Fervid Love for a Daughter

Your feelings and wishes fill my thoughts.
I don’t strive to be Mr Right of every woman but you;
I want to be Mr Nice Guy imbued with impeccable virtues and integrity,
Mr Fixit for my family and nation
And venturing into politics as Mr. Clean.
I never want to be your Mr. Charlie.
You’re my Nigerian woman,
Chocolate, gorgeous and irrepressibly loving.
I thought I had really lucked out when I met you
But no such luck with a fleeting sense of affection.
Only my choice drives me on under a blue sky scudding fleecy clouds as no blankets
But our bodies swaddle each other to keep warm in this wet winter of love.
Oh your loveliness gives life to my breath
And my smacking lips savour the taste of it!
What offence or misstep could mistreat me out of this?
There’s a pungent sporadic feeling flogging my mind
And sending shudders up my spine
Over my sudden concern and your temporal indifference.
With temperamental tenacity I make bold to say:
My love for you never dies.
You’re always in my heart.
This is my fervour for you and I’ll give my heart to you.