The Lost Youth

The Lost Youth

‘Just a Poet’, a poetry club at FUNAAB recorded a spoken word poetry: The Lost Youth. This was my part.

Oh ye silly! Come forth and have a seat
Open your seemingly open ears and activate your dormant senses
Stop running around like a carnivorous animal’s feast;
Running endlessly, really chasing nothing,
But unconscious of the presence of nemesis on your heels.
Let’s go on a trip back to a life you once lived
Let’s dig up every bit of dirt covering your distant memories.

Do you remember when you glowed with innocence and purity?
When you were ignorant of the concept of mutiny?
Even after you lost from your mouth-every single tooth,
Your smile still revealed nothing but a knack of truth.

Then older you grew, seeking only to be cool
And quickly transformed from being a smart kid to being a fool.
You grew up so quickly that you outgrew your own senses,
And without any vision for the future, you write only in present tenses.

You left the sanity of morality
To embrace the blatant lunacy
Of an already strayed majority
Of our now-pitiful humanity.

Now, what do you have to say for yourself in your own defence?
I leave you with your thoughts to be your judge.
As for me, my case is rested
The decision is yours, to either let the truth hit you,
Or dodge.

7 thoughts on “The Lost Youth” by Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

  1. Sweet, sounds like music, once spoken…. keep going

  2. this is beautiful… but you left the rhymes out of the first and last verses…
    well done

  3. Love it, Nu’rayn. It really would have been nice to hear you ‘speak the lines.
    Well done. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte, thanks for the comment. You probably will like it less when you hear it, or not. A writer’s work doesn’t usually sound as good to him as it does to his audience anyway.

  4. Thanks a lot @topazo, for stopping by.

  5. New Reign, good job. Let’s have the “Ode ti o ni ronu part”
    The piece is nice, I can’t stop listening to it. Perhaps you can give us I am also

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