In my dream,
I saw them coming in torrents
With unshealthed swords of pride
Basking in the euphoria of vain victory
Putting on armour of ill vices
Their sight so dreadful and alarming

At a moment, I looked,
Above the hills a glowing from afar,
So bright I couldn’t behold such sight.
I looked, I saw a number of light,
Looked like many men of light.
I saw them with swords of persuasion,
Walking in the ambience of purity.
I ran off to a tree,so fruitless and free
And there I saw it all, A soul in the midst
Of the warriors, the light battled them.
In fear I knew it was war,but, I thought,
A soul in their midst, I guess was lost
Oh what doom has befell him,then I saw,
The light fought all for him,it was a war for his soul

It all dawned on me,all that I saw
Is a replica of life, the war for my soul
Is being fought,a fight for where I belong.

Oh conscience, the sword of truth!!
That fight the battle for purity!!
There’s a fight for your soul
To be and dwell in light.

All I saw and heard,
Is a battle for your soul!!!!

7 thoughts on “Sigh” by Wright Bankole (@Wright08)

  1. Nice. The battle of the conscience and that between good and evil, light and dark.
    But the title…what inspired it? Doesn’t work for me sha.
    …A number of light? This reads off.
    This is good but could be made better, yeah? Well done, Wright. $ß.

    1. i agree with @sibbylwhyte on the title issue…

  2. It’s nice – it’s really nice. You got me with your comparisons – and I like the subtle way you introduced morality into the mix without throwing it in our faces.

    I do think some more clever imagery would have made it more vivid. I think.

    This line ‘I looked, I saw a number of light’

    Uh. I don’t think that works – moreso the next line ends with ‘light’ too.

    Good job.

  3. mehn…. this got me thinking, this writ surely sounds like a long heard message at a church or somewhere….or was it a dream…. this be cool sir

  4. nice message, the rendition could be better. well done

  5. that is my wright!

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