Tell us where you come from, we heard it is dark.

I have had people tell me
that my writing can get grotesquely unrefined.
For this reason,
I should write only about Africa.
I wonder,
why do people think a whole continent
need to be associated entirely with darkness.

5 thoughts on “Tell us where you come from, we heard it is dark.” by Aurora Anne (@bugganni)

  1. Nice one…
    Just presented my published book for archiving in the Kenyan National Library, was told that I should be Kenyan and my book about Kenya, meaning if setting is Western my work has to be archived on Google and other Online stores….

    We should think more and more outside the box

  2. @elovepoetry Thank you so much for your comment and for taking your time to share a part of your experience.

    I guess most African writers face the same problem. I watched a talk given by an African writer in 2009, I think it was by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, about how Africa is perceived and the dangers of a single story. Somehow it seems unacceptable for our characters to be modern and African.

    Think outside the box? I think we should start learning how to think without the box.

    PS what is the name of your book? It would be lovely to buy a copy and read :)

    1. Yeah, i love your thinking outside the box thingy…. you are very right. Today I was talking with a regional manager of the kenyan national library, where i live, whether it was a requirement for me to submit my book to the national museum/AG for bibliographing and preservation, unfortunately they don’t do that to foreigners even if you are living there/are a citizen by registration… also for books published outside kenya.

      It got me thinking, every thing not african (in literature) by africans africans shun it…. look at the most prize and award winning books by africans, they tell a story of africa, by africans…. read “Chinelo: How I conceived story in Caine Prize shortlist” (–How-I-conceived-story-in-Caine-Prize-shortlist/-/1214/1883518/-/g948hpz/-/index.html#comment-933191353), though with an american setting, it tells a story of an african in america and all that.

      MY BOOK IS CALLED HOLY INNOCENCE, Available on Amazon (
      and createsoace (

      Thanks for this

  3. Beautiful poem.I agree with you.@elove congrats.

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