob is something that irks me to no end. Activism can quickly become misdirected and cause pain to those who it fights for.

      That said, I suggest that next time, hold yourself back from putting up an intro as this. You should have either incorporated the intro into the poem or revealed it in the discussions below (comments). Either way, its best to let the poem speak alone. That is the beauty of poetry. The lines first, exposition later.

      Well done, man. Keep improving your art.

  8. Thank you for stopping by @efadel, and I appreciate you drawing the master’s attention to my poem.

  9. @chemokopi gracias. I really appreciate your stopping by and lending your wisdom to my post. Corrections taken sir!

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