The Unplanned Pregnancies Of Life

The Unplanned Pregnancies Of Life

Last week I got a call from my good friend Tricia, she sounded so frantic and on the verge of tears. Her respond to my – “hello darlyn” was, ‘its three (3) days late! It is always on time! It’s never late! Am so scared! As the words rushed out I recalled having this same conversation with her two years ago and the result was – Joy (Tricia’s second child). What is late? I asked feigning ignorance. My cycle, Tricia answered in frustration. I could visualize her slummed shoulders and dilated eyelids. I laughed as I said “you guys have scored again”. She did not laugh at my attempt to lighten up the conversation, instead, she busted into tears. Rossie, I don’t want a baby now, I don’t want to go through that journey again. Calm down Tricia, I cautioned. “Did you do a PT”? I asked as I tried to stir her thoughts to clear reasoning. No, she responded. Ummh, I adjusted my position and stretched my legs on the sofa I laid on and said – Tricia, please do a blood test tomorrow before getting worked up, this might just be a false alarm. My attempt to soothe her did not help much, so I patiently waited for her to cry her heart out, lament the woes of past pregnancies and eventually calm down, before ending the call.

Just like an unplanned pregnancy, life throws situations (issues) at our feet that we are least prepared for. As soon as such event occurs, our responses are most often not rational at first, we cry (especially women), and walk around with sunken faces as if our world has come to an end. The worst I believe is the pity party we throw for ourselves. We feed our family, friends and foes alike with the tales of “the woes”, forgetting that despite the plans we make, God’s plan always supersedes. Accepting any disruption in our plans is often difficult. We forget that life is a multifaceted script written by an all knowing God; who often do not clothe the eventual beautiful outcomes or happy endings in awesome beginnings, unlike the folklore or fairy tales we read and listen to. Life takes us through the deepest valleys and stormy gale, and some times drops us at the lowest ebb, but its all part of the plan! (a favorite slogan of Agent Oso –DSTV 309)

The Bible gives credence to the uncertainty we encounter in life. Stories like that of a much loved son Joseph, who became a slave and then a prime minister that saved the lives of the very people that sold him. Do you remember Gideon, the weak man from an unrecognized tribe who became a great warrior that won amazing victories? What of David, the handsome shepherd boy who became a great and enviable king and also the exiled Hebrew gentleman – Daniel, who maximized his captivity and turned it into an opportunity for greatness. This great book is filled with life’s lesson that we MUST daily study and gain insights for living.

In the case that you aren’t familiar with the stories above, I believe you can relate with the adventures of the slow yet cunning tortoise, who always finds a way to turn every disadvantage to his favour? Or the ants, who being very small are able to find and stock up food through the darkest night and the coldest weather for the rainy days.

Variety is said to be the spices of life, no one has explained what this variety entails to me. I have discovered and its worth mentioning that variety comes in shades of dark days where “your sun just wont shine”, in rainbows where your laughter still echoes after you have left, in stormy gales where the waves threaten to drown you, in accomplishments where the ovation is resounding, and in dark tunnels where you can barely find your way. Yes! My friend life is full of varieties!!

Today, as you are faced with the reality of what life offers, chose to laugh when the tears are threatening to spill, chose to live when dying looks appealing, choose to succeed when you are surrounded with witnesses waiting to celebrate your failure, choose to persevere in spite of the bitterness that fills you every second you walk in those shoes that hurt and chose to share tales of victory rather than woes. Above all, choose to walk with your shoulders held high for there are enough blessings in life to surmount the pains.

In all, do not forget that every issue, circumstance or heart ache is a lesson whose value you must learn and pass on. You will have no value to pass on if the lesson process isn’t completed; except a bag of pain and bitterness which neither adds value to you nor the world around. Let the past be an invaluable lesson for you and a well of experience to draw upon for others.

A good friend recently told me that the sun always shines, it’s only the earth that rotates (I bet you know that!). Life is like the earth, it rotates around us – the sunshine, sometimes it blocks our light and we experience darkness (pains); at other times it supports our brightness by exposing our light.

You are a light! Shine through that circumstance!! It is not unplanned or circumstantial, it has been orchestrated (designed) to bring forth the best in you. Maximize it!
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