You write
like someone who has been cut open.
Dragging your guts a metre into a verse.
They say heartache.
We, poets, say alchemy.
We can make almost anything look beautiful,
the suicide bombers inside our chests.
Tick, ticking,
waiting for a boom.

In 1969,
your grandfather was expelled from a country
that could have been your home.
He fitted all his hope
into a check-print duffle bag,
abandoned all his hard work.
This is how it starts: the act of leaving.
Since your birth,
It has been 21 years, 6 countries,
and the loss of your own tongue.
One thing this has taught you:
Guilt is too heavy of a thing to carry around,
never carry it the way nomads carry home on their backs.

You were born with a silver spoon
but it never made its way to your mouth.
This is because
it was 2a.m and you had no father at your birth.
But your mother is the type of beautiful
that makes you imagine the entire world is soaked in God.

We, poets, can make almost anything look beautiful,
even death.

12 thoughts on “Alchemists” by Aurora Anne (@bugganni)

  1. Hmmmn! Nice poem! “Death” indeed well plated beautifully! *sighs n smile!

  2. @bugganni…oops, you did it again…lol. Another fine showing. The first and second verses was totally captivating, and the way you ended the 3rd verse was breath-taking…that part (the last 5 lines of the poem) was my fave part. More ink to your pen (or is it pain to ya heart,lol…kidding)

    I also see you are doing some experimentation with the last few lines of your poems (noticed that with ‘Dendrology’ and this) where you use one word lines…it seems interesting.

  3. It is a nice composition. Kudos

  4. Wow. I like this. ‘this is because ‘ sounded like prose. Contractions and prooer punctuation might help. E.g. your grandfather was expelled from a country could read your grandfather, expelled from a country. ‘This is because’ could read ‘because’. My two kobo. Great poem , I love the opening lines, they are purely magnetic.

  5. The boy is good.

  6. Yimiks (@Yinka-Olawoye)

    Tick, ticking,
    Your poem is the bomb!

  7. Thank you all so much for your comments.

    PS @Hymar I am a female :)

  8. Good, great actually.

  9. Sometimes you are all electric and write lovely prosey-poem like this.
    Each one tells a full story. Interesting.
    Well done, Anni. $ß.

  10. Oops. My bad. Correction noted.

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