Ocean Floor

Ocean Floor

Poetry, Ocean Floor

Once again I’m blown aside
Came in with the wind, put out with the tide
It was fun while it lasted
I’ve no regrets; I take it all in stride
It grew, blossomed, withered and died
Leaving nothing but the memories
And the tears shed inside

Once again I begin anew
Starting over a million times…too few
It would’ve been fun had it lasted
My only regret, I shot too wide
So I tripped, fell and shattered the man inside
Should’ve held onto love and let go of pride
Now all that’s left – the feelings I have to hide

And I’ve kept it all inside, sealed and locked away
Stilled my mind, numbed my heart
Yet the feelings hold sway
The past is too unpleasant for its departure to be delayed
So I cast off the Isle of Sorrow
Chart a course for tomorrow
…And set sail on the winds of today


18 thoughts on “Ocean Floor” by Oaikhena Imoukhuede Amaize (@magicmase)

  1. Truly is… Well done sis

  2. Omg!

    Knitted worldly so intact, with clear imageries in the acts.
    @nicolebassey it’s didactic as well as being a poetic
    Chicken soup.

    @magicmase you’re magical and the title appropriate.
    The rhymes though need a little, just little notching.

  3. @magicmase..Very good poetry! This poem is distinctive for its poignancy, its sense of candour and the exactness of each word you used. I mean, c’mon, you did something beautyful here…I personally loved the second verse best…(the 2nd line of it even has some suspense in it)…and the last three lines of the poem were absolutely gorgeous….a perfect finale….bravo, bro!

    @nicolebassey, you gat the keys to the kingdom of fine writing…thank you for letting me into this one sample of it….you just incredible like that…

  4. This is a beautiful piece… And I like the imagery found within. Set sail and go with the wind, another you soon shall find.
    Well done, mase. $ß.

  5. This is nice. Especially the last four lines. Keep improving your art.

  6. I can’t say for the entire poem but the last stanza got me. Maybe the very last line can be reworked somewhat for the near cliche of ‘setting sails’ … Can that phrase be changed? Too used. We can be more innovative. You might also want to look at ‘It was fun while it lasted’.

    This is good but some cleaning would sure make it better. Well done!

  7. @sueddie, thanks for the advice, will look into that for the next revision.

  8. Many thanks guys, really appreciate all the encouragement and advice. Would like to post more often but i’m reluctant due to plagiarism. Pls @sueddie @ostar @nicolebassey @sibbylwhyte @ayomitans can u advise on easy ways to copyright. For now I try to post on several sites so I can use their timestamps as proof in future.

  9. @magicmase don’t expect what ought, but what is.
    Here, I bet you, is a conglomeration of sound minds.
    Yet, don’t expect a perfect society.

    We are lucky we are here. So keep posting; check
    others posts and see greatness and purificatory literary

    Sign every work whilst mourn every literary masterpiece tagged anonymous.

  10. i love the last three lines best…lovely lines. @nicolebassey thanks for the summon….

  11. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Beautiful …

  12. Beautiful poem @magicmaze! I love especially the first stanza.Where else do you write?I would love to read more of your work.Check out my poems on NS and also on my blog:http://jefsaraurmax.blogspot.com/

  13. It was the first two lines that got me interested in your post, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Well done.

  14. @jefsaraurmax thanks, I’ll probably be here for a long while, still too lazy to blog

  15. nice poem…

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