You did not come…

You did not come…


I came in the morning,

The day still in darkness clothe,

And sat under the Bamboo tree –

waiting for you.


I saw the watch man leave his post,

The owl return from its nocturnal gambol,

I heard the first crow of dawn –

And felt the dew cease its fall

As i waited for you


The first doors opened,

And the waking gape of men bellowed out

The women’s greetings and the cries of their sleepy children,

Joined to welcome the dawn.

I heard it all as i waited on you.


The streams of water carrying yesterday’s filth,

Passed by me:

The dust of floors being swept flew over me,

Gates flung open as cars hurtled to the daily hustles

I saw all, as i waited for you


When the retailers opens their stalls

And with churlish smiles invite folks to buy their wares

The food seller beside her spreads her delicacies

For the hungry to sit at and sate their need

My stomach churns in want, as the smell wafts over

But i sit still by the tree, waiting for you


I waited till the workmen came in,

And woke their sleepy tools with hard labours

Their sweats dripping and money flipping,

The council man too came to get his taxes.

The bus-rider, sipping the spirits of the brew-lady,

drove over, asking me:

“Shey o nlo ni?”

I shook my head and leaned back on that tree

Waiting still.


Evening came and met me there,

Met me as i bade bye to the retiring workers,

to the schoolkids rushing home,

Their mothers in tow, clutching wares and cares

The cars coughing smoky death , as they made their way back:

Evening sat by me, its gray mood darkening with every moment

And i did not budge, i waited for you



Then i closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of life:

The shrieks of children playing fair,

The yawns of roosting families dear,

Chants and whoops of religious supplicants near,

The dance to beats made discretion bare,

Youths shrilling and bunching with drunken leers.


And when i opened my eyes,

Dew wetting my shoulders and tears, my face,

I saw:

The flapping wings of the bat and its sister, the owl –

spread and flutter up and away to their night haunts

I saw:

That Evening was gone,

The majesty of night had returned –

While i waited for you.


But you did not come to me,

You- the scent of flowers tender and graceful witherings,

You- the gayness of rainbows and chirpy thunderings:

Though you’d said you would come to hold my hands,

That you’d lean on my shoulders,

and gift me the nectar of your kiss.

I had waited patiently, my heart rejoicing…

I waited and waited…breathe bated and weighted,

Under the bamboo.


And you did not come.

11 thoughts on “You did not come…” by ayomitans (@ayomitans)

  1. @ayomitans you really did waited oo. Damn! This is a luscious piece, I had to eat it all up.
    Firstly, it has a plot– a story line.
    Secondly, it has progression. From the beginning to the middle to the climax
    Thirdly, it’s simple. Straightfowardness.
    And it’s a new style too.
    ! More ink to your …….

    1. @louis…very kind analysis you made there. I hope it satisfied your hunger sha…and u no complete ya talk o…more ink to my wetin? Lol…i go wait here for the remainder…as you can see, i be professional wait-er. Thanks for the read and comment

  2. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Not a bad piece at all, well done.

    1. @newreign…i take your grudging praise and tresure it well well. I know it comes from a honest place. Thsnks….and may yout newrreign here on NS be long and fruitful o…Aasee!!

    1. @kaycee…when a 5-star General salutes a corporal like so, na onto say the Corporal’s life don transform for betta be dat. Na so dis your salute be o! Mesef i troway salute to your ever candid opinions…stay true for us all…

  3. this is good…real good.

    1. Broz @topazo…knowing how sure and exclusive your taste in writing is, your saying that this work of mine is “real good” means say na for me to dey dance alingo and azonto jhoin say mesef don dey learn to dey write betta tin small small….thank you really…

  4. Lovely piece!
    Duro de mi……I am coming. Lol

  5. @Jadesola…*jumping for joy* You are coming?? Really?!! REALLY??!?!! Ha, Oluwa e se o!! I knew my waiting no fit be in vain nah…oya do quick before i become a bent geriatric under this bamboo tree o! Ehn ehn…

    Thanks for reading and commenting…muchas gracias…

    *grumbling about the lack of Emoticons to show my wide appreciative smile and my black rotting teeth with remnants of yesterdays dinner still hanging in between them.* Lmao

  6. wow…i think it’s been long i read a poem as lovely as this…you wrote beautifully…i am full of inspiration reading this

    this is poetry…simple and wow

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