A Rare Miss

A Rare Miss

A visage so angelic
A shape so sensual
A gait so elegant…. And careful,
Down the aisle
The focus of my attention walked

With a flawless diction
And graceful gesticulation
She told of her vision for life
She gave us a peek into her future
She made us know about the first step she had taken
To realize her vision

Tall dreams reaching towards the heavens
Great visions seeming so far fetched
To bring these closer home
She gained admission into the varsity
To join the millions
In the pursuit of knowledge
She had come this day
To tell of that great victory.

We listened with rapt attention
Most of us
Oblivious to the great stone
In front of her journey
Her journey to her vision
A stone which for many
Had been a stumbling block

Her testimony was done
We applauded
She had held us spellbound with her tale
It was time for her to leave the aisle
Enroute her seat,
Carefully treading her path,
A ‘brother’ extended his hand to congratulate her.
She passed by
Totally ignoring it
Her careful,
Almost calculated steps continued

Curious, I stared at her as she approached her seat
My inquisitive mind sought an answer
Why a sweet girl should behave so.
Almost immediately
The answer came
To me
To the ‘brother’
And most of us
Still in the dark
As regards ‘the stone’.
A younger lady
With a face just like hers
Stood by
To receive her to her seat
And to guide her home.
Awed by her courage
And the challenge she had accepted
I said a prayer
That I may witness in my time
This rare Miss,
This angel,
With only an inner sight
On our screens
Giving sight
To millions of Nigerians
In today’s world
As a newscaster.

3 thoughts on “A Rare Miss” by glow (@anyieinstein)

  1. this is good, really good. had to read it twice to get the message…sounds like non-fiction. well done @anyieinstein. the pun with the title…classy!

  2. glow (@anyieinstein)

    Tnks @ nitram27… Am glad you loved it. I hope to do better next time bro

  3. @anyieinstein
    love these lines
    wishing the poet persona the best
    through the VARSITY like not just the rest
    but like the sweetest and most rarefied vines……………

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