The Wife Diaries VII


“I know right?” I mused. Nkem and I were sitting at the dinner table and I had just given her the low down on what had transpired in my office during the day.

My godson was over at the house, and while Nkem and I sighed and shook our heads at Felix’s unknown wife’s visit, Nkem tried to force some food down his throat, but he fussed and turned away refusing to eat. Eventually she gave up and pushed the plate of ¬†jollof rice away, at which he began the ultimate toddler struggle of getting down from his high chair. We watched him wriggling in silence.

“so you never met her before?” Nkem broke in and I shook my head

“did you?”

Before she could answer, the front door swung open and I heard my husband walk into the house. Instead of his usual routine of coming to find me to kiss me hello, I heard him make his way upstairs. This worried me and I knew my concerns were confirmed when my housemaid poked her head into the dining room area

“Madam, oga say he wan see you” She said shyly

“Ok, thanks Adaku” I got up and shrugged my shoulder at Nkem.

In the bedroom, he stood in front of my vanity untying his tie, his shirt buttons loose and his shirt un-tucked. I approached him with caution, regarding the hard look on his face.

“How come Adaku’s still here” He asked as soon as I stepped into the door

“We needed a little more help so I extended her hours to two more” I rambled

“I see” he tugged at his tie frustratingly

“Babe do you need help with that?” I walked towards him slowly, the way he struggled over his tie I knew he had been at it for a while. He gave up when I took over and held his head up while I kept my head down to avoid his eyes.

“What’s wrong my love?” I whispered to him and kissed his neck as soon as I removed the tie

He was silent. I placed the tie on the dresser and sat on the bed, patting the space next to me

“What’s up baby?” I saw the hesitation in his movement as he stalked towards me and sat next to me

“Stupid Felix, he’s threatening to buy me out, can you imagine the audacity?”

“Buy you out? is that possible?”

“No..well it is but he can’t. I own half those assets, the clients, employees. If he wants to buy me out I don’t know where he would get the money” He rubbed his head “I’m more concerned about the motive behind his threats, we wouldn’t be able to work together if he’s unwilling to co-operate”

“Hmm..I might have a theory.” I told him about my encounter with Mrs Edobor at the office and how she rushed out like a mouse was chasing her.

“Maybe it has something to do with that? and also the fact that he knows you know Nkem”

“So maybe he’s threatened, you mean? that I will expose him in some way?” He frowned

“Possibly. I mean I can’t imagine things at home being easy for them now, his wife told me she had to leave work because she couldn’t trust people in the house. I’m guessing she was referring to her husband”

“Do you think she knows about Nkem?”

“I have no idea. I think she might, I can’t think of any other reasons why she would run out like that”

“maybe” he rubbed his jaw

“How come I never met her?” I looked up at him

“I didn’t even know she existed until now, I don’t even think I’ve seen Felix with a ring on his finger, he struts around like he’s a bachelor”

“Poor Nkem” I shook my head

“I still don’t understand how she got herself in that situation..” He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his chest kissing the top of my head. I tilted my head up and kissed him on the lips.

His eyes were hungry  and he tightened his grip around me, using his other hand to rub my waist, my hips, my things and my inner thighs.

“I’ve missed you baby” he whispered gruffly into my ears, I moaned, kissing his neck.

He pulled us gently on to the bed when we heard a knock on our bedroom door. We both sighed and came back up. I fixed my hair while he gathered himself together and cleared his throat

“Who is it?”

“Na me sir” Adaku’s soft voice came through

“She’s still here?” he whispered to me, I shrugged. “What is it?”

“Oga Felix dey downstairs sir”

“What da…Ok thanks Adaku” he looked at me again, one eyebrow raised

“No problem sir, if aunty dey dere, abeg help me tell am say I dey go house now”

“Ok Adaku! Thank you!” I called out, hurriedly getting up

“we better go downstairs, I don’t know what Felix and Nkem in the same house look likes, but something tells me our presence will be needed” I slipped on my slippers and half ran out the door, my much more composed husband behind me.


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  1. Well done! I feel some kind subtlety in your writing, that’s why I’m always eager to read. But you keep us waiting for too long.

  2. @inthequiet, lovely and enjoyable as usual and i do agree with @jadesola, you keep us waiting for long

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    Felix is up to no good

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  10. Jo (@josephoguche)

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  12. Tuche`!
    Can’t wait for what’s next. Your way of keeping your audience hungry-ing for more should be commended.
    Well done @inthequiet, but the work could still do with a little editing on tenses, use of punctuation and concord.

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