My Eyo

I want to believe that the gods planned the day I met and fell in love with him. The sun was dancing brightly in the sky and on the streets of Lagos the Eyo festival was in full swing. The air was filled with joy and laughter from the spectators; as they watched the white–clad Eyo masquerades with their coloured hats, raise their ‘Opa Obata’ sticks and gyrate their hips to the beat of the drums.

I stood in the middle of Tinubu Square,  in the midst of all the commotion and wondered why I was there? I should be tucked up in bed watching my favourite soap? It was my first experience of the festival and so far I wasn’t thrilled.

That was when I saw him; all glorious six foot hunk of him. He was dancing beside a yellow hat Oniko Eyo, dressed in white. His shirt hung tight to his ribbed body and his long hair tied to the back revealed a face so beautiful that I knew right then what God meant when he said; “and it was Good.”

I would love to tell you, that like the movies, he saw me, our eyes met and we fell in love; but that’s not what happened. I shamefully made my way to him, my eyes locked on every swing of his waist. When I got to him, I bumped into him hard enough that he lost his footing and fell. I covered my mouth with my hands; face blushed and gave the best false apology my acting skills could muster.

He smiled as he held my hand while I helped him up. He spoke; said something about me not worrying and he knows it wasn’t intentional. He told me his name, asked mine, I must have replied because we kept talking. We talked and talked and when it seemed we should have nothing to say we talked some more. We left Tinubu Square after a while and ended up in a bar, where we continued to flirt with each other. At the end of the night while he walked me to my car, I kept thinking, what would he do if I tried to kiss him? Unfortunately it was a fantasy that wouldn’t happen, at least not on that day.

When we got to my car and just before I had the courage to slowly creep up and plant a kiss on him, he got a call. After the call it was almost like the past ten hours didn’t happen. The smile he had worn all day suddenly disappeared and he made some lame excuse of having to leave, without even asking for my number.

I went home that day and prayed that God would bring him back to me. Luckily for me it was one of those prayers that got answered quickly


I met her two weeks before the Eyo festival. She walked in with my boss; who introduced her as the new office temp. Her walk was full of confidence and arrogance, the sort that said; ‘Look at me, I’m going to make a dent in your life.’ She wore a black tight skirt suit and had on red lipstick that clashed with her charcoal dark skin.

‘Hi, loving the suit.’ I said

‘You should, it’s Armani. So I hear you are the person I’ll be taking their job in a few months.’

I didn’t quite know what to make of this so I laughed. I showed her the ropes that day and the more we talked the more I liked her. As the days past, I started to see through her bravado. She was just a young girl aiming to make it at all cost, but in reality she was insecure.

We soon became friends and then one day, about three weeks after I met her. God decided it was time to answer my prayers.


We were standing outside the office when a car pulled up beside us. Her face lit up before the passenger alighted.

‘Hey babes what are you doing here? Aren’t you meant to be visiting Mama?’ She said to the passenger whose face was lost in her Afro, as she gave him a bear hug.

‘Come and meet my friend, the only better person in this office.’ She grabbed his hand dragging him towards me.

That was when I saw him, and just like the Eyo, he was my returned spirit from the dead.

‘This is my boyfriend Seun. Shey I told you he was handsome?’ Ronke said

I tried to talk but I couldn’t. I could tell he recognised me, I could see the shock in his eyes. He told her to stop embarrassing him and kissed her on the cheek. He held out his hands to shake mine and when our bodies touched, I held on to his for dear life.

He said he was there to surprise her, wanted to take her to dinner. Ronke laughed and giggled like he said something funny. She told him, she already had plans to go out with me that night and the next words that came out of his lips, would start the end to their relationship.

‘Why don’t we all go out together? It will be fun.’ And fun it definitely was.

We went to dinner and after to a nightclub, we all laughed, drank and danced. Later that night, when they dropped me off at home, I don’t know where I got the liver from but I asked for his number. He hesitated a bit and looked at Ronke, they must have had a telepathic conversation because he turned and said.

‘Sure it’s 0803………’


I waited two days before I sent him a text.

18:05 Me – Hi, I can’t seem to get you out of my head, keep thinking of all I want to do to you

18:50 Seun – We can’t do this, I have a girlfriend.

18:53 Me – Do what? Lol

19:10 Seun – I don’t know if I can do this, but I keep thinking of you too, my head tells me not to, but my body is screaming for you.

19:13 Me – I’m at home alone, why don’t you come over and we can just talk. Try and resolve this.

20:05 Seun – What’s your address?

He was at my door before I could finish freshening up. When I opened the door and we looked into each other’s eyes, we both knew there would be no talking that night.

He grabbed me and kissed me, first forcefully but then more gently. I could feel his need, his passion and maybe even guilt. For me though it was different, when his lips touched mine, it felt like I was alive for the first time. It felt like all the years I had lived, all the frogs I had kissed, led to this very moment, and I knew then I had found a home for my heart.

We stopped for a moment, eyes locked, just living in that moment. I grabbed his hand and led him into my bedroom. He stood by the door, his hand on the knob and watched me take of my clothes. He seemed scared to move, afraid to let his heart get what it longed for. But finally he moved away from it and came towards me. He was shy as he undressed, maybe a little apprehensive too.

When he took off his trousers and I saw his manhood, I couldn’t hide my delight he was hung like the ever tall Eyo and I prayed he wouldn’t be merciful with it. Soon he was all over me, kissing me, then I felt him enter me, forcefully, in, out, in, out and with each stroke a bit more of my heart went to him.

For Seun, that day would signify the first time he would betray his head and follow his heart.

For Ronke, that day will signify the end of her relation, the confirmation that her fears were true

For me, well for me, that day will signify the day just like the Eyo, I could start my majestic journey into the minefield known as love.

Please do not judge me, I had too. I had waited for love all my life and now that it is here, I had no intentions of letting it go.


It all came to an end about three months after the Eyo festival. Seun and I were in love by then, he even promised to break up with Ronke, he just had to put some things in place first. He had a key to my place and for me that was a big declaration of our feelings. Going to work became a chore for me, Ronke would brag on about how in love she was with Seun and how he was the perfect man. I would smile and agree with her, yes, my Seun was perfect.

On that day when it finally ended, Ronke came into work with puffed eyes and running make up. I knew what must have happened, so I quickly sent Seun a text saying how much I love him and couldn’t wait to see him that evening. Later, I sent him another text, one of a part of me I knew he loved to stroke. I ignored Ronke for most of the day, pretending like I couldn’t see the signs that she was upset, but finally after lunch she came to my desk.

‘I think he is cheating on me.’ She said sniffing, fighting back another bout of tears.

‘Seun? Come off it Ronke, he loves you.’

She went on to tell me how he had been acting strange, hardly kissed her anymore and their sex life was non-existent. I tried to console her but all the while I was thinking of Seun and what I’ll do to him that night.

I couldn’t wait for work to finish that day, but it seemed as if mother earth was conspiring against me. As not only did time move really slowly, but then an emergency came up and I had to work late. When I finally walked into my flat late that night, Seun was sitting on the sofa. He was wearing… nothing, just a big smile on his face. I ran to him, my tall majestic Eyo, and soon we were at it like it was our first time.

We were completely lost in each other when suddenly we heard her scream.

‘HOW, SEUN, HOW?’ Ronke was standing at my door. I must have forgotten to lock it in my need to be with my Eyo. You could tell from how wide her eyes were open that she was having a battle with them and her brain, trying to comprehend what she was seeing.

‘Let me, Let me explain.’ Seun was up now struggling to put on my jeans, which was clearly too small for him.


She ran out then, him chasing her topless. I was left there lying on my sofa naked, wondering if I should go after them. But something told me not, not to worry; Seun would come back to me. So what; if we were both men? He told me he loves me, me and not her. So why would I worry? He would come back to me just like the beat of the drums move the Eyo masquerades, the beat of our love will bring My Eyo back to me.








64 thoughts on “My Eyo” by Mee (@dkny111)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Tueh! Gay things, eww. As much as I enjoyed the narration, that revelation kinda tainted the story.

    The story could do with an overall editing, mistakes here and there, apart from those, it’s well written.

    1. @daireenonline thanks for reading and the comment, I really struggled with writing this and editing it was even harder, but thanks for the comment will watch out for it

  2. Thought as much! Suspected the narrator was a man. ‘Ewww” things aside. this was good

    1. @wendeekay thanks for reading and the comment, I agree with you ooo even though I wrote it, EWWW

    1. Very interesting piece…thought as much that he was

  3. I agree with @daireenonline, that revelation spoilt it for me, not that the narrative was bad but the abruptness of the revelation. maybe if you had eased us into it…. I know you were trying for a twist in the story but………just saying
    then there were punctuation errors….
    well done

    1. @topazo thank you for reading and the comment. I always appreciate your comments. I don’t know with the way the story was structured if there was any other way I would revealed it. But maybe that’s what you mean, maybe I should have restructured it differently, but I kept dropping small hints about the narrators gender.

      I will watch out for the punctuation errors

      But thanks for the comment, I will learn from it

  4. @dkny111…brilliant piece…you have really got good with the suspense factor. Well done. Funny thing was I did not feel the obligatory “eww” emotion to the gay revelation at the end…just a ‘haahaa’ moment, because your description of the emotions of the xters was quite organic and heterosexually relevant. It was also nice to note the absence of an omniscient prejudice in the piece…you just let us readers find our emotions…good job.

    1. @ayomitans dude what’s up. Thanks for reading and the comment. The eww isn’t meant to be obligatory, actually the reason why I wrote it was I wanted to see how NS readers will react to a homosexual story.

      Thanks again ooo

  5. Well written, @dkny111. I involuntarily cheated, so I knew the “ewwish” disgusting revelation from the start. There was one place where you used “relation” instead of “relationship”. I don’t mind the suddenness of the revelation. How else would you have eased us into the knowing that Ronke was losing her man to another man. I think that’s the worst thing a man can do to his woman. Ronke, please run far and don’t look back. Eeewwww! Disgusting!

    1. @febidel I dey vex for you ooo, checking out the revelation lol. Anyway thank’s for reading and the feedback. Yes ooo I don’t know how else I could have revealed he was a guy, but all comments are valid, so I’m taking it all onboard

      I think this story is one that will only have an impact on Africans for non-africans maybe not so much as being gay/lesbian is getting widely accepted.

      Thank you for pointing out the error and thanks again for the comment

      1. @dkny111, let gay/lesbian lifestyles be gaining “wide acceptance” in other worlds, but I seriously pray that the madness will not touch us. Of course, I know that there are homosexuals in our society, but I am glad that it is still an “ewwish” stuff. By the way, you should be flogged for tainting our imagination with the disgusting imagery. You should have given us a warning, sort of like: “the paragraph below contains some scenes that you may find unpalatable…” Anywayz, that’s an aside.

        1. @febidel I pray so too ooo. I have just been reading a lot of African short stories that touch on the subject, so just thought i’ll see what NS readers think

          Yes it is slowly creeping into our society but I’m glad majority of people still feel eww about it. Thank God for that oooo.

          lol about the note and being flogged, when I wrote the sex part, I just knew people will get annoyed or at least feel disgusted when they find out he is dude, I wouldn’t lie it bugged me a lot and I considered taking it out a few times

          Don’t worry just for you, I’ll write the note next time

  6. I never saw the gay thing coming o. Nice piece.

    1. @paishat thanks for reading and the comment, that was the plan ooo and I’m glad you didn’t see it coming :)

  7. Men. I did not see that coming. I really didn’t. for me, I liked the abruptness of the revelation. Poor Ronke.

    1. @Olan thanks for reading and the comment. I’m happy you didn’t see it coming that was the plan ooo :)

  8. Hmmm…Gay things huh? Lol. Nice although i think this could do with as little more work. I kinda got lost between the lines. It was a bit confusing. That’s just me saying…

    All in all,you still are a great writer.

    1. @Mimiadebayo, yes ooo Gay things, I think as a writer sometimes you should tackle topics you might not be comfortable with or even agree with.

      How is it confusing abeg expand ooo so I can explain.

      But Thanks for reading and the comment you know I always appreciate it

  9. I think this is even more unacceptable than finding out the affair is with a girl. Interesting. Like you said, edit. Well done, Mee. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte thank you very much for reading and the comment. For a woman it must be the worse situation to be in

  10. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    very nice story ditto everybody.

    1. @basittjamiu thanks for reading and comment, I’m always grateful

  11. I knew it was gay things when the MC helped the dude stand up but had to see how the story pans out. The ending wasn’t really a revelation to me but the writing itself is riveting. You’re defintely write better with the first person POV. I have your works under my radar…

    1. @francis thank you very much for reading and the comment. I’m glad you picked up on one of the subtle hints I dropped about the narrator’s gender.

      Please do keep my work under your radar, I need all the help and comments to improve as a writer.

      Thanks again

  12. Not bad. But. This had your voice written all over it, i.e, The narrative voice was too you, female, which would have been perfect if Ronke was telling the story. You would have pulled this off better if you had sounded neutral- neither male nor female, since you wanted the suspense.
    Or since it is a story by Damola, a male, gay, marafacker. The story, should have sounded like a male dude and not like some teenage girl.

    1. @kaycee, a “Not bad” from you, nah wah ooo, I almost feel like I have won an award :)

      Thank you so much for reading and the comment, will take it all on board, however, I’m not female ooo. I’m a rugged, woman loving male, lol

      However I see your point, maybe I made it sound to feminine, considering the main character was male.

      Again thank you for reading and the comment, I’m very grateful.

      1. @dkny111, someone thinks you’re female! Wow! That’s the spice of my morning. I am practically rotflol. Maybe some other person will soon think that you’re gay. Lol. That’s why you quickly had to defend yourself by adding “woman loving” to your qualifications.

        1. @febidel yes oooo I am a WOMAN LOVING MALE OOOOOO (just in case no one saw it the first time) lol

          This is the second time someone as thought I’m a woman, abeg do I write like a woman, I’m getting really scared oooo

          1. You write like a writer, jare. Woman loving eh, not women loving. Was that deliberate?

            1. @febidel yes oo it is, woman loving not women loving. Is that a bad thing?

  13. Nice story…. enjoyed all through. Other things points by other NSians TNA (Take Necessary Action)

    1. @elovepoetry thanks for reading and the comment. I will take all points on board

  14. Wooooooooowwwww……. I like it!!!

  15. @inkheart Thanks a lot for reading and the comment. Glad you really liked it

  16. Hmmmh…don’t know what to say. *scratches head*. Here is the thing though. The story is great. The end? A sucker punch. A gay person telling a story especially if the gay ‘man’ is the ‘woman’ in the relationship, then it is ok to sound like a ‘teenage girl’. As a matter of fact you pulled it off nicely(the way Demola sounded). Big ups!

    1. @ibagere thanks for reading and the comment. One of the reasons I wrote this was to get NS readers thoughts of homosexual relationships so I can understand why you are struggling on what to say :)

      Glad you thought I pulled of the gay character’s voice though. Again thanks for the comment

  17. It was nicely written, but the punch didn’t really punch me. I really think you should have given more shock value with the revelation of him being in love with another man, but I like the economy of your style. You should think about developing this into a short series.

    1. @hotchocolate thanks for reading and the comment. I have been thinking of writing a short series, so maybe I will. Thanks

  18. Eewww!

    Nicely written…smart play on your reader’s minds. Just pray they are able to forgive you for tainting their imagination with that unexpected passion of sodomy.

    hotchocolate says the punch didn’t get her….well it got me…and it got me downright disgusted. Well thank goodness the MC was not an admirable character right from the start.

    I’m not a stickler for gay-theme lit. but you did shock us here.

    And please….this can’t be Chick-Lit oh!

    1. @Afronuts thanks for reading and the comment.

      lol I hope they forgive me oooo, it’s only in the name of writing ooo, I knew that part will bug people when they find out the narrator is a dude.

      Nah Chick-Lit now, doesn’t it have love and chicks in it lol

      Thanks again for the comment

  19. Well different 4rm wat i wuld have tot doh,but very intresting read.Gay,hmm……..

    1. @jade69 thanks for reading and the comment. I know this is completely different from what I normally write and a very tricky subject. Just wanted to try something new

  20. You wrote this well – it shows growth somewhat. Good stuff.

    The ending – the revelation didn’t quite have the punch it could have; or should have had.

    I feel it should have hit me like a slap. Instead, it came like a sloppy kiss.

    My opinion.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya thank you for reading and the comment. Really appreciate your comments. Glad you think i’m growing, not sure how to take the “somewhat” part of the comment though.

      So you prefer slaps to kisses lol, now I know, i’ll aim for a slap next time.

      But seriously thanks for the comment

  21. bro, u had me clean! Great twist. i enjoyed it so much that i reread the story to enjoy it in the new light; i couldnt get past the bedroom scene Man, did you have to add that ‘in, out, in, out’ part? Funny how a psych sex change can change a section in a story from ‘one of my best’ to ‘EWWWWW!!!!’
    LMAO…nice, man. good work

    1. @nitram27 thank you for reading and the comment. Glad you liked it so much that you had to re-read it. Men that part of the story bugs me to ooo, from being something so nice and special it turns into something yucky.

      Thanks again for the comment oo :)

  22. Man, its a long time since i was enjoying something and gotbitchslapped! This is the stuff from which great works are made! Let no one tell you different, its pure genius, admitted, the lil homophobe in me barred its teeth somewhat but great writing won! Like Palpatine said to young Anakin Skywalker, i will be watching your progress with great interest! Take a bow!

    1. @Lulu thanks for reading and the comment, glad you really enjoyed it and that you felt the impact I was going for. Abeg watch my progress ooo. Thanks

  23. I will give you both barrels: Schiess!!! Teufel!!! Mein Gott!!!!
    I don’t really favor this kind of stuff ooooo. If it’s the shock effect you want to create , well you have it here with me, in german. I’m not a big fan of the maricon stuff, Kai!
    It was well written but I read with too open a mind, I will be more discerning and discriminating next time. Affernasch!!
    You added color to my comments today. I hope I won’t have to be this way again.(my choice)

  24. @LEROY thanks a lot of reading and the comment. I had to google translate to get what you meant lol.

    I don’t like stories like this either, and like I have said before I really struggled to write it but as a writer I think it’s good to push yourself, so don’t worry you wouldn’t get gay stories from me anymore ooo.

    Actually I can’t promise that lol

    1. I am happy you took my comment in good faith. I almost thought I overdid it. Looking forward to reading more stuff from you.

  25. Well done, works for me.
    I suspected he was gay by the 3rd paragraph so the end didn’t really hit me as you may have wanted.
    Also, in the 1st paragraph, I think you meant ripped, not ribbed.
    Keep writing, you’re doing an excellent job.

    1. @brizio thanks for reading and the comment, and thanks for pointing out the error.

  26. Ewwwww a man, disgusting, thought it was a girl narrating he story turns out to be a man

    1. @yinkus101 lol that is the point of the story ooo. Thanks for reading and commenting

  27. Sorry this is coming late, @dkny111. Busy period for me.

    I liked the story, especially the tension you created with the MC feeling guilty about cheating with Ronke’s boyfriend.

    The second paragraph and the first part of the third were confusing to me. I get that the second paragraph was talking about how the MC met Ronke, but it was very confusing. Why didn’t you use Ronke’s name?

    The twist was a surprise, and on re-reading, I couldn’t really fault it.

    Well done.

    1. @TolaO thanks a lot for reading and the comment, was wondering where you had gone. I didn’t use her name because I wanted it to be a bit confusing, wanted the reader to be kept in suspense and when they finally get to the revelation at the end it should all hopefully tie in together.

      I just felt the subject matter needed other elements of diversion in the story to carry it through to the end.

      Glad it all made sense after you re-read it

  28. @dkny111, really captivating………..

    1. @innoalifa thanks a lot for reading glad you liked it

      1. @dkny111, it was just characteristic of a story………….welcome!

  29. I did NOT see that coming! Talk about being blindsided! Nicely done.

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