Story Of The Year…..

Please skip the FLYLEAF, and read the main story.

One DARK NEW DAY in the middle of BLUE OCTOBER, after my dinner of LIMP BIZKITs and some RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, I put on my PLAIN WHITE TEES and was taking a stroll through LINKIN PARK when I saw a man who was TRAPT in a HALESTORM. I immediately released him and asked what happened. He said he came by a DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE and his name was KEANE. He said he had come to see the BLACK VEIL BRIDES at a wedding nearby. He had a RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, but became a FALLOUT BOY after BREAKING BENJAMIN.

Originally, his SIMPLE PLAN was to go out as he had a NEED TO BREATHE some fresh air. He had barely gone 3 DOORS DOWN when he was attacked by GORILLAZ who were on SNOW PATROL, by the road close to the ALTERBRIDGE.
I called my friends, the FOO FIGHTERS, and on explaining to them, they saw RED and wanted to join THE FRAY. Together, we were FIVE FOR FIGHTING, and we chased after them, veins pumping with AUDIO ADRENALINE.

Not finding them, we retired to my SAVAGE GARDEN, where we were soon BOWLING FOR SOUP that I prepared in a SKILLET. After some COLDPLAY, we decided to give them THREE DAYS GRACE, after which we would be AVENGED SEVENFOLD on those who had tried to HINDER us. On our way back to the LIFEHOUSE, we saw what we thought was A FIRE INSIDE, but on getting closer it turned out to be an ARCADE FIRE.

Getting home, we found out that HOOBA STANK of THE CRANBERRIES we passed through on the way, so we broke some JARS OF CLAY of perfume for him. One of the KINGS OF LEON was lying in ambush, but after a FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH he effected an immediate EVANESCENCE, but not without CASTING CROWNS on the floor. We called the TOKYO POLICE CLUB, and reported the incident.

In a bid to DECYFER DOWN if the house was truly safe, we searched and found some ROCKETS FROM THE CRYPT full of GOO GOO DOLLS stuffed with NINE INCH NAILS. We went to see the AERO SMITH, who built us a BOX CAR RACER to HASTE THE DAY with. On the day we finally KILLSWITCH ENGAGEd the enemy, the crowd stood up for us, and they were the ALL AMERICAN REJECTS. They were sentenced to stay in a MATCHBOX TWENTY years.

According to their NIGHTWISH, I escorted the MAROON FIVE down to the METRO STATION, where they boarded a TRAIN, after which I returned home with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.

My friends wanted me to get a BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, an IRON MAIDEN called METALLICA, but I refused. Out of gratitude, my friend gave me an elephant, to provide me with some THRIVING IVORY, but I rejected it. He offered me money, but I told him I would feel very STAIND if I took his money, and besides, I would be SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER, so I gave him his NICKEL BACK. He wanted to get me a PARAMORE by the name of GOOD CHARLOTTE, but I said it would be OVER MY DEAD BODY for me to break up with my SUPER CHICK.

I told him he did not have to SWITCHFOOT and begin to believe my CREED, but to stick to his THEORY OF A DEADMAN if it worked for him in these TIMES OF GRACE. He offered me THE CORRS, but they made me see BOYS LIKE GIRLS, so I gave it back. He prayed for God to MERCY ME, just the way I pray for U2, as the ANGELS AND AIRWAVES are my witness.

And that, dear friends, is THE SCRIPT for my STORY OF THE YEAR. You will probably BLINK 182 times before you finish reading this. Have a GREEN DAY, and remember, when we spend time in front of a mirror, being CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR.

So how many rock bands are in this story? Let’s have fun counting joor!

9 thoughts on “Story Of The Year…..” by eyekay (@eyekay)

  1. You seemed to be having fun, even if the rest of us may not get you.

  2. Well done, but…these are not Rock bands:

    Death Cab For A Cutie, Gorrilaz, Savage Garden, Maroon Five, Sixpence None The Richer, The Corrs.

    Impressive though. Not a bad collection…but…(muhahahahaha…)

  3. Oh mehn… This was really fun to read and I do know that it was definitely not easy to get all this music bands and groups into a story that made ‘sense’ to me. So, well done, eyekay. $ß.

  4. Nice, creativity at its peak

  5. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    very creative,at first i was confused but later i started to recognize names of films like life house,leon etc rock bands like maroon five,metallic etc and an artiste name which i recognized ”’cold play”’.nice

  6. Impressive feat, stringing all those bands together into something that resembled a story, @eyekay

  7. Great word play with the names of various bands, impressive stuff. Well done.

  8. @isaac82, looka little closer sir, u will,@raymond,i think they are, look em up on the net,@sibbylwhyte, (blushing fuschia pink), thank you, thank you,@the-zenith,thank you bros, @ihenyengladysusile,@tolaO, thanks sah, thanks sah,(bowing very low),@leroy, thank u sah, we still de try learn small small,@missajiboye. ese gan, ese pupo. the fact is that i was just playing around with the names of different rock bands i knew(@raymond, yes sir, sir, rock bands all), and somehow the names began to take shape like a story to me. the rest, as they say, is history. thank you all for coming by to peep at my scribbling, and i hope to be able to invite you all and more very very soon.God bless una.

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