Beyond Smoke Screens and Mirrors

Beyond hat tricks and cards
Beyond holding my breath in a tank of water wondering if this guy knows what he is doing
Beyond my laughter and tears
Is a destined path
Whether it’s you sawing me in half
Or making me vanish from box to box
Beyond fairy tales and leprechauns
Lies destiny
A path that we all must swim
Beyond all the wrong decisions we ever make
Who knows
What lies beyond what our eyes can see?
Whether you believe in magic or not
Physics or evolution
If you strike water hard enough you can change its path
The desire is that to move
To change
You have to exceed the ordinary
Leave your comfort zone
Step out of the secure
The known path
And charter a new course
Who knows what’s beyond what your eyes can see
I want to dare
To step out of the status quo
To defy human expectations
Make my own path
Be the chess player, not the chess piece
Its scary
But see
i take, what’s called a leap of Faith
I close my eyes hold Gods hand

And jump….

3 thoughts on “Beyond Smoke Screens and Mirrors” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. @Mobola…you wrote this so well. It is enchantingly simple…the way you ended it is also very apt and grabbing…well done…

  2. This is good. Love the ending, picture…and what it says.
    I do think though, that this would be better if some excesses are trimmed off.
    Well done, mobola. $ß

  3. I enjoyed this poem, @mobola, especially with its theme of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and making a leap of faith into the unknown.

    I didn’t quite understand the references to magic in the first eight or so lines, though.

    Well done.

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