Echoes of a Heart

Those lyrics have my ears savored in the times of my ego
Of the many hearts’ tale of Love experiences
And many of sweet memories now gone to times ago.
But my heart now has known, with no ecstasies
Truths of this painful reality of a life shared but now in memories.
Shall I fail to render this heart song?
From under the Imane village tree, once upon my chest you rested in stories,
Amidst flows of a wind, as I ponder if these eyes open only to see you along.

Sure this occasion misses the soothing relief of your filtered solos’ rain.
Emptiness is all I see in the kpim of this neighborhood of a place
As one so cherished, who made this world of mine, is searched for in vain.
What is the prize of your embrace, the barter for your face?
Whether it takes me to the deep or the heights, I will go in a hurry –
Your absence I cannot endure.
Don’t ask me to learn to love another -you are my ability.
And when I turn around to forget thee I just know I need thee ashore.

4 thoughts on “Echoes of a Heart” by Jo (@josephoguche)

  1. Sweet…

    I hope its not an unrequited love?

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    No, it’s one that is well reciprocated. Not for me tho’ … just reflected on the experiences of a friend and decided to make a ‘song’ that empathizes him. :) @Afronuts. Thanks.

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