The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Two)

‘Don’t stare at them,’ Akan whispered to his son. ‘Don’t dare look into their eyes else you will be charmed.’
‘How dare you speak in my presence when you have not been spoken to?’ Roared the beautiful woman. She pointed a finger at Akan and he suddenly became transfixed in one spot.
He suddenly became like a statue with his gun and goatskin bag were still hanging on him.
The whole noise in the forest had stopped the moment she spoke. And the fairies did not stop attending to her.
‘Who are you?’ She asked in a crackling voice.
Ukeme thought she was asking his father but realised his father had been transfixed.
‘I said who are you?’ She said again pointing to Ukeme
‘I am Ukeme, son of Akan the great hunter of Ikonneme.’ Ukeme replied looking the other way. ‘May I know who you are?’
‘Hahaha! Hhahahahahaha!’ She laughed.
Her laughter was scary like the laughter of a wicked old witch. Ukeme thought of bolting out of the forest but he could not leave his father behind. If he attacked her with his catapult, the many fairies may descend on him.
‘Hahahaha! Hahahahaha!’ The fairy princess continued to laugh. ‘You want to know who I am?’
‘Yes, tell me who you are and what you want from us.’
‘Hhahahahahaha!’ She echoed. Then stopping abruptly and barked at Ukeme. ‘I should be asking you that question. What do you want in my forest? Why did you trespass?’
‘My father is the great hunter of Ikonneme. He has been hunting in this forest from the word go. We only came here to hunt for games. Why do you accuse us of trespassing? Who are you?’
‘I see you are very bold, little boy. Hahahaha! I am the spirit princess of this forest you now stand. You have left your human realm of Ikonneme. You are standing in the forest of the spirits. You are hunting in my forest.’
Ukeme ensured all the while he did not look at the beautiful princess. He remembered his father’s warning.
‘Why do you hide your face? Look at me.’
‘I command you to look at me at once.’
Ukeme felt a strong desire to look at her beauty. But he restrained himself and overcame the desire.
‘No, I will not look at you.’
‘Then I will kill you.’
‘You can’t kill me. I have done you no harm.’
‘Then I will enslave you.’
‘You cannot enslave me because I am a freeborn.’
‘I will order my fairies to destroy you.’
‘You must let us go. We didn’t mean to trespass your forest; we were only hunting for games.’
‘Oh so now you are begging for mercy from me? I thought you would fight me.’
‘I don’t want to fight you. Just let us go please.’
‘Why should I let you go?’
‘My mother is waiting for us at home to return. She would die of loneliness if you killed us here.’
‘And you think I care what happens to her?’
‘You should care. She did not offend you, did she?’
‘Hhahahaha! Hahahahaha! You think you are smart. Okay then I will let you go but I will keep your father here with me.’
‘You can’t keep him here with you. We would need him at home.’
‘So much for your nonsense little boy. Who are you to challenge me? Can you stand my fury? Leave now before I change my mind towards you. Leave. Leave now!’
‘Please release my father; my mother can’t do without him.’
‘You only think of your mother. What about me? I need him here with me as well. I need his spirit to be here with me.’
‘Please release him he is my father.’
‘Why do you place so much value on him? He couldn’t even afford to send you to school. Instead he subjected you to the coldness of the forest at night. Leave him and go now.’
‘How did you know I don’t attend school?’
‘Hahahaha! You seem to have forgotten I am a spirit.’
‘Very well then, have mercy on us.’
‘Mercy! What is that? I have no mercy. I don’t know what it is. However I will release both of you depending on your mettle to solve my puzzle.’
Please let me have to puzzle I am more than will to try to solve it. Since our lives depend on that.’
‘Take this.’ The fairy princess stretched forth her hand and a coconut appeared in it. ‘Take this coconut. Go. Share it among the people of your village.’
‘Is that all?’ Ukeme asked still ensuring he didn’t look at the fairy princess.
‘Go now. Take you father by the hand. Go my little boy. Share that coconut among your people but don’t divide it. Don’t divide. It must not be divided. Share it.’

9 thoughts on “The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Two)” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. Hmmmm….***lost in thoughts***
    What a weird puzzle

  2. Hmmmm….**lost in thoughts**
    What a weird puzzle

  3. Hmmm……how can one even break a coconut without it in pieces not to talk of sharing it….

  4. Episode three booting -> -> ->
    Please hang on

  5. It’s a conundrum alright. He should pass the coconut from hand to hand.
    This is interesting.
    Carry on Divine. Well done. $ß.

  6. interesting…..

  7. Great read, but there was some typo close to the end.
    Well done Divine.

    1. @leroyA
      Sorry about those Printers’ Devils, they just won’t leave me alone.
      But I will surely do something about them. Thanks.

  8. Very good stuff, @idiong_divine. This is very suspenseful.

    I think I would have done without the fairy queen’s maniacal laughter, though – it made her a bit cliched. :)

    Well done. Looking forward to seeing how the coconut conundrum is cracked without cracking.

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