Betrayals and Funerals – 12

As we sat across the table; I felt the mounting tension. This woman had some kind of hold over me…I found myself wanting to flee as far as possible from her and at the same time, I wanted to sit and stare at her all day and, perhaps dash across the table, defying all odds and doing crazy crazy things to her.
Yes, those were thoughts flying through my head as I felt her leg move toward my groin. I opened my mouth to speak, to refuse her with the last of strength in me…
Then my phone rang.
The moment was instantly lost. The shrill sound of the phone sliced through the sexual tension and diffused it instantly. It was like the scales had fallen from my eyes.
I snatched up my phone, at the same time trying so hard to ignore her leg pressing against mine.
“Baby. It’s me.”
Kemi. Thank God. In my haste I had forgotten to look at the caller ID.
“Sweetheart.” I was indeed grateful to see her call.
The wife. Ruby mouthed, making a face.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you earlier. What’s up?” She sounded breezy and sweet.
“Nothing much.” I said, pushing Ruby away. “I just kinda missed you.”
I pictured her smile over the phone. “How sweet. I miss you too. What time do you get back from work?”
“Cool. Why don’t we have dinner somewhere nice? Me and you. Then maybe a little…something, something for dessert…?”
“Baby…that sounds…really good.” And it did. Anything to take my mind off Ruby’s proposition.
“Great. See you by six?”
“Sure, hun.”
“Love you.”
“Love you, babe.”
My wife’s call had done a lot of good. Firstly, it had cleared my head a bit and I could appropriately refuse Ruby’s blatant invitation and also it had saved me a lot of trouble.
“Why did she have to call now?” Ruby asked, unabashed.
I took a deep breath and said: “Ruby, stop this insanity. Nothing is ever going to happen between us again.”
“Oh baby, you know you don’t mean that.”
“As a matter of fact, I do. I’m married, Ruby. This is wrong.”
“Oh my God.” She blinked at me. “Did you suddenly grow a conscience, Mo? Aren’t you the same man who…”
“Ruby!” My tone was sharp, and caught us both off-guard. “What happened that day was a huge mistake…one I don’t intend to make ever again. Got it?”
She leered at me. “I have needs, Mo. Don’t you see?”
“Then find someone single to take care of them.” I said shortly. “Now, I came here to discuss business, shall we?”
I could tell her disapproval from the look on her face, but she knew I meant business and there was nothing she could do about it, for now at least.
I watched her arrange herself in a dignifying manner and bestow me with her ‘serious’ look.
“So, what about business?” She asked finally.
I inhaled deeply and began to speak.


Dinner with Kemi was a refreshing experience. She’d actually gone shopping for a new dress which she showed off as soon as I got home.
“I decided to indulge myself. What do you think?” She whirled around for me.
It was a purple gown that hugged her body and managed to look both sexy and classy at the same time. It was a bit extravagant for her taste and she knew it, but it fitted her perfectly.
“I think…” I picked up my camera. “I need to take a picture of you in it. You look smashing.”
“I know it’s a bit…uh…too much for me, but I just felt I needed something different.”
“I think you look great.” As I spoke I took several shots of her.
“So, tell me…how was your day?” She asked.
I winced unconsciously as I thought about my day. It had gone pretty well for me since I’d managed to keep my hands off Ruby and also ascertain whether or not she knew anything about the blackmail.
The latter had been a little difficult. Even while I broke the news that our privity of contract had likely been breached, the expression on her face was unreadable. I couldn’t tell if it was dismay or triumph I saw in her eyes.
She had given me no clue whatsoever as to whether she knew about it. After chatting with her for ten more minutes, I knew all my attempts to draw information from her was futile. She was a pretty dumb broad.
What made me feel better about my day was the conversation I’d had with Pastor B. He had promised to meet me outside church to discuss my problems. I already felt a whole lot better about the situation.
“So, anything interesting happen at work today?” Kemi asked again.
If only you knew, I wanted to say.
“Not really, babe. Just the usual.”
“Well, I reconciled with Delia today.” She seemed pleased with herself.
“Yea. I went to her office and apologised. We’re cool now.”
“That’s good, hun.” I was glad they were friends again. They’d been tight pals for as long as I could remember and somehow their friendship had grown on me too.

Dinner that night was an exhilarating affair for us, something we hadn’t done in a while. I was glad that my day was going to end on a good note.
Sadly, that wasn’t to be; because thirty minutes into the dinner, someone made a stunning appearance.
As usual I sensed her before I saw her. It was like the hairs on the back of my neck stood as she entered. Suddenly I felt prickly.
Ruby Marshall. What a nightmare…

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  1. Trouble sleep, yanga come wake am. Mo, Mo, Mo, how many times will I tell you that YOU CAN’T SWALLOW A BONE AND SHIT A FISH.

  2. He is in big trouble.
    Welldone, madam of suspense.

  3. @Hymar. Lol. Very true.
    I wonder if Mo knows that.
    Thank you for dropping by,Mister Fistfighter.Hehehe

    1. @mimiadebayo, you still dey call me that abi? Oya bolekaja. come down make we fight na.

      *hey, where did she run to?*

    2. @Hymar Me, run? For why na? Am a lady, so I walk. Hehehe.
      *walks away confidently *

      1. *trips her up* oh my, did I do that? I am so sorry, I guess I should look where I am going.

        What? You mean to tell me you won’t accept my apology? Didn’t the Lord Jesus say ‘forgive and ye shall be forgiven?’

        *tryin not to laff*

        And don’t worry @Topazo, I will arrange an elaborate naming ceremony for her soon. Everybody go hear am

  4. @olajumoke Thank you ma’am
    Well done with Our Angels
    Although am pissed with Desola.

    1. No vex madam. I have to say it is starting to look as if Desola and Mo are related. Lol.
      But your Mo does seem like a better person.
      He has my support.
      Welldone @Mimiadebayo

  5. Tscheew! I rarely watch those latina films cos of their melodramatic inclinations, series tend to be like that. Lol.
    I like this part. Shey your church mind did not allow him to misbehave publicly so we can read ehn?
    Now, Mimi what kind of havoc are you about to unleash?
    Next please.

    Desola and Mo? You mean Rich and Mo, right? @olajumoke.

    Well done, Mimi. $ß.

    1. Oh no @sibbylwhyte, I meant Desola cos according to the majority comments on the post, she is the one with the loose morals.
      Sorry @Mimiadebayo for bringing this to your series. *running off now*

  6. Tscheew! They usually lay it at the girl’s feet. The men are so loose, they would need an elastic band to fix them up. @olajumoke. Lol. The maleinists would soon have me head.
    *leaves Mimi’s post Our Angel’s free*

  7. @Sibbylwhyte Dats some serious male chewing ooo:D.As always @Mimiadebayo u know how 2 twist a story n draw 1 in.Well done n am waiting 2 know wat sort of drama will unfold,poor Kemi.

  8. @sibbylwhyte Men are loose, women are loose, everybody is loose…except me of course

    @mimiadebayo and name calling…first Mr Randy, now Mr fistfighter…we will look for a name for u o…

    Nice installment…keep it up

  9. @topazo. Are you still looking for? She is Miss Betrayer na.
    As for the looseness* hehehe. Only you? Maybe we should call you Island?

  10. Hey ehn. U just dey put me on “is coming” na. Waiting 4 the next installment. Welldone Mimi. *thumbs up*

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    Hahaha @sibbylwhyte Men and elastic bands in the same picture crack me up.
    Me,I blame stupid Desola, whether men are loose or not, e no concern me. She should have more sense than that.

    As for me being named Miss Betrayer, e no match na. Don’t u see?
    @topazo Mr.Randy,and Mr Fistfighter sound just about right to me.
    Now, you have looked for my trouble, I will find name to give you…em…when I think of one,thou shalt hear from me!

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  13. I agree with you! @sibbylwhyte let’s name @topazo Mr.Island.
    Seriously, thanks you guys for taking time to read and comment. I do appreciate.
    P.S .Sibbyl those soap operas vex me too. I feel your pain dear.

    Check back soon, next installment should be out.

  14. Thanks so much Praize for reading and commenting. Keep your fingers crossed @praize Next installment on it’s way.

  15. lol @sibbylwhyte and mimiadebayo, una two dey look for trouble o

  16. Lol.
    Your comments got me engrossed more not to say it wasn’t a nice read, I just can’t wait to know this top secret.
    Well done, miss…..ehm?

  17. @jadesola Lol. Thanks for reading dear.

  18. @mimiadebayo, good twist to this. Looking forward to what happens next on this.
    @olajumoke with your comments here, I smell a rat: you are going to make a villian of Desola, Kai but why? After i don beg you tire, eooow!!! The girl never suffer reach?
    @sibbylwhyte, I went to Bukuvilla and i had fun, You go like controversy small sha!!! You can write on stuff that make one go uhn!!
    I be liking all of your stories/posts. Keep it up LADIES.

    1. @LEROY, wouldn’t it be wrong if I don’t care about my characters?
      I let @mimiadebayo win the discussion here because she be my Oga for NS. I usually fight the woman’s corner. But, I can’t really say much until we find out what Mo has done.
      Betrayals and Funerals is doing great. So on behalf of @mimiadebayo, thanks for following.

  19. Lol@LEROY Thanks for reading. Next installment on it’s way.
    Don’t mind Jumoke, she’s just turning that Desola girl to a mumu raised to power seven. Hehehe

  20. @olajumoke Ha! Issalie oo! I no be anybody oga for here oo. Mo has his own wahala na but at least name man e be. Desola is a lady who will always end up on the receiving end of things.
    Heartbreak to pregnancy.

    1. @Mimiadebayo, yeah, on point there. The woman is usually on the receiving end. The man can pull up his trousers and walk, lol.
      Thanks for the compliment.

  21. *na man e be *
    Thanks Jumoke for the kind words.
    You’re doing good with Our Angels. Kudos.

  22. Ruby single guys have finished in the world ni?
    What is she doing in his house?
    If you take Mo’s BP now he will be on the verge of a cardiac arrest.

  23. Hahahaha@Estee. Abi oo!
    Thanks ma’am for reading and commenting.

  24. @ Mimiadebayo reading as promised

  25. Good installment, @mimiadebayo. Not quite as dramatic as the previous couple episodes, but the end promises to move the story forward.

    I hope you can tie together all the strands that are growing from this story…

    Well done.

  26. What the hell is wrong with this Rubby chick?
    Anyways, Ruby apart… You Mi-My you better don’t disappoint me at the end of this whole story.. i warn you cos i have been siting my ass here all day finding it hard to get off my laptop.
    You captivate me joor.. #smiles#

  27. Just great…………..

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