Cosmic Death

Cosmic Death


Powered with dreams. Excitement. Rocket fuel.
We set off to the land with painted walls of stars.
Where light swam in murky rivers of black and blue.
And Constellations, galaxies and planets, were our neighbours.

On grounds where God and His angels treaded, we left footprints.
Captivated, before the splendour that is the universe.
We sailed across oceans of vacuum, ozone and cosmic dust.

Alas! little did we know.
That before we even began our voyage, it had already ended.
For Sir Insulator battled and conquered our Protector at the genesis.

At the orbit, atmosphere scratched metal.
And there the flames of hell were born.
Disintegrated. Powdered. Crushed.
We became dust that rained on cities of red, blue and white.


I have always found the world of astronomy and astronauts interesting. This piece is dedicated to the astronauts who lost their lives in the Final flight of space shuttle columbia. Read more here:

10 thoughts on “Cosmic Death” by Olan (@Olan)

  1. May their souls rest in peace. Thanks for the footnote, it helped with the appreciation of the poem. Nice one.
    Well done, Olan. $ß.

  2. Nice thing to dedicate the poem to the dead, but the dead are not alive, and the living won’t die. For what use is such for the dead? It’s occupational hazard.

    1. @vincentdepaul.
      What nonsense are you talking about?

      1. @kaycee… come to think of it, we spend so much time on death (crying, grieving, mourning, condolences, rituals and all) while we neglect the living… why should we tell the dead how much we miss/honour/love them when they are not there yet we did not tell them so when they were alive?

  3. @sibbylwhyte thank you for reading and commenting :D @vincentdepaul, this was inspired by their death. if they did not die I would not have written this, so it is only right to honour them irrespective of whether they are dead or alive. it’s written in honour of the dead and also written to be read by the living, so as to remember, learn from, and honour this ones who risked their lives in helping us understand our universe a little better. if you read deeper you’d also know that the death could have been avoided if some ogas at the top were not so negligent. Thanks for reading.

    1. @Olan, check my comment above. It is human frailty to honour the dead because they think the dead went/left/died too soon. There is no right time to die, and death is just a means to an inevitable means no matter how we die… spending time so much time talking about them is waste of time and resources… I am of the opinion that it is time we started celebrating death and mourning birth.

    1. Oga @kaycee it’s an honour. I’m glad you think it’s a great piece. :D

  4. @vincentdepaul. Well that’s your opinion, not necessary mine. This poem was also a celebration of their accomplishments and the world outside earth, I didn’t even talk of their death till the 3rd stanza.

    I did not consider this a waste of my time, neither do I consider it a waste of resources. I had read on it some years back, the inspiration came and I penned it down. Does it mean I should throw it away because of your opinions?

    We are entitled to opinions anyway. So as a writer I should be free to write what I want to write about, not what anyone thinks I should write about.

    Hope we’re cool?

    1. @Olan, cool, but in between what I said there is nothing personal about you, or your poem. I am talking about death and how it’s perceived, not hitting at you as a writer and your stories/articles.

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