Grace for the Race

In the quietness of Your face,
While life’s journey seems like a maze,
I see the boundless span of Your grace,
As I look upward daily in a gaze.

You have called me into this race,
Therefore, I will run it without being laze,
Even though I know, yet, You set the pace,
So, I would love to give the world a daze.

Unto you daily, I present my case,
That with their cases I will not be fazed,
My loin girdle I fastened like a lace,
So that my many scuff, may be mere graze.


14 thoughts on “Grace for the Race” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. VABI. I don’t think I have seen a godly poem that I didn’t like, even if it’s not so good.
    God is perfect, though we are not, we gotta make things for him as near-perfect as we can.
    I don’t really like the rhymes, they seem forced. Maybe it’s just me.
    Well done Ibiso. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte my thoughts exactly…

    2. @sibbylwhyte, you are very right, God is perfect no matter our imperfection.
      I will see to it to make my little artistry of His goodness and generosity to me (and you, my friends) as near perfect as much as possible.
      Thank you so much!

  2. Well, nice poem. The rhymes sound good to me, and though they seem kinda forced, you tried to put them on. Nice one.

    1. Many thanks @elovepoetry. guess the spirit (attitude) is to male it more fluidy next time.

  3. The Central Idea stood out well despite the appalling rhyme scheme. Take Trying Points.

    1. Hey @Hymar, is it that bad? appalling sounds like I should never dot an ink on the scroll again.
      Thank God a central idea is obvious even to ya, thanks for reading, and do come again (and I should say with some lollypop, lol).

  4. Nice message. The rhymes were forced. I think you could have written this better if you weren’t going for rhyming. Poetry is more than the rhymes…the flow, the depth, etc matters too. You can employ metaphors to convey your message, paint a vivid image….

    1. @topazo, thanks for reading, and for the suggestion.
      I can only promise to do better next time, and I sure will.

  5. I would normally be the first to fault the rhyme scheme but, in this case, I like the innocent, childlike quality of it. And that to me mirrors the perfection of God, and why Jesus admonished the Pharisees to be like little children. For in a way, we, in our earthly form, can only be perfect by intention and not by deeds.

    This is nice. But there is nothing that cannot be improved. Even rhymes can. lol

    Well done, friend.

  6. my oga, @chemokopi, what can I say than to embrace this your ‘fatherly’ magnanimity! I am highly honoured and truly impressed with the dimension you brought into this. After-all, He’s the real Scribe, and I am just a vessel. His message, in all and at all times is perfect. Mine representation, of course can only be improved upon.
    Thank you, you have taught me a new lesson from this very message of Grace.

  7. @babalolaibisola, what an amazing rendition. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!
    Simply God’s grace.

    1. @expo, many thanks. It is such an amazing grace indeed!
      Thanks for reading.

  8. Chai! This is interesting!!

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