The Ficterview of Chantel Cums.

BEFORE YOU READ: Alright, this one is crazy. Have you heard of the word ficterview? Well, maybe we made that up (Webster has no idea and Google has never seen that word!) So this is what happens: The interviewee is a fictional character played by a Bukuvillaian and interviewed by yet another Bukuvillaian. In this ficterview, we take you into the mind and life of a sex worker. Enjoy.


Queen Inn ficterviews licensed sex-operator – Chantel Cums

Q: Hello, there! You’ve probably wondered what a prostitute’s life is like. Today, you’re going to have to cross that out from your wonder-list, as we share this ficterview with a prostitute. Enjoy!

Can you introduce yourself, please?

CC: I go by the name Chantel Cums for business.

Q: Figures. Is it in any way, a sobriquet for your real name?

CC: And so you don’t get your viewers cum-fused, I am an escort these days. The label of prostitute is one I have long outgrown…
Definitely not. In this job one needs a name that would stick in a customer’s head. What better name to pick than Chantel Cums? Everyone comes to Cums.

Q: Okay, so you prefer to be called an escort. Or is the term “sex worker” appropriate?

CC: Okay, I need to break it down for you. You see, an escort is in a class far above every prostitute you see on the road. Escorts are the handbags that rich men such as politicians take to occasions when their wives are not coming along. The pay is one that would make you come in your pants, since we don’t want that, I’ll keep it to myself. And we have an agency that takes care of the placements, complete with legal aid and such. They were the ones who arranged this interview. See? Escorting is in a class of its own.

Q: I see. How long have you been in the sex industry?

CC: Well, I just celebrated my tenth year anniversary in the industry on Friday the 13th, last week.

Q: Ten? You look to be in your twenties. How old were you when you started?

CC: I take that as a compliment on my looks. They don’t come easy you know? There’s that thing about ladies and age, so, no can do for this aging question, lady.
Well, judging by the recent brouhaha about ‘child not bride’ issue, I was underage when I started.

Q: (Smiles) I should know that. Tell me, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done since you started working in the sex industry?

CC: Shuo! If I tell you all the craze things wey ah don do for this bizness, na chain una go use and na for psychia na im una go gimme seat. (laughs). But I’ll just give one mild one. It happened while I was still working the streets.
There was this customer that always demanded for blowjobs and those pay less. Guess he did not want to really cheat on the missus or she was one of those who couldn’t blow or he was plain stingy. Well, he came and I had just eaten the most peppery sauce ever. I pretended to have brushed my teeth, blew him and he turned beet-red down there – he was a fair man. Suffice it to say he didn’t come again.

Q: Hehe…that was one hot experience, wasn’t it?

CC: It was. For him. I have also had to dress up like a man so I could escort a woman to an event. No, we didn’t have sex.

Q: So, I know you must get a lot of strange requests. What are some of the strangest you’ve had in your ten years of work?

CC: One sticks out because I made a lot of money from it and never got served. The man always wanted me to stick objects up his ass – bottles, dildos, cucumbers, name it. And he always came. Guess he was a closet gay and didn’t know that was what his fetish meant.

Q: Oh well, maybe you should have told him? But then you’d have lost out on a big customer. Say, have you ever been molested while working?

CC: One time a guy paid for himself, and then his friend forced himself on me. They were already high, didn’t want them hurting me more than their cocaine-stiffened dicks had already done. But after that incident, I started going with a knife, twelve-inch nails and pepper spray. Learnt some defence tactics too.

Q: Sounds like a dangerous job. Do you love it?

CC: Of course I do. Wouldn’t be ten years old if I didn’t. Would have walked away from it a long time ago, considering the money I have made. It’s not about the sex, really. It’s about knowing people in their most unguarded moments…it’s almost spiritual for me these days.

Q: Really? That’s a fresh perspective to it. When did you realize that you wanted to be a prostitute?

CC: When I realized that I was a nymphomaniac. Anyway, I got tired of the dicks, and came across a really good doctor who happened to be my client at one point…he helped me with this ‘problem’. I get the itch once in a while though.

Q: That’s rather interesting. How did he help you?

CC: He referred me to a centre in the US.

Q: I’m curious to know how they helped you. I hear nymphomania isn’t curable.

CC: Would have said they fucked my brains off, but it was more of miracle meets medicine thing. Like I said, I still get the itch once in a while, but I have a client to soothe the itch.

Q: Miss, Chantel, Many sex workers are addicted to hard drugs. Are you? Or do you take them at all?

CC: Oh my! Why do I need those? Being a nymphomaniac was addictive enough. Since I don’t really have sex indiscriminately anymore, I indulge in cooking with weed once every month.

Q: Okay, have you ever had to take part in a threesome? As some men like to do with escorts?

CC: Yes, I have. Some suck, some rock. One is quite memorable. They were identical twins and they wanted to have sex with the same girl. Those guys knew how to treat a lady and make her cum nicely. Oh, yes they did!

Q: How about threesomes with another lady? Ever had one of those?

CC: Yes. Variety is the spice of life. I can’t keep hitting bone always! I am a very adventerous person, so I experiment especially if it brings in good money. I draw a thick unwavering line at some things though.

Q: Speaking about drawing lines, what would make you say no to a potential client?

CC: Someone my intuition kicks against, and dirtiness.

Q: Oh. Seems you make good money then. To be so choosy. How much do you make?

CC: (laughs) shey you want make kidnappers come kidnap my toto?

Q: (Smiles) not at all. I’m sure your highbrow clients won’t let you stay kidnapped though. Tell me about plastic surgery. Do you think one would enhance your profession?

CC: Although it would, who doesn’t want to keep looking young? I have a morbid fear of plastic surgery. I have seen lots of plastic surgeries that went south. So, no, I won’t go under the knife.

Q: Ok. Have you ever had run-ins with the police?

CC: No. The one who tried it, got suspended. I was servicing his Oga at the Top at the time.

Q: Okay. About the escort services, have you ever fallen in love with a client?

CC: I have, and I am married to him. Shocked you didn’t I?
I’m afraid my time is up here. A special client is calling.
But one more question wouldn’t hurt.

Q: It’s alright then. Maybe next time, I would ask more questions. I feel we just scraped the icing. My last question now would be this: what do your family and friends think about your job, that’s if they know about it?

CC: Well, they do. They found out about my condition – nymphomania in time, so I guess they got used to the fact that I have sex ’24/7′ (laughs).
Someone showed me love despite the path I treaded – taught me that I could be given something more than sex. Taught me there was more to living than sex too, and I owe everything to him. I sought treatment because of my husband, Angelo. He is the best man in the universe, and loves me as I am – Flaws and all.

Q: Wow. You live quite an interesting life, Miss Cums.
It’s been really interesting to learn about your life.
So, there’s to all of you that have been wondering. Miss Chantel Cums tells us what it’s actually like. Looking to join? Here’s one sex worker’s story.

Buku TV.

Bubbllinna (Chantel Cums)
QueenNobo (Queen Inn)

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