In my ears resonate a solemn soothing euphony,
From where?I cannot tell,but a pure heart,I think
As it sooth a longing no man in the flesh can fill.
I am enraptured by its melody
A creation of a soul held in love’s perfect grip.
As it hits the anvil of my heart,
I hit the orgasm of love as this cold Ategun blows…

This pure version of windy expression
It is from a damsel baptized by the virgin-spirit of womanhood.
Her name a rare precious gem-Ebun it is.
And God says it is my gift to you as my ears are caressed by her
soothing this Ategun blows…

It bears the rhythm of something beyond time
Something I cannot express.
Even now, I wonder at my thoughts…
Cold it is, but I am in the warmth of this soothing sound
It is the mention of my name
In Angelic clusters, as this Ategun blows…

A lullaby it is.
My name, a song on her lips caressing me
In a cuddle of lost safety.
It is where I want to be on this night where the elements
Bow to the sonorous affection sailing through
This trajectory where two captains direct a ship
As this Ategun blows…

5 thoughts on “Ategun” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Hmmmmmmm. Romantic but I had a feeling something is lacking….

    1. really? tell me what you think is missing.

  2. na cold wind dey birth this kind flows? or na cold A/C?

    1. @topazo na cold ategun

  3. @sambrightomo, simply beautiful………. a poet at work indeed………

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