Biafra Succeeds?

Letter of the Biafran Council sent from 3256 to Ojukwu in 1970

Dear Valiant General,

Our children and women have died. Their blood lay spilled on the red soil of our land. Pieces of their mangled and jumbled flesh are the only remnants which remain with us. Our men have fought like brave tigers, but their numbers have dwindled into extinction, and our battle formation has fallen flat like depressing stock statistics.

By tomorrow, the sun will depart from our land, and there will be nothing to fight for; for even history will forget we existed, and our shallow pride won’t save us on the morrow, when Judgement Day beckons, for we have failed to hearken to the Prophet’s cry of bonding and believing.

It does not speak greatly of us to mourn our demise in this way, because the obstinate character of our hearts has brought this great evil upon us. Foolishly, we have allowed the spiky roots of discord to tear us down from a great community once called Nigeria. We dismembered ourselves from this entity which we labelled ‘an European invention’ and without hindsight, our actions could be argued to have been anchored in a river of guiltless conscience.

But where has this lead us to?

For centuries, we still struggled with the phantom of corruption, which is a virile offshoot of the avarice nature of man and not the consequences of an ‘arranged nation’. We could not re-create the civilisation of the west. Instead, we wallowed in constant squabbles with our neighbours, who, themselves, fared no better.

Despite splitting the embryo of a promising child, the pseudo-twins that came as a result have not formed into a healthy baby, which was the idea that precipitated the surgical operation.

A lot of countries have been able to withstand the Aliens from Mars. America has safely guarded its boarders and majority of the European countries remain untouched by their menace. Even some of the nations on our continents have found extra-ordinary means to contain these blood-sucking monsters.

But not us.

We stand alone, divided, desolate, distraught, and with no hope of salvation from Providence’s store of abundant grace.

The sharp-toothed and blood-sucking aliens from Mars have no penchant for mercy. They do not carry within them, a sliver of humanity or a shred of kindness that is found even in the vilest of men. These monsters have torn up the Hausas. They turned west and on their way devoured the entire midsection linking the Hausas and the Yorubas. Yesterday, our army received news that they had eventually overcome the wily resistance of the Yorubas.

The military formations that can withstand these monsters demand large numbers that our meagre population cannot even match, even at its most buoyant periods. And we could no longer merge with our neighbours for time was not our friend and trust was a currency that neither of us could afford.

Today, we have lost the battle against these monsters and nothing is left of the land of our fathers except for an underground bunker where we, the unprivileged council, await our doom. For the Aliens advance towards where we hide, and by the morrow, total obliteration of our kind would have been achieved.

Dear valiant General, we have sent this letter in the hope that a different ending to your war against Nigeria can alter the gruelling consequences of fate. We believe that there is no need to facilitate the destruction of that great country which our history books referred to as Nigeria. Unity is a virtue whose benefits cannot be exhausted. If only you can forget the pains of the past, and search for the golden gifts spread across the future, we believe that you can have the needed courage to end your war, and perhaps, even change the chronicles of our own destiny.

Dear valiant General, please hearken to the prophet’s call for bonding and believing.


The next day, General Ojukwu surrendered to the Nigerian Armed Forces.

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