Betrayals and Funerals – 11


After I left Pastor B’s office, I decided to take a drive around to clear my head. The counselling section hadn’t gone exactly as planned…we didn’t talk about Shirley or the questions I had, we’d only talked as old friends. It had done me a great deal of good and had taken my mind off my problems.
After driving around for a while; I found myself at Delia’s firm. She was a lawyer and was very good at it.
Almost everyone in her firm was familiar with me, because while Shirley had been alive and was at school; I’d spent most of my time hanging around Delia.
So, while making my way to her workspace…I stopped to exchange pleasantries with her colleagues.
“Is Delia in?” I asked one of her colleagues.
“I think she stepped out. She has to meet a client. You’ll find her in the parking lot if you’re fast enough.” Was the reply.
With that I rushed to the elevator so I could catch up with her. We needed to talk and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.
I saw her standing beside her car, trying to unlock it.
“Del!” I ran to catch up with her.
She turned and I flew into her arms in a deep hug.
“I’m sorry.” I panted as I released her.
She looked at me, bewildered. “What’s going on?”
“I’m sorry for what happened the other day at my house.” I said. “Del…I miss you. Let’s stop this cat and mouse game and be friends again.”
“Kems…” she hesitated. “I have to meet a client in less than thirty minutes, do we really need to do this now?”
Her reaction hurt me, but I guess I deserved it after the way I treated her in my house.
“Well, let me go with you. We can talk on the way.”
“What about your car?”
“I’ll pick it up later.” I was desperate to make peace.
“Look, Kems…this isn’t necessary. You were going through stuff and I was out of line. I understand.”
“Del…you’re my closest friend, but it seems like we’re drifting apart. I don’t want that to happen.”
She gave me a small smile and I caught a glimpse of my friend in her eyes.
“Please, let me go with you…” I pleaded. “Just like old times, you know. Like friends that we are.”
This time she laughed and gave me a hug. “Hop in girl. Let’s go.”
And I grinned. We were friends again thankfully.



I smelled her before I saw her. Yes, Ruby had that power. Her every step was sensual…an invitation to explore.
I looked up and saw her gliding towards me. She was dressed in a cream-coloured sinfully short gown that exposed a generous part of her cleavage, my eyes moved to her tummy; one so flat that it enhanced the curvy hips that followed closely. Her slim legs were clad in sexy black heels.
Even from where I sat, I felt the stirring in my loins. There was something about her that was irresistible.
I blinked and drew myself out of the trance. I was here for business not to get distracted…again. I had already gotten myself into enough trouble with this same woman.
“Hello handsome.” She leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek, giving me a generous view of her torso.
“Hello Ruby. You look good as usual.”
“Why, thank you.” She winked at me. “I try my best to look good for you.”
That was Ruby for you. She had way of dropping suggestive hints all over the place, that was how I’d gotten into trouble in the first place.
Thinking of the stuff that had happened between us always succeeded in giving me a hard-on; so I decided not to let my mind dwell on it.
“I thought I wouldn’t hear from you again, you know.” She continued, while the waiter served us. “After the way our last meeting ended…and of course, your phone call.”
While I listened to her, I busied myself with my lunch; I guess it’s easier to focus on food than fifty pound of breast flesh being tossed in your face.
“Look at me Mo.” She reached out with carefully manicured fingers and touched my face.
And then I had no choice but to face her.
“I…wish we could finish up what we started that day. I…dream about you, Mo. The things you did to me…and what could have happened if…”
“Stop it, Ruby.” I interrupted. She was bringing back memories I’d rather have buried. “I didn’t call you here to talk about this.”
She clutched her cup of decaf and stared at me. “Then why did you call me here?”
“It’s about our contract.”
She tossed her head back in a flippant manner; “What about it?”
“there’s a little problem?” How was I going to tell her that someone had somehow gotten hold of her nude pictures which I’d kept under lock and key in my office?
“Why don’t we discuss this…little problem in a…quieter place?” The look in her eyes was suggestive.
I flinched as I felt her leg make contact with mine under the table.
“I think you’d love what I got in mind. Something more…interesting than before…”
“Ruby, I…”
“Ssshhh…this time I promise, nothing would interrupt us.”
Her leg travelled upward…
“Mo darling…don’t deny it. I see it in your cute little eyes…I know you’re dying to be with me again…after last time…I think we owe it to ourselves.”
Her words rang in my ears…

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  1. Ha! Oh well. Let’s see how it all ends.
    Good going Mimi. Well done. $ß.

  2. @sibbylwhyte
    Your patience astounds me,SB. And for that, I’m very grateful.
    Thank you.*hugs*

  3. so he cheated on his wife, y is it guy dnt have common sense sometimes, anytyme the see boobs, small waist, great hip and a round ass, they always go coookoo, always lost of words.

    1. @yinkus101…lol. easy oh. u forgot to add killer legs and a fine face. we like those too…lol

  4. @yinkus101 Lol. It’s probably the way they’re wired. But I think there are exceptions.
    Thank you for reading dear.

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  12. Why do women always blame the men for what a fellow woman caused? If women stopped throwing themselves at men maybe men would not be termed promiscuous…

    Well done mimi

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  20. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Now I’ve read it. I don’t like girls blaming guys for misadventures they actively participated in. I mean, wasn’t it a partnership? Somehow will now be accusing the other sex like we are saints…

    Onto the tori… Well, let’s see how it runs… (Goes)

  21. Hmmmm.Let’s indeed see how it goes.
    Thank you @daireenonline for reading and commenting.

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  27. @Mimiadebayo reading at work so have to be quick. Love the series and you are heading where I think you should :)

    Just wanted to say, you can’t stare down someone’s torso, a torso is the human body without it’s limbs and head. I get what you were trying to say, but Torso is not the right word

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    Out of curiosity, where exactly is this story set?

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