An Award for Writers by Writers! #NWCA

An Award for Writers by Writers! #NWCA


The NWCA is an exciting biannual initiative to inspire and encourage unpublished and self-published Nigerian writers online. It primarily exists to seek, find, promote and award upcoming writers in Nigeria.

We recognize works from people of different backgrounds and our objective is not only to showcase such works to the public but to also reward the writers for a job well done. The NWCA is also an open forum where writers and lovers of literature can meet and interact, sharing their views on the works being considered for recognition and what is hot on the web.

How can you be part of the awards?

To kick off this year’s awards, we will be going through a myriad of stories, poems, article, plays and self-published ebooks on the web. If you are a writer and would love your work to be entered in for the awards, please submit the link for your blog to

If you do not have a blog but you have more than three of your works published on a blog or website not owned by you, please send us the link and we will find you. Note that if you have less than three written pieces online (either on your blog or on someone else’s) you will not be qualified to be considered for participation.

For this maiden edition, we would be choosing pieces that date as far back as January 2012 to June 2013. Therefore, we won’t be considering earlier or later works.

Please do not send any article directly to us. Only the link to your blog is needed. We have a capable team and we know what we’re looking for.

The only category we would be accepting submissions from is the self-published ebook authors’ category. If you are a self-published ebook author, please send the first three chapters of your book with a detailed synopsis to using the title of your book as email subject. Also send your full name and date of publication which should fall in-between January 2012 and June 2013.

Non-writers can also participate by sending links to blogs they feel should be part of the awards.

The following are the categories we’re considering this year.

  • Best short story
  • Best poetry
  • Best series (fiction)
  • Best non-fiction/narrative
  • Best play
  • Best stories for children
  • Best self-published ebook author
  • Words of fame (for the best literary blog)
  • Readers’ choice (chosen by the public)
  • Best use of Nigerian patois

The following are the criteria used by the judges to pick the nominees:

  • Creativity and uniqueness which includes the composition, characterization, story and flow.
  • Technical ability comprising of grammar, punctuation, spelling and so on.
  • Marketability which basically centers on whether the work appeals to the audience and if it has potential for publication.

The NWCA is a work-in-progress and as we move on, we would keep you updated on the latest happenings. Please, share your thoughts below. We would love your feedback.

What are you waiting for? Start sending in your links!


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