What If The Human Breath Could Kill ?

What If The Human Breath Could Kill ?

By Susan from Lagos
Summary: A university science project intended to save lives goes wrong resulting in epidemic with the kiss of love, the only hope to change events for the better!

Olabisi George sat at her usual front row in Science Project III class. Beside her Temitope Shina chatted in muted tones,while lectures went on. Bisi loved Science Project class. The first task she gave herself two years ago upon gaining admission into Hope well Campus, was to contribute to the annual University Science Course and win an award.
Bisi turned to give Temitope (whose chatting was beginning to distract her ),a silent glare and listened to Mrs Ogbonna who had began pairing students for the project practicals. She heard the lecturer announce “Olabisi would be working with Justice to produce an antidote for breathing disorders.”
Bisi’s heart began thumping in protest. Of all the guys in Project III, she was saddled with Justice Opuh! The re-known Justice Opuh! She turned to Temitope who was letting off excited squeals. ” Bisi you are so lucky! I was hoping he would be my partner for the annual project!”
“I don’t feel lucky” Bisi replied sullenly.
“Your problem is you don’t know how to socialize.” Tope said.
Justice Opuh sat back in his seat at the last row and looked at his Science partner. She was still as slender and lovely as he remembered her from their fresher days. She was also the only girl in Science who never responded to his famous charms. At the moment, she was frowning intently and stealing nervous glances at him. He waited till the hall was half empty before cautiously approaching her seat. ” I hope we can meet during prep classes to develop a procedure for our project?” He asked. All he got in response was a stiff “Yes”.

One week had gone by with rapid progress to their work. They had discovered a rare but poisonous plant whose juices if mixed with specific herbal essences was a lasting cure for breathing problems. Bisi was duly excited. This was a pioneer discovery and if handled correctly could lead to recognition and awards. Besides, she was good friends with Justice now. In fact,thinking of him caused her to feel nervously excited.
By the time they met at the Laboratory for the extraction of the plant’s juices, Bisi was a nervous wreck. Aside from Justice’s presence, she was excited at the thoughts of the naming ceremony of her youngest nephew by the weekend.
Twice she spilled the juices. From the protection of his face mask, she noticed Justice give her a concerned look. She wore a similar facial mask because the raw juices of the special plant could turn a human into lethal poison to the very breath, if mistakenly ingested!
After the extraction, Bisi carried the flask to the shelf top to sediment while Justice prepared the herbal mixture. Suddenly he was behind her. Her heart beating excitedly, she tried to glance at him and lost her footing! She slipped,lost her facial mask as she fell and toppled the shelf stand. The flask tipped over and its contents spilled on her face. She ingested the raw juice!

Justice stood shock still as Bisi lost consciousness. The Science Project had gone wrong and its consequences were epidemic. Bisi’s breath could kill all living things within a few meters away! Already, he watched as several flies buzzing around where Bisi lay,fall life less to the ground. According to previous research, By 24 hours constant circulation of air could lead to the death of half the living population around the region! He had to act fast. Securing his facial mask, Justice carried Bisi to a bench and placed her gently. Then, he reported the accident to Science Department who sealed off the lab and proceeded to evacuate the Campus premises. By lunch time, Students had been intimated on the approaching epidemic and forced into emergency vacation.
The only group left behind was a five man assemble of science professors including Justice who labored to find a cure before the dead line of 24 hours. By mid-night, the cure was perfected. Justice ingested the cure and gave Bisi mouth- mouth resuscitation.
The kiss of love,as the school described it two weeks later, during the giving of awards, saved Bisi’s life and the human population. Bisi got what she most dreamed of ; recognition and science awards plus the most precious gift : True love with Justice Opuh.

15 thoughts on “What If The Human Breath Could Kill ?” by susan (@susan)

  1. Charming in a way! But d narrative had no shard of beauty

    1. Thanks………..sighs.

  2. Sweet. She gets the happily ever after. Well done, Susan. $ß.

  3. Awww…. Sweet!

    1. Thanks Olan(hug). Hope u win!!!

  4. awwww…she really had the perfect ending. i feel this could have been written better…well done. if the plant could cure breathing problems and ingesting it can make a person’s breath lethal, how was the cure going to be delivered in the first place?

    1. Oh! Dear darling Topazo!!! You know the raw juices that has not been mixed with the herbs is poisonous!

  5. well, the human breath can indeed kill. No what if about it. I know a dude whose breath smelled like he ate rotten stockfish and forgot to use chewing stick

  6. Too sweet but the story is nice. We have plenty romantic people on NS.

  7. Liked it until the last two paragraphs that felt like quick summary. well done

  8. U go fear kiss. Nice n funny. Hmmmm we don’t want such outbreak around.

  9. ….To be honest, this story fell flat because you rushed through it. I think you made the same mistake people make when writing Flash Fiction; trying to tell TOO MUCH in so little space. It’s like a torchlight; when you put it on, does it illuminate the whole room or just a segment?
    Think on that, and then try rewriting this again, even if the competition is over. You can only learn that way,

    God luck.

  10. awwwwww!!!!!
    truly the kiss of life
    Well done!

  11. loaded and catchy but need some refurbishing……………..Nice though…………

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