Adieu, To A Friend Dying Next Week

Adieu, To A Friend Dying Next Week

We learn to bake
We learn to swim in flowing lake
We do learn to give and take
And of all things we learn to make
No one learns to sleep and wake
Sometimes, though it might be fake
We might pill for sleeping sake
What makes my heart to quake
And makes my eyes to ache
With tears that do not break
Why people sleep but cease to wake?
So Iā€™m taking this time to ask,
For God sake,
What muscle or cell, can anyone tell?
What form of impulse could be at stake?
What mortal spirit or devilish god is created to make
People to sleep and never to wake?

That stupid cancer is a menace to
Samuel C. Enunwa

4 thoughts on “Adieu, To A Friend Dying Next Week” by samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

  1. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    Nice piece of art…
    i treasure it.

  2. i cant really say i am a fan of rhymes but the rhymes hides alot that should have conveyed grief better…

    but i like d use of rhymes but more could have been said beautifully.

  3. @laworemike ‘s observation mirrors mine… Grief could have been better painted.

    I do not want this friend to go… May he stay still longer.
    Well done. $Ɵ.

  4. I feel the frustration at the unfairness of life in these lines, @samueldpoetry.

    But I felt that you sacrified good word usage for rhyming here.

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