Soldiers of the Street

These barracks don’t favor civilians, only those who deal with bullets. We fight the hard way-we face guns and bombs empty handed. The armory is your heart, and the will to survive is the only weapon you got.

We are bred here, in these streets, farther from Eden and closer to the realities, of the curses on adam’s sins. We toil and sweat for every mint we need. But whatever the hardship, remember, we still don’t retreat.

The sun here don’t favor people. We survive because we have grown shells. Well, no surprise, Fire hardens clay, and we live close to hell. Our stomachs are part of the adaptation, we can go hungry for days but work till night. The steam burning inside is the fuel.

In our register, there is no word for give-up. Hard times have made the vocabulary short. Our dictionary is published in war times-those times where life is the only spear. In these kinds of wars, you loose words that express fear.

Our souls wears khaki, we will never retire. No matter what becomes of the battle of class. Whether we cross the seas, or we remain in the barracks;
We remain the soldiers of the streets.

16 thoughts on “Soldiers of the Street” by chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

  1. Hahaha. Nice one. A hustler’s anthem. I can relate. Thumbs up.

    So Prosey-poetry is slowly inching its way into NS? I am glad

  2. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    Nice job, I love your coherence…do not worry, we will surly cross to the other side…@chudwin

  3. chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

    @Hymar,thanks.this one really,is for the hustlers

  4. chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

    @simplisilv,that’s d prayer of every hustlers;to cross over 2 d better life.thanks for taking ur time 2 read it

  5. Absolutely inspirational .. I call this ‘Song of a the brave!’

  6. chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

    @josephoguche,thanks very of the brave…hmmmh!

  7. chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

    @topazo,thanks.I love d fact dat u love it

  8. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Brilliant! I love your style, your diction, and the clarity of your expressions.
    Against every odd, we refuse to give in to despair because we know we cannot afford to. Like one of my favourite spoken word poets said, ‘…in dignity we laboured, in dignity we will labour.’
    Well done @Chudwin, great effort.

  9. chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

    @kaycee, thanks

  10. chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

    @newreign,thanks very much bro. Dr z no alternative dr is outside laboring.anyoda can’t b in dignity.

  11. I like the way this went…written like a narrative, defying the traditional arrangement of lines and just flows freely etching powerful images in the reader’s mind.

  12. chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

    Thank you @afronuts. I am delighted that you appreciated it.

  13. The words just pulled their hands off †ђξ page and is holding my gaze.

    I’d be lying if I say I didn’t wish these line were mine.

    But then, you need to pay more attention to concord, like: “In these kinds of wars (sic)…[‘kinds or war’ or kind of wars’]
    Our souls wears (sic)” [either ‘souls wear’, or ‘soul wears’]

    Besides these, †ђξ poem is pretty motivating.

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