Nelson Mandela – a Tribute to Madiba

Nelson Mandela – a Tribute to Madiba


Tribute to Mandela
Nelson Mandela our papa
One alone who is Madiba
A pride of place in Xhosa
Of your tribe in my Africa
I’d thank you in vernacular
I am an Igbo, “dalu imela!”
And my name’s Ositadimma
A name given by my father
Thank you Mandela
Africa loves you Madiba
Get well soon Papa Africa


7 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela – a Tribute to Madiba” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Awww… nice, this is sweet… He will get stronger and better.
    Well done, Osita. $ß.

  2. this is sweet, nice one man…. but if time has come for him to cross over, shouldn’t we be telling him to be brave for the journey?!

  3. @sibbylwhyte
    Awww… that’s the signature $ß!
    Thanks dear.

  4. @vincentdepaul we celebrate life; and in Africa we hope, for life doesn’t end.
    The last thing that dies in a man is hope. Hope you’re acquainted with the
    Confederation Cup? Did you Madiba on the jerseys?

    Have you understood Mandela yet? I dare you don’t!

  5. Nice poem Nelson Mandela sacrificed a lot for his country.I wish the current politicians will learn from him.

  6. Nice one Ostar, thanks for remembering a great legend of Africa.

  7. @Blackgold thanks. Earth is not the destination.

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