Expressed Emotions

Time danced by,
Sounds swirled past,
Unrhytmic. Tuneless.
Dawn met me,
And pranced off to play.
Dusk found me,
and sauntered to sleep.
They returned to find me here.

Covered in the dew of the morning,
And the rays of the afternoon sun,
And the tears of the twilight.

But it is worth it.
Staying. Rooted here. Unmoving.
As seconds tick by,
And become an ocean of hours.
About this. About you. About us
For delicacies made in haste.
Are not worth the taste.
Ask the wine makers,
Or the cheese curdlers.

If these emotions,
Bouncing within the walls of my heart,
Were distilled to words,
What would be the best way to express them?
In songs of perfected lyrics?
Or would words from my own heart do?
Though imperfect, but sincere.
Though inarticulate, but true.
Would they open the petals of your heart.
That I may revel in the warmness, only it offers.

Should I ask the sun?
Who has seen you,
Fair you.
Grow from a flowering child,
Into this charming youth,
that captures my heart.
Or yet still,
I could ask the sheets.
That have clung to you.
Through nights of pain and joy.
They have felt your tears.
Warm and wet.
And the tremors laughter, courses through your body.
Who could know you better than they?

Streaks of sunlight finds me here.
At sunrise and sunset.
The skies birth sun, stars and moon.
The earth; butterflies, fireflies and cricket sounds.
And they still find me here

10 thoughts on “Expressed Emotions” by Olan (@Olan)

  1. For delicacies made in haste are not worth the taste…my best lines

  2. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Hmmm, emotions abi… I shan’t regret.

  3. @olan your head is there…*smuuuut* Beautifully crafted and handsomely arranged!

  4. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Gracefully crafted … Nice.

  5. Well…. done.

  6. Thumbs up, Olan

  7. Very lovely poem. The lines are refreshing to read.
    Well done, Olan. $ß.

  8. Huh? You never tell me say you be poet too o!
    This one too good o!
    “Petal flowers in the ink of life. through a craftfull hands, shaping the mighty words.”
    You too good Jare!
    weldone @olan

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