Let’s Not Love, Let’s Live

Words for love are not always musical

They are often less melodious

Full of inaudible chitchats

Incomprehensible lullu-lulla, hubbi-hobbi

The world of love, the world unsure

The realm of love, the realm unreal

The sphere of love is truly not a perfect circle

Sometimes hilly, sometimes plateau but often gully

Love unfeigned goes to the utmost height

Love disguised, to the lowermost valley drowned

When the root, the base for both is sought

It is somewhere betwixt, yeah some place equid

If only you can look, perhaps with a sixth sense of sight

The apex of the valley is yet far above the plain

And the base of the mount too is not below the surface

The feigned and the undisguised are both there

Staring glaringly at us in constellation that’s vivid

Not too low to be trapped underfoot

Nor too high to require skyscraper before reach

Just at your eye level, right within your reach

Not so much price-tagged as if for the rich

It is simply task-scrolled for you to unveil

True love is your mirage; feigned love is your invention

What you speak for love is what it is

How you live for love is what is real

Love is inanimate without your life to give

Love is a killer when there is a life to sap

O love, o love, o love, o love . . . love

Two of you are not lovers because you are not

Both of you are only lovers because you are

Love is not life, because love kills

Life is love because in living you’ll find love

But in loving you may lose life

Life is whole and independent

Yeah, life is decisive, love is not!

Love is a thief, stealing such a thing as good friendship

Love is a miser; often unwilling to share, no nothing

Love, yea love, can be accused and convicted

Aye, love, is shrewd with a knack for monopoly

Love is a blinder not only is it blind

In its cruelty it makes one forget yesterday and all it held

It steals today, gives meager room for investment into tomorrow

It beclouds your vision for what lies ahead

Let’s not love, let’s live; let’s live and not love

For in living alone is love found

In living can love be sown

In living can love be nurtured

In living can love be enriched

In living can love be structured

In living can love truly be animated

Living alone generates the words for love

Let’s not love let’s live

Let’s live, live, live and let’s live!


23 thoughts on “Let’s Not Love, Let’s Live” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. hmmm…nice one

    1. @topazo, many thanks for always finding time to read my posts.
      I really appreciate the efforts!

  2. That was an intense read. The kind that leaves the listener speechless and unconsciously raising his head to look into the nothingness in the sky, through the evening wind. Well done.

  3. @newreign, thanks so much. I am happy that you are able to get into the mood of the poem.

  4. Nice.

    Reading it without definite stanza formations and space after every single line made it cumbersome

  5. @xikay, that was prompt!
    Thanks for reading thru and leavin a comment.
    Aye, the stanza, that was due to inpatient previewing it on NS b4 posting.
    Thanks once again

  6. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Hmmm. Thanks for sharing.

    1. @nicolebassey, many thanks for taking time time read the piece

  7. This is really nice. I like the message therein, let’s live and in living we love. No be to talk say U go catch grenade for pesin.

    I could feel the words even as I read silently, but I do feel that some lines could be looked at and possibly changed.
    Eg. Sometimes hilly, sometimes plateau but often gully

    …plateau and gully are nouns, hilly is an adjective, makes the line a bit clumsy.

    Some adverbs don’t sound as good as they look in poems… take ‘glaringly’ for instance, it’s a word all right but when read out, it sounds a bit off.

    I like the contrast in the lines, all in all it’s a good poem that could be made better each time you revisit.

    Well done, Vabi. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte, Hmm, what can i say? Thank you so much for every word, correction and commendation, I sure will fine tune the lines! Really happy you like the message, thanks!

  8. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    @Babalolaibisola Stunning brother. I despise this piece because I did not write lol. Just joking. But truly your definition of love is something I relate to. People often misinterpret love, they watch movies, and think Love is that from the Titantic. The indifference in love is powerful, one which this unique piece fleshes out properly. Great job. Poetry without constraint. Cheers

    1. @wordsfromuyi, well brother, I am so happy you could relate well with my thots on this very ubiquitous word “Love” and how it is perversely, unfortunately so, perceived by many, especially our contemporaries in the 21st century.
      Thank you so much.

  9. @nicolebassey, many thanks for taking time time read the piece.

  10. Beautiful piece of poetry. Amazing in its philosophical depth and the music of its lines. I like the surface simplicity that dresses well the complex theme and the equally complex perspective from which this theme has been treated. Many will agree with you, many will not but each will come away with great food for thought. You have really sunk effort and thought into this. Well done, brother.

    I should say, the little suggestions I wanted to make have all been addressed in @sibbylwhyte‘s comments about adverbs and nouns.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

    1. @chemokopi, oga Chemokopi, many thanks for taking time out read also drop a comment, especially for your philosophical dimension,”Many will agree with you, many will not but each will come away with great food for thought” I can only agree more,such is the fate of every writer.
      The corrections are duly noted, the chisel will be call to work! Thanks chief.

  11. Nice poem (one that i can plagiarize, relax, am just kdding, and i know better than that) showing the evil side of love, the real and often overlooked side. Love takes your time, sometimes your down, you curse the senseless fiend after so easily breaking…. Live on. Check what @sibbylwhyte has said.

    1. @vincentdepaul, thank you for reading this piece, it is an honour. Those corrections are duly noted.

  12. I agree with @vincentdepaul…. it’s a nice poem. Keep it up

  13. @elovepoetry, many thanks. I really appreciate it.

  14. @babalolaibisola, this is a very lovely piece1
    Keep it up. Such a delicate divide between living and loving!

    1. @Expo, many thanks for reading and leaving your kind comment.

      1. It is a pleasure, welcome bro.

  15. just beautiful

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