My Colurful Dreams

When I sleep
I live a life
A life that when I awake
I would love to continue

I had a dream
That I was an Engineer
But the world seem to have more than enough

I had a dream
That I was a Doctor
But my inability to raise funds for medical school made me have a change of heart

I had a dream
That I was a Lawyer
Most/Best Lawyers have no Chambers
Then how will I ever have a client

I had a dream
That I acted alongside GENEVIEVE
But the industry is filled with intellectuals
How will I fit in?

I had a dream
That I was a footballer
But my Father’s classmates are still in their 20’s
Will I ever make the National Team?

I had a dream
That I was a Pastor
But most of them are money conscious
Thank God I was not called to Ministry

I have stopped dreaming so I made up a dream

If your dream can’t make you
Then make your dream

2 thoughts on “My Colurful Dreams” by bishop (@bishopandy)

  1. I totally see how this is a thriling suspense-filled adventure. And that was in a dream.

    Like the last line and message. Well done. $ß.

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