Other Remnants of Africa

(To Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.)



In our remote distant village town

Our grand father had once told us

What were dooms to African.


This the white men

Once upon a time called civilization.


They came with their den gun

That overcame the strength of our bow

Overwhelmed gun shot the bullet

In the speed that delay us a distant pause

That came knocked us unaware.


The same time they preached

What violate our norms

Those who follow not our culture unchanged

Violate the soil that owns the land.


Our own brother in white man’s clone

Coated our skin with semi colour membrane

White men’s powder.

You overcame your black countenance

And you must remember.


Hung-man-swiveling untouched

By us that owned the man

Because he refused all you’ve accepted

This we called abomination.


Unto the very white mouth that called

Us uncivilization, they hung him down

And buried the hero not in a state of heroism.



2 thoughts on “Other Remnants of Africa” by Onyia, Kingsley Chukwuebuka (@benson)

  1. what were dooms to Africans? den gun or dane gun? hmm @benson thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh!. Thanks for the correction. I could not notice that.

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