Nene’s Choice – Chapter 5


Next day she threw herself into finding another job, firing off applications for suitable roles and sending an updated CV to a few headhunters she knew.

She also took up the role of playing the doting wife to Zel with great zeal, cooking cleaning, fussing over him when he was running late, popping into the office from time to time to drop of lovely packed lunches, and generally making sure she did nothing to provoke him so that there was a window of calm in the turbulent sea that was their marriage.

Whilst Zel was blissfully unaware of his wife’s knowledge of his affair he continued to cavort with the delectable Jumobi, congratulating himself for finally putting his wife exactly where he wanted her as a docile submissive housewife.

Meanwhile Nene managed to convince him that her joblessness had presented them with the perfect opportunity to renovate some of their properties, she would do the running around and manage the projects while he focused on his job.

Under the pretext of project renovations, Nene quietly started to syphon money out of their joint account, inflating the price of contractors’ estimates and bringing in several different documents for her husband: Zelinjo to sign. He happily signed them without reading through any of the documentation, such was the level of trust he had for her.

Eventually the projects were finished and Nene had all the relevant documentation to hand and signed in her name as her lawyer had instructed her to do.

Nene then went into phase two of her action plan; she took to trailing her husband from a distance.

Making a note of the places he visited frequently and who he was meeting with. She made a video recording of all such movements and managed to catch a few good shots of her own husband smooching his mistress in public, sometimes in the company of his good for nothing friends.

All this time she remained cool and calmly played the doting wife, which soon began to irritate her husband, as he could not find the usual excuses to beat her to a pulp.

He still continued looking for a pretext to pick quarrels but Nene often maintained a stony silence where in the past she would have maybe tried to proffer an explanation for the latest sin.

Eventually Zel finally told Nene he was no longer interested in the marriage as she was yet to give him a baby after eight years of marriage.

“Frankly, I am tired of the societal stigma of remaining childless after so many years of wedlock” He explained one day “we always seem to fight and these days all you do is just laze around the house”

“I really do not see the point of this so called union and it will be better if we go and try our luck with other people” He said

“It’s easy for you to say, you know what it is like to be with other people but I cannot say the same for me” Nene responded

“What are you implying?” Zel demanded

“I am not implying anything oh, I am just saying I have only been with one man and I don’t want to try another one” She responded quietly “Besides what will people say, and I don’t want the stigma of being called a barren divorcee and for people to be looking at me in pity”

“Well suit yourself, but going forward let it be known that I do not consider you to be useful as a wife to me, since you have shown yourself to be incapable of having even one child for me” he replied cruelly.

“Zel, but is it my fault, why does the blame reside only with me, when the doctor said we were both able to bear children” She pleaded

“Shut up, are you saying I should blame myself?” he said striking her hard across the mouth.

“If I ever hear that crap coming out of your cake hole, I will strangle you do you hear me” he shouted angrily “what intelligent person has not figured out it is because your eggs have become old and shrivelled that we are in this sorry situation all in the name of you becoming a career woman” slap, he hit her again with such force that she felt herself flying across the room, banging her head against the wall with a loud thud as she slipped out of consciousness

13 thoughts on “Nene’s Choice – Chapter 5” by izadi (@Izadi)

  1. Zel is an animal. It is time Nene gives him the shock of his life.
    I wish women who go thru this kind of torture can actually brace up n revenge
    *wicked smile*

  2. She needs to get the hell outta his life immediately…ungrateful bastard he is

  3. Choi!_ Nene its time for action, its time to sweep the “Husband” off his stuipid feets. He really deserves whaats coming his way.
    Buh wait o, she slipped out of consciousness”…..please be strong.

    Oya o, chapters 6, and 7 quick quick__………. Nice work

  4. Can’t believe am getting emotional. This Zel is making of mad.. Nene please act fast before he disfigures your face and make you undesirable..

  5. One thing this story has going for it is the reaction Zel’s actions create in a reader which is anger; no one loves a cheating, wife beater.

    This part leaned heavily on telling…try to show more in subsequent parts.

    Nice story, well done. $ß.

  6. Just read tru from 1 – 5 n i must say i wish Nene had a gun 2 kill Zel rite now but dat wuld b 2 hasty.Am hoping she regains consciousness so she can get Zel out of her life 4 gud n serve him divorce letters.Hmmmm,enough said am waiting 2 read 6;7;8;9 n 10.Well done,Keep up d gud work.

  7. Izadi, great stuff again, i have been reading a lot of stuff on domestic violence and i can identify/empatize with the main character. A lot of beautiful women are going through this “schiess”, it’s just crazy and the level bothering on the unprecedented.

  8. Thanks to everyone who’s read my first short story and left such lovely comments and great feedback. You are all giving me the encouragement to keep writing and I will definitely try to improve on this with my next story. Thanks especially to @Bublinna for her consistent and constructive feedback on each chapter, please keep it coming as it’s helping to shape my writing style for the better. Stay blessed, y’all.

  9. keep it coming…i agree with @sibbylwhyte‘s comments…

  10. This Zel is an animal.
    I salute Nene’s patience.

  11. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    No comment, next!

  12. Daireen,

    Thanks for all your insightful comments and critique. Loved them and really taking it in, will help me to improve on my next work. This was my very first attempt ever at writing so I appreciate you taking time to read my story and giving me all those great comments. My best one was the “no comment” your just sent; had a belly laugh with that one. Meanwhile schtump is a slang used in place of shut as in keeping shut, though it’s probably not in the Oxford dictionary.

  13. The stupid Zel is a Beast.
    This piece was okay but needs some tightning up. Just like @sibblywhyte said, you should try and do more of showing than telling. Nice piece though, less errors. The plot has kept us going.
    One Word: SOLID.

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