Betrayals and Funerals – 13

This time she was dressed in a white mini skirt that rode up her thighs when she moved, her torso was clad in a blue tube shirt that stopped just above her flat stomach.
Christ! Did people still dress that way these days? I wondered. She practically oozed sex appeal, and while that might please my stubborn little man (down there); it disgusted me somewhat.
Before I could look away from her; she spotted me and her face immediately lit up with…what? A smile? A leer? I couldn’t tell. But whatever it was; I knew it wasn’t good.
“Honey?” Kemi’s voice snapped me back to reality. “Are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. Or is the food not good? Too much chili?”
I wanted to hug her. My darling wife bothering about chili when our marriage was on the rocks. But how could she know that?
I forced a smile, while watching Ruby from the corner of my eye.
“It’s fine sweetie…” Ruby was advancing rapidly towards us. “Um…I need to take a leak.”
I was frantic now and made to rise hastily. I don’t know how she did it but Ruby managed to cover the distance between us with two strides and collided with me as I rose.
She crashed into me and instinctively I put out my hands to hold her.
“Oh my…this is…I’m so…” She said, ruffled.
“Are you okay?” Kemi asked from somewhere behind Ruby.
I knew this was a trick. She’d planned this.
I pushed her away from me not-too-gently.
“Baby!” My wife called sharply.
I knew she’d seen the push.
“So sorry, dear. My husband can be a bit clumsy sometimes.” She apologised, standing.
And then Ruby looked up; our gazes locked for a few seconds.
“Oh…Mo?” She gasped. “I didn’t know it was you.”
Oh my God. She was play-acting. I thought. Pretending she hadn’t bumped into me on purpose.
“You…you know my husband?”
“Um…honey…she…we…”I began, trying to salvage the situation.
“We work together, kind of.” Ruby interjected with a benign smile.
God, she’s good. I thought.
“Really?” Kemi glanced at me. “As…uh…what? Secretary? Or…”
“Oh honey…I’m much too hot to be secretary-ing. Look at this body.”
Big mistake. She just honey-ed Kemi. I noticed my wife narrow her eyes. She’d just made up her mind not to like Ruby.
“She’s my client, honey.” I said sharply, throwing Ruby a silencing look.
“Well, why don’t we all sit down and have a chat. We were right in the middle of dinner, after all.” Kemi’s voice dripped ice.
She tossed me a look which I could only interpret as the “you-didn’t-tell-me-you-had-a-hot-insane-client” look.
“You sure, honey?” Ruby asked sweetly, already sitting down.
I wanted to strangle her.
“So, your client, huh? Like, you take pictures of her, right?” Kemi probed.
The question was directed at me.
“Yes. We have a contract.” I replied.
“We work together… A LOT.” Ruby volunteered.
Even a deaf person could hear the emphasis. I was getting nervous by the second.
“Interesting.” Kemi’s tone was weird. “Forgive my manners. I’m Kemi Pepple, Mo’s wife. And you’re?”
“Ruby Marshall. I’m a model. Gotta do something with this body, y’know.”
“Yes indeed. After all, the body should serve some purpose right? Beauty pays when there aren’t brains to go, innit?”
I laughed. Seriously, a laugh escaped from my mouth and I wanted to say ‘way to go, babes.’
However, I dared not. Ruby was dangerous, that I knew. I didn’t want Kemi to push her into…well…exposing me.
“At least Mo has a good time taking pictures of it.” Ruby shot back.
Now, that wasn’t so funny. It was downright…revealing and…true.
When had this clash of the titans started?
“We had lunch today. Did you tell her, Mo?” Ruby continued.
Without blinking Kemi said: “Actually, he did. I couldn’t make it and he said he had business to discuss with a client. Thank you, honey…for keeping my husband company.”
She had lied.
Ruby glanced at me, obviously thrown off balance. Then she gathered herself and stood.
“I should leave now. Enjoy your dinner.” With that she sashayed away.
The air was tense after she left. I wasn’t sure what to say.
Kemi just focused on her food, chewing soundlessly.
“Baby I…”
She held a hand up to stop me. “Don’t.” She said. “Don’t say a word.”
I obeyed. But I dreaded what was coming next.
I had handled this situation stupidly and I knew I just might have to pay the price.



The drive home was quiet and tensed. I didn’t know why, but I was pissed. Pissed at my husband and that…woman.
Shameless thing. Throwing herself at Mo and flaunting her…well…her hot body. She suddenly made me feel inadequate.
I’d never had a problem with my looks before, heck…Mo had always told me I had a great body and I’d never doubted that.
Until now.
That woman was damn sexy. I had to admit.
Look at those boobs; hanging out like they had no home, pushing them into my husband’s face subtly…
And that skirt. How did she manage to sit without showing off her…privates? I wondered.
She knew she was a walking time bomb and she was proud of it; probably paid her way through college with those boobs.
I fumed within me. I wasn’t ready to talk about it with Mo. Not yet.
During the first years of our marriage; Mo shared everything with me. He would return from work and tell me all about his clients, especially the ladies. It was the kinda thing we would laugh about.
He loved what he did and I thought it was fun too.
Back then, he wouldn’t have hesitated to tell me about clients like Ruby. In fact, because of her body…she’d be the first thing Mo would tell me about.
“ …Oh honey I had this client with a great body, beautiful skin. Divine quality for camera, I must say.”
He would’ve said.
We would have laughed about it and he’d have shown me some of the pictures taken.
But he hadn’t this time and I wondered why.

The car rolled to a stop and I realised we were home.
“Kemi, please talk to me.” He pleaded, when he had parked us in the garage.
I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak.
“I’m sorry.” He said meekly.
“You’re sorry?! You’re sorry?!…Oh my God! That’s all you’ve gotta say, right?” I exploded. “Know what? I don’t wanna talk about this right now. Just leave me alone, okay?”
I made to exit the car; then stopped and turned to him.
“On a second thought, I wanna hear all about her.” I challenged him. “Tell me all about Ruby Marshall.”

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  1. I think this is my best part in the series. I love me the subtle fights with layered words. Oh yeah!
    Now as for you, Mo; you is in some deep shit, you better spill your dirty little secrets or sink in the mire. Tscheew!
    I totally get Kemi on being pissed that he hid the Ruby-bomb from her.
    Men, I’ma wait for his xplanations, and don’t you dare draw that out Mimi.
    Well done. $ß.

  2. Lol.You know me well @sibbylwhyte Trust me not to give it to you straight.
    Am really glad you enjoyed this part.Wasn’t exactly sure how to handle their meeting @ first.
    Thank you for reading!

    1. Mimi, mimi, mimi, Aswerigad, if you do that your turn-turn, me and you go quarell. Frankly, I was getting bored, this brought it back for me, and now you want to spoil show. You no wicked reach like dat na. Hian! Lol.

    2. Dear dear Sibbyl, did you just speak in tongues? (just kidding ) Er…things don’t always go as planned na.
      Let’s see what happens, although the next installment is already scheduled.
      U be my oga for here oo. How we wan take quarrel?

  3. Hehehe, Round one-Kemi.

    She didn’t know it of course but she practically owned that Ruby at the table.

    Well, as for Mo, I wouldn’t give anything to be in his shoes, though something tells me he is gonna get off lightly.

    A wife that can lie for her, err…suspected-of-cheating husband to such a lookeroo musta got great, great love for him.

    Bring on the next part, dear, dear Mimi, make we see how Mo chop some Koboko.

    * In Mo’s Voice* Way to go.


  4. This koboko una dey find… hian. @Hymar
    Yes oo. Kemi made me proud. And does she really suspect him of cheating?
    Find out in our next installment. Ta da da. *mimicks Warner Bros intro *

    Thanks for stopping by,dear dear Hymar.

  5. This one no be Ruby Marshall, na Jezebel Assunder. Woteva God has joint 2geda, let no “Ruby” put assunder!
    *thumbs up*

  6. Hehehehe @praize your comment made me laugh. Thanks for reading dear.

  7. Hmm, a great great story, why am i not surprised? You are the mistress of story telling #smiling# great work dear.

  8. @segunEgbeyinka Lol.Thank you kind sir,for the compliment.And much thanks for reading.

  9. I particularly enjoyed this part of the story.
    Good job, Mimi.

  10. I liked the vivid descriptions (of Ruby) by Mo. I could only hear Mo’s voice there, welldone.
    Perfect dialogue too.

    Great work @Mimiadebayo.

  11. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Madam, use paragraphs na! This thing is too jumbled. No be legal memo we dey read ke.

    That said, well done. The dialogues though cool seem too mundane, try making it artsy. I like that the two women went short of trading fists, how I wish… *checks self*

    O daabo.

  12. Two word: ruby Slut

  13. Mo needs to get his act together else he is going to loose everything…..start thinking withe ur head not your winkie

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal jousts and Sabre rattling between the ladies. Kemi really marked out her territory and staked her claim, she vex, no carry second. ”As Ruby no dey afraid to bite her nose when catarrh dey , Kemi self no come fear to bite her yansh where s#?% dey’
    ‘Just like @Sibbylwhyte said/wrote this is the best installment so far- I concur!
    Salute hey!!

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      I promise.
      Not sure it will be as good as this episode you have here. Welldone again.
      Thanks for checking in.

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  19. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. @LEROY

  20. I agree with @sibbylwhyte, this for me is the best episode so far.
    I’m waiting to see what Mo will say to kemi. If I may advice you, don’t let off the steam by trying to draw things ou

    1. Just keep this pace…then like @daireenonline said, paragraphing

      Well done

  21. Thanks @topazo. Will do. I so appreciate your input.

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    Ok. Let’s hear the explanation.

  23. Lol.Thanks @Estee for reading and commenting.

  24. @Mimiadebayo I don’t know if it’s possible to drip ice oooo

    I don’t get why she is angry, her husband takes pictures of women, was she expecting them all to be ugly, abi is she the only woman on his books.

    I read somewhere how giving the right names to your characters is really important to a story, and I think with Ruby Marshall you got it spot on and I can see what they mean. Ruby Marshall sounds like the name of a model and a flirt compared to Kemi :)

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  26. Well, written, but I’m afraid that this felt like a filler installment, @mimiadebayo. What was the point of Ruby visiting the restaurant?

    Hopefully, I’ll get to learn more about Ms Marshall in the next installment.

  27. A filler installment? Now why would you think that sir? Lol.
    @TolaO thanks for staying on with the series.

    Hopefully you’ll get insight into Ruby as you progress.

    1. @mimiadebayo, what I meant was that nothing really happened in this installment, except for Kemi now knowing of Ruby. You could have achieved this without needing to have Ruby walk into a restaurant (especially when it wasn’t clear why she did so).

  28. You not go kill person with your suspense, Young woman.
    Anyways, this made me laugh “Look at those boobs; hanging out like they had no home, pushing them into my husband’s face subtly…”

  29. writing intelligence working here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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