Long distance Love


When nights like this fall; I cower on my bed,

drawing my knees to my stomach, forming a protective shield around myself.

That’s when it hits me, threatening to shatter my shield and drown me.

That’s when I pull your memory to the surface, to dispel the desperate darkness.

That’s when I remember your eyes; the golden tint that lit up my world.

That’s when I recall your touch; my body responding to your command.

That’s when I recall your kiss; savouring it all over again.

I smile to myself as my body tingle in the present; comforted by the fact that I still remembered.

I smiled as I relaxed and welcomed the overwhelming power of sleep knowing that I am  hugging you tightly in my heart.


17 thoughts on “Long distance Love” by janefrances .c. maduka (@janefchiagozie)

  1. “That when I remember your eyes; the golden tint that lit up my world” I love the set of words. Beautiful

  2. @Blaise007, thanks. I wrote it on a restless night! When there’s no electricity it can be inspiring!

  3. Hmmm!!! The power of imagination! Very few people have the ability to be console by their power to fantasy. Very not bad

  4. @Kevinkind, thanks! I’ll be consoled with my imagination for now!

  5. I wonder if the lack of electricity was the primary reason for your brain to whisper such beautiful words to your hand… I wonder. Good write

  6. @Nur’ayn, there’s no harm in wondering.*winks* Thanks

  7. A love that would soon fizzle out.

    The poem reminds me of the unrequited love theme of Elizabethan poets who wrote love themes borne out of fantasical obsession for females who would never give them an eye.

    nostalgic in its approach yet there’s a hidden sadness in it…cause long distance love is hard to survive.

  8. I smiled as I relaxed and welcomed the overwhelming power of sleep knowing that I am hugging you tightly in my heart…

    and i dream of you, feel you right there beside me
    wishing every night was the last, and this long distance won’t have to dagger me every night….


  9. @Afronuts, I don’t think so! I’m a living testimony! The love didn’t fizzle out; all that was needed was constant communication.

    1. @janefchiagozie

      Then yours would be an exception (especially if it ended in marriage). Normally its not the best for any budding relationship. I know many that fell to pieces as well as those that managed to survive.

  10. @elovepoetry, thanks! I didn’t add that o! Who are you dreaming of?

    1. I added @janefchiagozie…. i am dreaming of someone ubiquitous yet intangible.

  11. A nice start but you sure are no beginner, only in status

  12. @Hymar, thanks! I have a lot of poems; it’s just that my schedule is tight. I’ll try to be more active.

    1. Beautiful words that moved me to my core. Your emotions are painted so vividly that it is easy for your readers to capture it. I am hoping for a sweet ending @janefrances. Welldone.

      1. @olajumoke, thanks. You’llb among therecepients of myIV by God’s grace.

  13. Words well chosen..is gud nd challenging. Am bated ur letting the beauty of ur imagination Shine..Well done

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