November, the month that is more normal than its name
And longer than its letters.

It is the most busy month but less active than December,
Because during its days the past and future meet and check their existence before and after the month.

November is never as new as September when people notice a new season and quarter.
But it is very busy building up momentum for the yuletides and beyond.

It is the month for meeting deadlines and deciding December with a rush.
Love is more desired as businessmen and businesswomen become busier.

November is full of fun in the bedrooms and clubs,
Because coitus culminates or sex is scheduled during the month.

What could give you more money and fun in
December when it is not done now?
If you want sex, invest in November; or you want a lovely February, stick to your romance in November.

November is the month of love and money,
As men and women swarm around for a climatic December and an orgasmic February.

4 thoughts on “November” by TB Caleb (@sesanme)

  1. This would be better understood when November comes…
    keep writing. $ß.

  2. @Bubbllinna: I wrote that in November last year, on the first of the month. And I believe it’ll be relevant every November. Thanks for commenting.

  3. This didn’t feel very poetic to me, @sesanme.

    I would have liked to see more imagery and imaginative usage of words in describing November.

  4. @TolaO: You’re right in your opinion – it’s your opinion – but not the definition of poetry. Several styles of writing a poem exist and the state of the poet and poetic devices employed determine the particular style adopted. I TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENT. I wish I could rewrite the poem, though the message is simply passed as it is.

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